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calendar of Don

CALENDAR OF ACTIVITIES IN THE UK MT TONE OF LIFE IN ENGLAND (With Tom Soltron, Abby delSol, &amp Don Conreaux) MAY 27 – JUNE 2 London, Great Britain 28 MAY Concert, London 30 – 31 May – Workshop – London odettekurland@hotmail.com www.londongong.co.uk bread more
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Helen Chadwick to come to Hawkwood College

Hawkwood College has invited Helen Chadwick to run a workshop and perform in February 2012. She is offering a songwriting course Friday 17-Sunday 19 February 2012, which includes an evening concert “Sung Stories” on Saturday 18th Februread more
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Project Globalsound - deadline approaches

I have been blown away by the number of people who have wanted to take part in Project Globalsound!! We have had submissions from people all over the world and they are continuing to come in. There are too many to mention but a few contributors that may be familiar are as follows - Jonathan Goldman, Frank Perry, Jonathan Cope,&nbspread more
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The Lifemusic™ Training

Places are still available on the unique Lifemusic training programme at the University of Chichester. The Lifemusic™ method uses direct access musical improvisation to enhance well-being and nurture good relationships. It is an invalread more
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Yoiking and the X factor

On Saturday night when, apparently, 20 million tuned in to watch the final of X factor, I spent the evening in the company of a group of Lifemusicians improvising music . (Lifemusicians refers to people who have completed the Lifemusic training at Chichester University). I cannot help reflecting that if any of those millions who were glued to the read more
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Improvisation Musings

IMPROVISING Unforeseen Magic Improvisation is the essential act of music. It is the primary creative function: nothing comes into being without it. Improvisation means, literally, to work with the ‘unforeseen’ – each living moment requires an improvisatory decision to facilitate movement to the next living moment. Working directly witread more
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Thoughts about the next Lifesound workshop

My next Lifesound Workshop is on the 16th May and as we are now just a few days away the preparations for it are beginning to come to fruition. Recent research as part my PhD have begun to reveal some new approaches that can be taken with group intuitive improvisation and I am very keen to see how they play out with the next group workshop. read more
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from Jon Blend: - "What is Lifemusic?"

Lifemusic is an accessible, participatory form of improvised music-making. Therapeutic rather than therapy per se, it is socially inclusive and aims to enrich lives and strengthen communities. read more


I've been giving some thought to those internet 'surveillance' and 'tracking' revelations (known as PRISM) which appeared recently in the press and internet blogs and wondered whether our experience in working with sound and its power to transform had any impact on the effects on society of these undemocratic state-sponsored behaviours. read more

The Successful Improvising Organisation: The Pre-conditions

It is my belief that the behaviours and processes that underpin the improvisational metaphor go way beyond musical boundaries. They can even be related directly to the causes of current world economic instabilities. There are huge synergies with current mathematical thinking particularly Chaos Theory which puts to rest any notions that the world is ultimately knowable and hence capable of human systems of control. Improvisation Theory recognises the principle that in Chaos Theory ... read more

Just Firefighting? (Part 2) - The TROUBLE WITH IMPROVISATION

In the article "Just Firefighting" I referred to musical improvisation as a possible metaphor for non-musical improvisation. However there is a major problem with improvisation used in this way because musicians and composers are unable to agree as to what improvisation is. In some circles improvisation is even regarded with some suspicion. read more


The role of play in learning read more

Lifemusic - Connecting People to Time (Extract 1)

This book is about time and how we connect to it, though it is not, assome readers may (or may not) be glad to discover, about quantum theory or particle physics but about music. Time is the autonomous, unconditional, inevitable and ultimately, mysterious process through which life grows and decays and music not only measures time, delineating in a purely abstract but palpable way its passage but it also infuses time with emotional significance and therefore, with meaning: in this sense ... read more

Improv at Edinburgh

My look at musical improvisation in Edinburgh read more

Just Firefighting?

One or two people may know that whilst I can turn my hand to a decent bit of violin improvisation I spend a considerable amount of time working with the business community developing business teams. I have frequently found myself, in the middle of pretty heavy negotiations, borrowing from my musical experience, particularly sound improvisation as a potential source of a solution to a business problem. It is often said that improvisation in the business world is something we do only when things read more

Improvisation and Trust

A brief look at how group improvisation develops positive relationships. read more

Improvisational Worlds

This short article describes how the potential of music improvisation might offer an effective route for the progressive development of improvisation within a team, class or group and highlights how the relationship between creative and group dynamics can be used to illustrate improvisational stages of development. read more

The Magic of Group Free Intuitive Music Improvisation

However in the last few decades a new phenomenon has emerged which might be called free intuitive group improvisation. Whilst this form of improvisation has its roots perhaps with Stockhausen and others in the 1970s, it has now emerged as a form of music making available not just to the specialist musician but also the community at large. Because of the special conditions that make free intuitive music improvisation possible to the skilled performer it also makes it available to the ‘beginner’. read more

The chorus

Joe and Heather analyse the comedy improvised chorus and its role in songs. read more

Musical Improvised Comedy

I am still suffering flashbacks from our last comedy music improv weekend. Strange scenes of gyrating Paul McCartneys, uplifting duets in space, filth and fury in Primark and unmentionable scenes in Rochester orphanage. read more

The launch of the SCHOOL OF CREATIVE MUSIC MAKING, led by Stefan Cartwright and Erik Huele

As part of its extensive programme in Creative Exploration, Hawkwood is very pleased to announce the launch of the SCHOOL OF CREATIVE MUSIC MAKING, led by Stefan Cartwright and Erik Huele. It starts with an evening concert on Thursday 31 March 2011, 8.00pm. read more

Music Technology and Lifemusic

The workshops I run and many workshops I attend use a whole range of instruments which I tend to call "instant access" instruments, drums, rattles, shakers, xylophones, gongs and so on a wide selection of which can be bought through Sound Travels. It is interesting to trace the way in which these musical tools have entered our musical spaces, particularly since many if not most of them are non european in origin. read more

Chopin and Poland, Music, Folklore and Contemporary Art

Chopin & Poland, Music, Folklore and Contemporary Art read more

Musicmaking and Healing the Breach

I – Mythmaking In the eons long life of the world soul, each great revolution on the axis mundi corresponds to an age in the slow working out of the destiny of our own ancient but still young species. And we find ourselves now at the edge of a new circum-vivification, mythos, noumenon, world view, opening up to our as yet uncertain gaze. read more

Participative Spiritual Inquiry and the Music & Psyche enterprise

ABSTRACT The Common Ground Report (CGR) (Scientific &amp Medical (S&ampM) Network Review 98, pp24-27), exhibits similarities with reports of outcomes of group musical improvisation modalities develop read more


Musical improvisation is not played out in a stylistic vacuum. While its very nature is spontaneous and psychic, allowing the right brain free rein, the messages received are filtered through the lef read more

Can Music Save The Planet

Community musicians may well be motivated by a variety of intentions, not least the need to earn a decent living, but however we choose to employ our skills the healing benefits which invariably flow read more

Stockhausen - Questions and answers on Intuitive Music Pt 1

(This discussion took place during the lecture Live Electronic and Intuitive Music given on November 15th 1971 at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. The lecture with discussion was film read more

Stockhausen - Questions and answers on Intuitive Music Pt 3

Question: What happens if you repeat a piece like ES in the coming weeks? Surely you must be bound, having once played in a certain way, to remember certain details and thus to play it simil read more

Stockhausen - Questions and answers on Intuitive Music Pt 2

Question: You say that you call this music Intuitive Music because improvisation is always related to a certain system Stockhausen: Style Question: to a pattern. What about read more

Narberth – IMPROVISATION Workshop

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