Tobias Kaye

Tobias Kaye

Tobias Kaye lives and works in Devon. He began life in 1956 on a farm in Ireland where he was born  to idealistic/spiritual parents who moved to England three years later to pursue their hopes and dreams. Tobias was educated at a Steiner-Waldorf school in Sussex and then spent some years travelling the world and exploring different forms of work. Coffin making, forestry, bar-tending, geological section mapping, care of children with learning difficulties, and teaching, were just some of his trial occupations.

Throughout this time music was important to Tobias. Whether it was playing piano, penny whistle or just singing and whistling Tobias retained a love of music on a very amateur level.  Tobias began turning wood in 1979, by 1983 he was supplying some of England’s top galleries and was elected by London’s liveried “Worshipful Company of Turners” to their newly founded ‘Register of Professional Turners’ and has since exhibited his work at major Art-of-Woodturning shows across the world and had pieces bought by museums and private collectors in many countries.

Tobias began developing the Sounding Bowls in 1986. since 1992 the NHS has been his biggest single customer, placing Sounding Bowls in many hospitals, children’s units and hospices. Tobias finds real satisfaction in seeing his work go to people and places that are working on human issues. Personal and human development is an area that is important to him and his studies in this field, centring around the work of the Austrian philosopher and spiritual teacher Rudolf Steiner keep him as much interested as does making.

Tobias’s finds it deeply satisfying that Sounding Bowls are becoming an established musical instrument. “if after my death” he says “others are still making recognisable Sounding Bowls, that people are getting real satisfaction from holding and playing then I shall feel I have achieved something.”

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09 Feb 2011

I was incredibly moved by your sounding bowl workshop. Your bowls are true works of art and when plucked they each produce such wonderful travelling vibrations to the touch, I found the sounds of each bowl unique as if they all had their own song to sing. What struck a cord with me more was your own teaching style, the knowledge you shared of mother earth and all upon her being one living breathing source of energy was enlightening to hear and the subtle deliverance of the universal connection between all things was very moving, it is this oneness that I am becoming more and more conscious of and I could listen to you talk of this all day, I even wished I had recorded the workshop ;-) It was clear to me the passion you have for your bowls and the respect you have for the materials you work with, I truly felt as if you honour each unique piece of wood that comes your way. I feel the love and intention you channel into your work highly contributes to the wonderful sounds created by your bowls. I wish you blessings as you continue to shine your own light. Love Donna Sales

20 Sep 2010

I had a very enjoyable, informative, moving, and deeply satisfying day at Tobias' workshop. I loved the experiential nature of it, the many chances to play the wonderful sounding bowls , to move, speak and draw, and Tobias sharing of his knowledge and experience. I left feeling uplifted and inspired to discover more.

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Tree character in sound

The character of each type of tree is clearly shown in the shapes, colours and movement of its leaves, bark, flowers etc. Acacia-Robinia for example has thorns on new growth, light yellow-green leaves and a shimmering movement in the lightest breezes. This sparky character is seen also in the strangely yellow wood and its brittle characread more
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Story & Sound

Sound is one of the archetypal building blocks of the universe. Everything has its vibration, frequency, everything is in this sense a note. The simpler the element, the purer the note. So fine are some of these notes that when we look for the particle it appears not to be there, yet when we look away it is there again. One of the conundrumread more
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Why A=432? The "Verdi Pitch"

Apparently A=432hz as a concert pitch is in tune with organic processes and brings us to more inner harmony than music set at the present international standard of A=440. The standard was set in 1955 in spite of over 20,000 musicians petitioning the International Standards Organisation. The fact the a few American sociological instread more
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The Hole of Mankind

There’s a whole in my Heart Burning like fire The Whole behind the Alter Takes my Song ever higher. This hole through my purpose Links to the hole within you Seeking to widen The flow of the whole. When I open this hole And allow in the fire My heart becomes open To the hole within you. The warmth of the burning Holds wide my horead more
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Chance to be Seen

Sounding Bowls are in with a chance to win a major Art and Design prize. The main importance of Sounding Bowls lies in people, how hearts can be touched and opened by people meeting with Sounding Bowls, playing them, hearing them. It seems that some of the way in which people are effected by them is through the beauty of their looks. Honestlyread more
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remarkable results for Sounding Healing, msg from Eastern Europe

HI All I get regular feedback from users of my Sounding Bowls across the world. This morning when I received this message I thought you really would like to read it. Though it does not directly relate to Sounding Bowls the effects of music and sound healing in this instance is quite remarkable, especially as the client was not even aware theread more
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musical patterns in nature

do you experience natures forms as musical? looking at a Teasle head (Dipsacus sylvestris) the other day i was annoyed when a friend suggested that there was a Darwinian necessity for it\\\s habit of flowering from centre, moving both upwards and downwards over a week or two. for me it seemed clear that this was a musical pattern, like a chord tharead more
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Sound Deepens Awareness

Music and its healing properties. read more

On Mitch Nurs recent article: Undertaking an Assessment of Sound Therapy Training

I welcome Mitch Nur's opening of this debate and hope it gets a good airing. As someone who has followed their own intuition in developing the Sounding Bowls I do in part feel spoken too, yet when it comes to learning how these new instruments might be effective I have watched and learnt from others, thus combining the academic and the inspirational approaches he recommends. read more

Scientific Evaluation of Sounding Bowls

Invited to present at the ISPS conference (www.isps.org) earlier this month I was immersed again in an NHS environment. Professionals within the NHS (National Health Service, Britain’s state-run health system) are caught in a double bind. Everything they do, practice and talk about has to be connected with scientific trials to ascertain it's efficacy. They know that many trials are structured to create very particular results. they know that any trial is a mix and mash of ideals, special ... read more

First Ever, Sounding Bowl Raffle

If we all put our hearts into it, Could a healing sound stop the rain and bring back our Summer? read more

Circle, Line, Dissonance and Harmony

Confirming and changing are two aspects of life that are equally important. When we are children we are changing fast, Very fast. During this period we need a lot of confirmation, touch, care, love of all sorts. Without this we do not grow physically, emotionally or intellectually as well as we do without it. read more

B,A,E, D

A Meditation using Intervals - The role of meditation is to become a seed point for an active calm that can grow into the rest of life. Sound based meditations give us a special chance to simplify the mind, unclutter the thinking and bring in this active calm, the presence of True Self. More than just relaxing to music a focussed meditation is a gathering of consciousness that empowers life. read more

The Short and Remarkable History of Sounding Bowls

Sounding Bowls are round wooden stringed instruments with the strings inside. Intentionally a bridge between sculpture and music, their form is a balance between visual beauty and musical function. They may vary in string numbers from one to many, have no frets and are played on open strings, these are typically bronze wound steel guitar style strings. Tuning is by thumb-key to variety of scales or modes selectable by the user. read more

Experiences with Sounding Bowls

In this report a user from Gloucestershire (UK) describes effects within her work, concluding: "Sounding Bowls ... have enabled us to see a break-through with several children and adults, which exceeded all expectations." read more

Single String Meditations

suggestions around meditating with a simple sound source such as a singel string Sounding Bowl read more

How do we heal with Sound

working beyond the physical read more

Coming to a Sound Sense of Self

Frequency is a hot topic in Sound Healing with many people discovering, using, publishing or keeping secret particular frequencies and chords that have produced good results for them. Yet there is a huge range of variation within any given frequency that profoundly affects the way a sound heals, or affects various levels of our being. To discover some of this variation you need only hold a tone with your voice and modulate your mouth to change it’s expression through the various vowel sounds. read more

Creativity as relationship with God

As making beings we are uniquely creative. We have our own Maker whether you consider Him or Her or It to be chance or intent. The process of making something, in time or in space, physical or read more

Why Are Sounding Bowls Are So Effective

Development within Sounding Bowls has been ongoing for more than 20 years. I am actively interested in where this instrument comes from and where it is going. In the last 17 years, since Sounding Bowl read more

The Movement of Blood in the Heart, Courage, Fear and Offering.

Every day I have to get out of bed in the morning. Sometimes that takes courage. I have to muster something in me and lift myself both physically and emotionally to meet the world as an upright human read more

The Voice of the Sounding Bowl

Extracted from the book &ldquoLonely Waters&rdquo, proceedings from the conference at Sobell House, Oxford, England. 1994 Editors Comments I was first introduced to the Sounding Bowl when I b read more

Sounding Bowls - A New Instrument of Healing

Sounding Bowls are a unique and modern instrument used in hospices and healing centres across the world. Within a Sounding Bowl bronze wound strings are stretched across richly figured Cherry, Sycamor read more

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