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Earth Day-Sing for the Trees

Its time to sing for our trees again! April 22 at noon, wherever you are in the world, sing for the trees you love. I was a guest on Harriet Springbetts Playground about Sing for the Trees and my new juvenile fiction novel Emma Oliver and the Song of Creation. https://harrietspringbett.wordpress.com/2017/04/03/sing-for-the-tread more
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Spooky Harmonies

Why does Georgian polyphony create that spooky Feeling in both singers and listeners? Find out on August 8th when Professor Nino Kalandadze will lead a days singing workshop teaching songs from her countrys ancient singing tradition named by UNESCO as one of the Intangible Cutural Heritage of Humanity. For more details and to book visit the Evread more
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DEAR FRIENDS, I want to tell you about my NEW BOOK: THE NAKED VOICE - Transform your Life Through the Power of Sound. It will be published by North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California, in May 2015. I cant wait to share it with you !!! http://www.thenakedvoice.com MORE SOON Best wishes Chloe For more details: now@thenakedvoice.com chloe.goodread more
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Does Your Name Define You? Ancient Civilizations May Hold the Answer

Does Your Name Define You? Ancient Civilizations May Hold the Answer Ancient people used sound and music to heal, balance and uplift their worlds. One crucial way was to properly use the sound of one’s name. The sound of one’s name is a constant energy-influence for one’s entire life, because of the sheer number of times it is heard. In aread more
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Awakening Your Soul Song

Your authentic singing voice is the muscle and messenger of your soul. As unique as your fingerprint and DNA, your soul has a melody, a rhythm and a resonance this is uniquely yours too. You are the only one who can really express what matters to you. When your true or naked voice awakens your soul song, this original song reveals who you really arread more
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Voicelines with Chloe Goodchild

Are you ready to find your authentic voice? To really sound yourself, speak your truth, listen deep and hear yourself without judging? Are you ready to express yourself without resisting in ways you never imagined possible? Book a Voiceline with Chloe Goodchild. Discover the transforming power of your voice in just 30 minutes A Voread more
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August Bank Holiday Residential 2012

The Singing Field Experience offers a wonderful weekend residential with Chloe in North Wales in a dramatic location (24-26 August). A Singing Field is a place where individuals and groups can gather and create community together. It is a place to sing together beyond the boundaries of creed and culture. In this workshop you will re-discover the trread more
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Tintagel Earth Singers retreat 14 - 17 September with Danu Fox

Hi everyone, I just want to flag up my Earth Singers retreat at Tintagel 14 -17 September. Spend three days exploring and singing the caves, cliffs, Tintagel castle and St Nectans Glen, staying at the stunning Bluff Centre, Treknow. £395 full board. No need to be a good singer or have any experience at all. A basic level of fitness required fread more
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Two Events with Chloe Goodchild

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Sound Evolution

Sound Evolution - Our New Website - 11 - 11 - 11 br read more
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The Art Lot radio programme StroudFM

I am beginning a new series of monthly radio programmes entitled The Art Lot on www.stroudfm.co.uk in which I will interview people in the arts, holiistic education and practices in well-being including, of course, sound therapy. As of the moment the programme with me as the interviewer will go out on Tuesays at 4pm-5pm and repread more
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BELTANE week in the heart of beautiful Somerset countryside- read more
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Reflections on Singing

Spider Woman tells me to sing...She tells me to go deep within my song to reweave myself… not just to sing while I cook or hum in the grocery line, not just join a choir…Spider Woman tells me to sing …She tells me to go deeper than I have before…Deeper than the words I’m writing, deeper than a cave within the earth… Spider Woman tells me to sread more
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Singing Improves Your Health

There was a vey interesting piece on the BBC \\\One Show\\\ last night. A very simple cortisol test was done on a group of choral singers before and after a short singing session. This showed that the cortisol levels were reduced 5 times faster than they would be during a normal day. Professor Angela Chao of the University of Westminster was exread more
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Reflections on the Messiah

\\\Lift Up Thy Voice with Strength Be Not Afraid\\\ These words from the Bible have been reverberating within me these last several days after singing Handel\\\s Messiah. I am keeping a family tradition. Every year my mother sang in the Messiah. When I was very young I remember being so bored I drew the faces of the choir members on the progread more
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Ancient Voices

Ancient Voices “Humming and singing, she shaped them. Humming and singing, Placed them where they belonged. This was how the directions came to be. How the seasons came to be.” Paula Gunn Allen 1 The Keres people believe the world began with Spider Woman singing. Humming and singing she shaped the world. Everything that is came from Spiread more
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Sound and Silence

\\\Music invents silence\\\ Octavio Paz from the poem On Reading John Cage 1 This morning, like many mornings I sang as part of a sound practice. Most often I chant mantras but this morning I sang Leonard Cohen\\\s Hallelujah, for me a hymn of transcendence. After I sang I sat in silence, allowing a rich deep dark silence to fill me. I believread more
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What is the story of your voice?

Growing up we hear many messages about our voices. Many are told they are tone deaf and can\\\t sing. Others are told they are too intense and should tone down. Some are told to keep family secrets or told they are too sensitive. All of these can translate into vocal blocks and inhibit us from expressing our natural heritage as singers. One wread more
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Singing at Chartres Catherdral

Chartres Cathedral is one of the acoustic wonders of the world, a place where even whispers sound like angels. Chartres was the inspiration for my book Sacred Space-Sacred Sound: The Acoustic Mysteries of Holy Places which came out through Quest Books in 2007. That year I returned to Chartres for a week to sing again in this holy place,say thank yoread more
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Songwriting for Healing and Transformation

Singing and songwriting has been a deep and wondrous passion of mine for most of my life. It haslead me on many adventures, through the dizzying heights of pop success in the 90’s, to discoveringthe healing power of sound and a passion for helping other’s find their voice and innate creativity. Ihave been facilitating courses, events, and choirs in singing songwriting and healing sound all overthe world for the last 18 years, and have discovered everyone has songs inside them; words andmelody, h read more

New From Susan Hale

I've been a bit quiet on Sound Forum the last several years. What with immigrating to a new country and learning to drive I haven't been as much in the public eye. During the past several years I have also been bringing a new book to publication which is now available. read more

Dream Song

Singing our dreams, dreaming our songs read more

Chloe Goodchild at Hawkwood

Chloe launches her new book The Naked Voice and returns to teach at Hawkwood read more

The Naked Voice Is Published!

'The Naked Voice - Transform Your Life through the Power of Sound', Chloe Goodchild's new book, is now available. read more

Why We Dont & How We Can Love Our Voices

Why so many of us dislike the sound of our voices and 5 ways to start loving your voice read more


Album Out Now read more

HeartFlame/Global Love Day & 900 Voices

Exciting times! read more

Raising voices - for confidence, wellbeing and fun

Developing confidence in vocal use. read more


In this time of global transformation, many of us who are living in relative safety may feel that we are powerless to respond to the prevailing chaos and shocking news that assails us from the media. read more


As humans, we are full of space. We are more bound together by the gaps between our molecules than the fibres which surround them. This is not something we find easy to remember when we are full of stress or congested by the demands of life. At times like this, our minds can feel down by problems which appear to have a real density about them. read more

Open your heart and sing

Cornwall will soon see the return of Ida Kelarova, the renowned Roma singer. In a collaboration with Shakti Tantra, Ida will facilitate a singing workshop in St Just, from 22 to 24 June. Ida Keralova was inspired to sing by her father Koloman Bitto, also a famous musician, who told her ‘Open your throat, open your heart, do not fear anything and sing’. Having trained as a musician and professional singer, she founded the gypsy band Romano Rat (Gypsy Blood) with her husband Desiderius Duzda, an read more

Singing-Its a No Brainer

This article talks about how singing is easy when we become present by getting ourselves out of the way. read more

The Therapeutic Voice

The Therapeutic Voice One of the great honours of my work is sharing sound with holistic professionals at organisations such as forthcoming courses at the Holistic Healing College and the College o read more

Honing All of Our Senses Through Listening

Listening is the cornerstone, the starting place and ending place for all of my voice offerings. I know this in my bones, the practices I teach support it, and still this truth keeps revealing itself in ever more holistic, if unexpected, ways. read more

Hear Me Roar!

The Magic of Roaring! read more

Super Sonic Summer Solstice Mantra Gift

Expanding our luminesence in the world read more

Sound, Voice and Vibration

Close to 30 years of experience of listening to, learning, singing and teaching Georgian songs have brought me many insights regarding the workings of the human voice and the roles of sound and vibration in our lives in the broadest terms. read more

Your Songs Vibration

Sing Your Rainbow read more

5 Steps to a More Songful You

Tune your antennae to the frequency of UniversalSong FM ? ? read more

"13 Steps to Free your Healing Voice": New Book by Michele Averard

13 Steps to Free your Healing Voice with CD of exercises, is now available in English as a download! read more

What is Vocal Tai Chi?

Moving voice between earth and heaven.... Vocal Tai Chi helps you work towards singing your soul''s music - in the moment - at the microphone - for all to hear... YES! read more

Sing & Dowse the land Sat 5 May, 3pm

On Saturday 5 May at 3pm Danu Fox has invited a nationwide simultaneous singing and dowsing of our Mary & Michael ley lines, which stretch from the coasts of Cornwall to Norfolk. People in other parts of the country also wished to take part, so now there are singing and dowsing groups all over the country joining this ceremony of thanksgiving through song. read more

The Ultimate VoiceHealing - Healing the Voice

Healing the Voice read more

The Fine Art of Vocal Toning

How to deepen your experience of toning read more

Make some Noise!

Sound is probably one of the most profound catalysts for change we have available to us. As many of you know, everything inside us and outside us is vibration. An exquisite tapestry of divinely-organised atoms vibrating at whatever vibration is the best choice and the most efficient for the Universe and that atomic structure or living being. read more

L_ve Y_ur V_ice in 2012

I have just discovered that the word Free has its roots in the words for Friend, Lover and Beloved. So to free something is to love it. So if we wish to liberate our voices, we need to love them. We must court the voice like a beloved, romance it out of its hiding places and love its eccentricities. read more

Helen Chadwick interview

Interview with Helen Chadwick prior to her workshop and concert at Hawkwood 17-19 February 2012 read more

Medicine Melodies; Emotional Magic and Music

In the Universe, everything sings: plants, animals, waterfalls, bones, people, the stars, the rain, and many things we don’t see; even silence makes a sound. Every spiritual tradition of the world has used sound to facilitate the passage between states of consciousness. From time immemorial the shaman hears the hidden music of the universe and sings it back through “medicine melodies,” simple tonal configurations that reflect a sacred unity with nature and have the power to heal body, ... read more

When the Music Changes, You Change too

Sound is in the basis of all existence and expresses the relationship between human and cosmic orders. Our ancestors valued sound and music as medicinal, magical, and mystical, and since times immemorial, sound has been use as a gateway to transcendence and the exploration of consciousness by shamans, mystics, healers, scientists, yogis, artists, and sacred lineages of music all over the world. read more


The Healing Effects of the Voice read more

Creating Beautiful Harmony via the Humble Canon

This article looks briefly at how simple canons can be used to experience harmony singing and a light meditative experience without having to learn difficult parts. read more

Echoes of the Ancestors Life, Death and Transition - Georgian traditional polyphony by Madge Bray

This article is provided courtesy of Caduceus Magazine (http://www.caduceus.info) - In the crisp mountain sunshine of the mountain valley I can hear faint echoes of ancient harmonies carried on the wind, drawing us in. We must wait, says Kakha, our host, and approach in a group when more people arrive to pay their respects. read more

Vocal Toning - VIDEO

Vocal Toning - VIDEO read more

Food Vibration & Voice

Vibrational Healing read more

Sound Evolution

Sounding a New World into Being read more

Can you sing your way out of the festive blues? How therapists are using the power of song to cure depression

Chloe Goodchild is interviewed by Flik Everett of the UK's Daily Mail. For thousands of reality-show hopefuls, singing is the only path to fame and fortune. For most of us, musical expression is limited to the shower or the yearly carol concert. read more

Mastering Listening & Pitching

Part three of three read more

Mastering Listening & Pitching

Part two of three read more

Mastering Listening & Pitching

Part one of three read more


Singing is one of the ultimate “be here now” activities and sound is the first sense we develop in the womb, says world renowned baby doctor Prof Sir Robert Winston. Hearing our mother’s heart beat is a soothing and resonating presence for us as we develop and prepare for birth. read more

The Colours We Sing

How Karen Grace uses sound & colour vibrations to develop vocal expression - an excerpt from a Masters Dissertation read more

Singing through Toning

12 week course read more

Practical Voice Sessions

Awareness of our expression, and the ongoing re-connection with our body, our stillness, and our gentleness, is vitally important. Here are two practical examples. read more

The Singing Fields of London: A One Year Choral Training - Spring 2011-2012

What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" Mary Oliver - Visualise the following: A unique meeting place, a sanctuary of stillness, sound & song in the heart of London. Everyone welcome. A group of people responding to the call for oneness and conscious evolution on the planet. read more

Singing the Michael and Mary Lines in Avebury

Personal Journey read more

Are you Screaming Inside?

In times of challenge and change your system could be screaming on different levels without you being conscious of it. Or perhaps you are aware, but don't know what to do. Read on for some useful insights and tips... read more


The new scientific research, by psychologists Matthew A. Killingsworth and Daniel T. Gilbert of Harvard University, published in the November issue of Science has found that people spend 46.9% of read more

Mindfulness & Community through Song

In this age of busy-ness, anxiety and stress, song can be a wonderful vehicle for mindfulness, for staying in the moment. The human voice has been used for millennia to calm the mind and to take us to a place of deep stillness through toning, chanting and singing of sacred material. read more

Singers, heal thyselves!

Sound, colour and technique in healing voicework read more

The Inner Landscape of the Voice in Therapy

Over the years I have helped many people find and free their voices. As a music therapist I have witnessed women who have been silenced by abuse. This excerpt of a private session, used with permissio read more

Preview of "Walk With Your Heart"

Here's a preview of Chris's latest album "WALK WITH YOUR HEART" read more

Ancient Voices

“Humming and singing, she shaped them. Humming and singing, Placed them where they belonged. This was how the directions came to be. How the seasons came to be.” Paula Gunn Allen 1 The Keres people believe the world began with Spider Woman singing. Humming and singing she shaped the world. Everything that is came from Spider Woman’s song. According to the Athabascan people of Western Canada,the world began when Asintmah wove songs into the Great Blanket of Earth read more

Clearing Emotions

Sound Healing is widely known for being linked to drums, singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs, and other paraphernalia, but is it possible that we are ignoring the most obvious source of sound, the human voice? And I mean speaking, not singing. We can have the most beautiful singing voice, which feels lovely, but when we speak, we can be emanating an energy that is harming. For example, when we are ‘on edge’ or anxious about something, our voice can carry a harshness that grates on sensitive ear read more

Spazio Sacro Suono Sacro

To her Italian fans, Susan has an announcement: Her book is now available in Italian through Editioni Mediterranae Spazio Sacro Suono Sacro:I Misteri Acustici Dei Luoghi Sacri Price: 24,90 Euros O read more

An insight into Sound Living - An Interview with Chris James

What was a little Chris dreaming of as a boy? Where I came from had 7 &ldquo of rain a year and there was one hill in about 400 sq miles. I dreamt of hills and green valleys. I now live in northern N read more

The voice of the heart, personal growth, the meaning of life and Divine Love

Many people ask the questions “What does it all mean?” and “What is the meaning or purpose of life?” We seem to have this inner desire to know who we are, what we are and where we come from? read more

Freeing The Passion

After several years in the healing sector, I began to notice many people in workshops arriving lacking passion. They were seeking their spirituality and truth, but they were losing spark and energy in read more

Harmony in the Community - The Joy of Singing Together

Imagine a feeling of harmony, a sense of oneness with those around you, and, at the same time experiencing a lovely, gentle, sense of yourself, in fact a real connection with both yourself and your co read more

Discover Your Voice & Soul

Your voice is your soul in sound! It is unique to you and your resonance holds the key to developing your confidence, personal power, self esteem, ability to heal and transform your own life and the l read more

SHROPSHIRE - Exploring the limbs of yoga

read more

BRISTOL - Sound of the Heart: Voice Workshop

read more

WASHINGTON - The Naked Voice - A Way of Love: Journey Into the Secret Heart of Sound

read more

BRITISH COLUMBIA - The Naked Voice Wisdom School - Journey Into the Secret Heart of Sound

read more

CALIFORNIA - In the Body of Your Voice: Sound Keys for Self-Leadership

read more

SOMERSET - The Power of True Voice

read more

GLOUCESTERSHIRE - Nourished by Silence - The Naked Voice Wisdom School Silent Retreat

read more

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