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Chloë Goodchild
Category: Voicework

Can you sing your way out of the festive blues? How therapists are using the power of song to cure depression


Chloe Goodchild is interviewed by Flik Everett of the UK's Daily Mail.

For thousands of reality-show hopefuls, singing is the only path to fame and fortune. For most of us, musical expression is limited to the shower or the yearly carol concert. 

But as ­singing lessons, and choirs for ‘ordinary’ voices — such as The Rock Choir and Sing Live! — boom in popularity, it seems we’re ­gradually waking up to the power of belting it out.

Because singing isn’t just a way to clear your throat in the morning or an amusing chance to murder Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse Of The Heart at a hen night. 

Singing therapy: Flic Everett booms away as Chloe Goodchild lends encouragement.

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