Jill Mattson

Jill Mattson
Jill Mattson is an author, artist, musician and widely recognized expert and composer in the emerging field of Sound Healing. She has written four books and produced six CD's that combine intricate Sound Healing techniques with her original Award winning musical compositions (Deep Wave Beauty CD – Best New Age CD of 2012 – Silver Award).

The CD's consist of intriguing, magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques - with sound energy & special healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits. Her cutting edge music includes: Sound Based Beauty Treatments, Frequencies of Flower Essences (emotional catharsis & virtue building), Celestial music with Tones from ancient Egypt and Celestial Bodies, Solfeggio/Reverse Solfeggio & Fibonacci tones, Binaural Beats & Meditative Music, Countering Negative Astrological Energies, Ascended Master & and Angelic Channeled Energies, Ancient Languages of Light and more!

These multilayered, multidimensional, deep layered, soulful works will uplift your heart - while offering a myriad of benefits. Jill lectures throughout the United States on "Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing" taking followers on an exciting journey revealing the healing power of sound. She unveils secrets from ancient cultures as well as the latest findings of the modern scientific community showing the incredible potential and healing capabilities of sound, including how sound travels through your body.

Jill draws on her extensive research of modern Sound Healing, and over 20 year study of ancient civilizations and secret societies in her music, lectures, workshops and writings.

Please visit her websites where you can learn more about her in-depth studies and work. Also available on the sites are additional free mp3's of her Sound Healing compositions, including Solfeggio Tones, Star Energy, Flower Frequencies, Fibonnaci and nature tones. www.jillswingsoflight.com 

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USA, PENNSYLVANIA - Egyptian “Power & Healing” Musical Secrets, jill mattson, Infinity 1280 Old Skokie Rd Highland Park, IL, 28 Apr 2018

Egyptian “Power & Healing” Secrets
In ancient times, Egyptian Healing Techniques were praised for Health & Power by people from across the ancient globe who journeyed to the Egyptian Temples.
• Discover the healing secrets of the ancient Egypt priesthood.
• Remember your Past Lives & Healing Techniques from ancient Egypt!
• Open Hidden portals of 5th dimensional energies – secrets well-guarded by the Ascended Masters & Pharaohs

Jill Mattson, breaks through with unparalleled, cutting-edge teachings of the Ancient Master’s most prized secrets – using pliable and free energy – vibrations on all levels: for information, healing, practical purposes, power and emotional and mental strength.
Download and prescriptively use “star energy”, work with Ascension Codes & Frequencies, Hermetic Magic, Hawthor Toning, the Egyptian pantheon and easy to use quantum energy Healing Secrets. Explore rhythmic and harmonic healing methods that have been long forgotten. Techniques to remove sourc

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This Author's Testimonials

17 Nov 2012
Jill Mattson

Dear Jill, Last night I was taken by the haunting beauty of the vocals and also by the cascading effect of the music and how it seemed to create rhythmic surges of consciousness—as if my attention was being swept in and out like the waves on the ocean that were also a part of the music. Jeff C Jill’s Original Oil Paintings; Healing Music and Meditative Music Dear Jill, I can not express how much your music has affected me. As a spiritual practitioner and consultant, I am so moved by the music that you have successfully created and the art that you have managed to capture on canvas and express your soul. Your work is of a realm that most are striving for, reaching and acknowledging and can use to assist them in self-discovery and awareness. The Universe blesses you, honors and celebrates you, your assistants and all that you have humbly provided. You are one who has recognized your gifts and abilities and has offered the world an opportunity not only to share but to use and discover their own talents. Noemia Jill, As I listen to your music for the very first time, I felt it immediately begin to minister love, peace and well-being to every cell in my body. Frankly, that hasn't happened ever in my life. I felt every cell coming into perfection as I closed my eyes to breathe in this amazing music. Thank you!!! Much love, Michael Murphy Dear Jill, I have an air purifier that turns off when the air is purified. It turns off every time I play your CD “You Are Star Dust.” I was surprised to find out later that you have used a tone for oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon in this CD in the tuning forks that sound like chimes in the background! Cool! Very Cool! Eric Dear Jill, I was afflicted with very bad head & chest cold on Sunday. That evening I could not sleep at all, and nothing in terms of medicine was working. I decided to put ALL of Jill’s CDs in my carousel, and played them as I lie down. During the music, everything that was blocking my respiratory system, throat, and digestive system began to remove itself from my body. It was truly a breakthrough that enabled me to fully recovery the following day & enabled me to do my talk show with a regular voice & energy. Jill’s music is truly powerful, and is very much on the cutting edge of a rediscovery of ancient remedies healing the body mind & spirit. Gary D. Purifory Co-Owner of The Community Listening Network Angel and fairy paintings Oil Paintings, Healing Music, Energy Healing Jill, When I listen to your beautiful CD my cares melt away and I feel the illusion of fear dissolve. I experience the truth of light and love when I listen to your music. Anne L Greetings, Jill. You have a beautiful voice - pure and fragile. Your melodies feature a holistic, mathematical approach, which takes people outside of the pop-influenced melodic sound of commercial New Age. Taxi Dear Jill, “Paint Your Soul” represents one of my most intriguing encounters with music yet: It brought tears to my eyes at first, and weeks later, still leaves me in a state of contemplative quietude after listening. Now it seems to be part of me…having helped me to feel “at home: with peace…some of its melodies and phrases well up in my mind at unexpected moments now, reassuringly, like old friends remind me that peace awaits at the end of a day. This wistful, soulful, haunting “water”/ space music including the mysterious Fibonacci numbers and Solfeggio frequencies, and Jill’s lovely ethereal, echoing voice and wise lyrics and sweet nature sounds - all combine to provide one powerful, satisfying total experience from the entire CD that I might sum up as Love (Paint Your Soul) = peace. Judy S The one-person musical package melodic meanders through each track evoking ethereal and swimming melodies reminiscent of New Age Artist, Enya, and of British singer, Sarah Brightman. Derrick News Chakra Balancing ~ Chakra Energy Oil Paintings; Portraits, Healing Music and Meditative Music Dear Jill, At age 60 it has been a while since this widow had a love to lay down with. When I first listened to your music, I thought, wouldn’t this be lovely to make love with! It inspires peaceful ecstasy. Thank you for the beautiful art. The visual and listening experience has enriched my life. Barbara D. Dear Jill, My Soul goes out to you! The violin calms with the very first note. I can feel healing waves flow over me with the sounds of little froggies and crickets soothing me just like they did when I was a little kid playing in the creek. Your sweet vocals cover me with softness. All the sounds go into me and blend perfectly. Marty S. Healing Energy ~ Chakra Balancing Oil Paintings and prints, Healing Music and Music Therapy You Are Star Dust. The music is an exciting experience for me. Every time I listen to the melodies I go into a deep trance and pop out of it when the music is over. It is unusual to find music that relaxes you like this. I am always looking for new ways to meditate and listening to this is a most efficient way of achieving a higher energy. Rick H. Dear Jill, Wow, your music is really incredibly healing! After listening to your CD, "You are Stardust", I felt the divine mother energy surround me in a large dose of unconditional love. Thank you for the blessings of your healing music. Peace, Sarah Dear Jill When I first listened to your music, I found the music somewhat disturbing. It made me feel as if an uncommon force was being exerted over me. I was if a mystery was confronting me. But he more I listened and the more I thought about it, I realized that it wasn’t a mystery, but a revelation. The revelation of what might have been, and unspoken perfection, a truth lying deeply buried beneath the accumulation of rubbish in my life. You see I found in your music a hidden secret, the unconfessed part of myself, that I know to be the truest, most precious and the most sacred part, which I have steadfastly ignored. Dr. Michael Lagan Jill, Today I've decided to share with you my intake of your beautiful music. Not something I talk about much as it's a deeply personal story. When I was 8 years old I nearly drown and had a life after death experience. Long story short, your music is as close to the sounds I experienced in that near death experience than anything I've ever heard. Weird but true. Forty plus years has strewed many memories but not this one, it's as clear as it was when it happened. Hope my story makes you feel more like a little angel than anything burdensome or heavy. Judy F Jill’s Original Oil Paintings; Sound Healing and Meditative Music Secret Sounds Modern Healing is a scholarly, comprehensive outlay of both ancient and innovative contemporary wisdom in the field of sound/frequency healing. The information and practices give a brilliant template for the future of transformation and is an extraordinary contribution to the planet at this time. Fascinating and mind-bending! Kennedy Braden (exec.dir. of The Evolutionary Heart and Future of Health, Licensed HeartMath provider, writer, teacher, healer, speaker) Jill, We have your CD's all ready queued up to help set a healing mood during our home birth next month. We can think of no better way to welcome our little child into the world! Thank you for making such a beautiful, meaningful contribution to our lives and to the world. Namaste, Justine Dear Jill, I put your CD in the player and went on to do my business, but it did not take me long to drop what I was doing and come back to the source. A big WOW!!! The words calming and invigorating do not quite accurately describe the feeling it evoked. At a loss for words, and that is unusual for me. Geraldine S Original Oil Paintings; New Age Music and Meditative Music Dear Jill, When I listened to your music, I got a vision of a beautiful lady. Could she be an ascended master? The channeled essence that you list on the CD? Beth Dear Jill Your CD continues to inspire, lifting energies and the atmosphere. For example, my husband’s two grand children spent yesterday with us. They were good children and tolerant of my over nurturing them. Yet there was no connection between us, no back and forth conversation, until I turned on your music. Suddenly there were full of questions and in awe. It was the sounds that soothed, as it has done for me many times. Geraldine S Dear Jill, I find your music so hard to describe –so beautiful and so unearthly, just not of this world- too special to be earthly. Tillie S Dear Jill, I appreciate your ability to brush the surface in expressing nature’s true grace. Rock on! Cheers Andrea Dear Jill While listening I felt a deep healing happening. I was sitting at my computer and when the CD ended I felt such profound peace and lightness. Even though I was in the thinking mode while listening to it, the music resonated right into my being. It is truly healing music for your spirit and your soul. Anne Healing Sacred Geometry Music to sleep to, Astrology music, healing sounds Dear Jill, Your CD is awesome. I put it on when I was working on a web page and it put me in such a mood that I flowed with ideas and the words. Jorge A. Dear Jill Who knows? Perhaps such music as Jill’s music might even help serve as a proverbial “hedge” of God around our nation, if He so wills, protecting us by touching the hearts of potential terrorists as well as our ordinary jaded selves...overcoming evil with good by transforming, “melting” us all closer in love. That might be it: Jill’s music offers us opportunities to paint our souls with soothing beautiful vibrations, expressions of God’s love, which we can then more easily translate into action with in out individual spheres of influence...to achieve the net effect of peace in the larger world. Judy S Jill, I love the sleep song: I feel in tune when I listen. Dianne Dear Jill, Some of the depictions of Sri Swamiji’s music (in your book) and especially the narration were most interesting. I found the co-relation with various factors of science, arts, culture and nature to be prudent, for a rational thinker. Overall it was inspiring and brilliant. Vamshi Krishna Ghanapathi Dear Jill, Perhaps you have found God’s blueprint for creation! His omniscience is truly revealed in your well-documented and fascinating book. How can I thank you for sharing? Something as simple as interval, tones and symphony can bring peace, healing and the purest of love. Kathy B Chakra Balancing Music therapy, Ancient Music and Meditative Music Jill is an absolute visionary who has touched numerous lives with her music and art. She creates work that is not only visually & audibly stunning, but that also contributes to the betterment of the individual, the community, and ultimately the world. I have used her music as a relaxation and focusing tool for childbirth preparation with outstanding results. Justine Julian Jill, OH! This is truly beautiful and sacred work. Dyan Jill, I just so feel a need to share with you after listening to Paint Your Soul. I am one of those Moms who have a hard time watching videos of my children when they were little without turning into a blubbering mass of protoplasm...so I am sensitive… no doubt...but when I heard you play...I remembered when I was in 4th grade... when the string instruments were introduced to our classroom and I was so drawn to the violin.....I SO wanted to learn it but my parents were poor and I remember crying many times...grieving the loss of that opportunity..so when I heard you play...it was like I was living vicariously through you... forgive me for saying that ...as I am so attuned about living your own life without any of the Hollywood parasitic mentality, but your music was thrilling for me to listen to and it filled my heart ( and day) with joy...There are many talented people in this world Jill.....but few who's talent penetrates AND is welcome in the heavenly realm....so know that your gifts are not just benefiting us earthlings...ha! Debbie Jill, I am listening to your music, now. Beautiful and Magical, to say the least! Wonderful! Hugs Kachina About the soundhealing the newsletter! Thank you Jill! I really need this right now. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help. I really feel that you are meant to be in my life for this very reason. Thank You Cynthia L Jill’s Original Oil Paintings; Healing Sounds and Meditative Music Dearest Jill, I want to thank You for sharing all about Toning as a powerful healing tool. As I read your e-mail I felt the truth coming through and I look forward to Your next article....Thank You... Namaste Brenda Hi Jill, Thank you so much for all the info you have given me. I am so grateful! This is amazing stuff!!! You amaze me. Please keep this wonderful info coming my way. Your music puts me right into an open heart. Kathy S. Hi My spirit guides led me to your site. I knew you were out there but it took a while before I found you on myspace. I was told to send you a free copy of my CD and you would be able to figure out why it so important that you receive it. I have been healing since age 12 when it was discovered that through my spirit guides I could heal anyone who had the desire to live. The work you are doing must be very important or my guides would not have insisted I contact you. I send you my Love, David Oil Paintings angel and fairy art, healing arts Jill, Your personal offering of helpful wisdom entices people to read through your whole emails. Keep them coming. The energy of your connection to others GROW! lots of love, Steve Jill When I put your CD on my cat jumped on the bed, started purring and then settled down to listen. She only does this when I pray, meditate or play Swamiji's music. Needless to say, she is a very sensitive little girl and has excellent taste!! I have to agree with Fiona. Your CD is very soothing uplifting and transcendent. Pam Dear Jill, Where to start? ..... Your work is wonderful!! Every time I listen to Paint Your Soul it has a new effect on me..... and that is the hard part to explain to you. The music itself is so serene and the words are so engaging. Part of me wants to listen to it as background music while I am working but the other part of me so enjoys the messages that you convey in the lyrics that I don't want to be distracted while I am listening. Beautiful, beautiful collection! Can't wait to soak more of it in but wanted to first send you this note of sincere thanks, Jill! Gerry Jill, I am certain that your beautiful music, through you, came into my life for a reason and it is to heal my soul. With my gratitude, Carmen Sound Healing Music Therapy, how sound heals scientifically Dear Jill, Here are some of my reactions to your music! Paint Your Soul 1. "My Soul Goes Out to You" filled me with a familiar sensation: separation and longing. It took me to that moment where one is reminded that we can dissolve into That ocean and are one with It. Your music and words are ethereal, enchanting. It reminded me of Rumi whose poetry I love. 2. "Sail the Comet's Tail" made my ears work. Initially, I was trying to adapt to pitches and frequencies; it did not take long to adjust. I loved the birds and imagined you perched on a tree in golden feathers singing your song. A unique melody with a beautiful message. Again, the sound effects combined, highlighted in melodic intervals. Vocally, the harmonic transitions were great. I appreciated it more and more as I listened to it. A soothing and comforting lullaby. 3. "Broken Chords" seemed like a stunning and active piece to me, meaning, there was much going on many levels but never over-bearing. From the pizzicato strings to the magical wind sounds, the piano progressions and the moving violin--it was delicate and intricately woven. This song made me feel like I was rising out of body. I felt like I was doing a Sema ritual and actually rose closer to heaven. I felt pressure on the top of my head as if I was trying to burst out of myself. When the music would descend, I would feel it sink and spiral back to the pit of my stomach. It was not a sickening feeling either! I do not know what all of this is saying about me…oh my! 4. "A Prayer for David" was interesting a combination of some of the previous sensations that rose in me more specifically in “Sail the Comet’s Tail”. I sensed its motion in my headphones. Again, I felt a sensitivity in the rising and falling of pitches but not as intense. In this one, what I noted most was the increase and decrease in the intensity of sound. I did not read the lyrics prior to listening but after referring to them, then, “My hands push the clouds out of your way,” hold true. I felt the strength and sorrow in the struggle and the gentle easing of its pressure as it uplifted the spirit with a sense of understanding. Original oil paintings Healing Music and Meditative Music “Faded Roses”: I had a CD of Tibetan Monks singing - the bells and gongs always startled me when they made their entrance. This was definitely more subtle,but maintained the “purifying of spirit” effect. Your vocals moved like waves overlapping the keys; later, they took on a slight staccato effect as if one had touched a thorn. No pain; the beauty of the rose endured. “Touch”: I love how you play the violin! It is passionate and gentle all at once—as touch should be. It uplifted my spirits. I like the bell at the end too. Nice touch (pun intended). “Happy and Free” was just as the title implies. It brought back a pleasant memory. It was fall; the leaves were colorful. I was in Central Park, NY with my brother and sister-in-law listening to steel drummers and marimba players on stage. Afterwards, we got on a carousel, which, I had not done since I was five years old. I was flying on that horse, spinning and laughing again, happy and free. A great memory of a day with music and family - a reminder to take pleasure and be grateful for “the little things”. Rebecca Gonzalas Angels and more angels Healing Music, Meditative Music, music to sleep by Jill, great stuff! Painting must be like your own cymatics, a visual demonstration of your transient tones and healing. The arts are so closely linked to the mysterious. Music is still difficult to define which is not unlike the Divine. It puzzles us, transforms us, it helps us heal and yes, sometimes there is that love/hate thing too. We want to walk away from it; and we have no choice but to give into its power and then rejoice that it is. Robert Jill, That energy coming from the eyes is really evident in the painting of the Elf Man's eyes. The other paintings-loads of power in those images and your display of them is like a "Heavy Load". Go with the flow~you've got the soul! Sharry Edwards Angels at Work Original Oil Paintings; Healing Music and Meditative Music Dear Jill, I want to report an extraordinary healing episode I had as a result of listening to the song Agrimony from your Healing Flowers Symphony CD. As I lay listening to this song I felt the music begin to touch a particularly annoying fear that I have held for many years. As a highly analytical person I have been very consciously aware of this fear, yet I had also been keenly aware that it had no logical basis. But I have never sought out its source or attempted to deal with it. I suppose I have treated it like a thorn in the side, which I was destined to carry until, perhaps, it worked itself out. After listening to this song I found that this perennial fear had simply dissipated, as if it had been dissolved by the music. I know it was the music that was responsible (the "self-healing" aspect notwithstanding) because of the extreme resonance that occurred between that fear sensation and specific sections of the song. Immediately after listening to the song, I was left with a sensation of extreme well being that manifested emotionally as a quiet effortless peace that had displaced the fear and seemed to seep into my whole being, and mentally as a picture of Mother Earth coddling me in her arms as if I were a small child being rocked to sleep. It was an extraordinary experience. Thank you for your music! I believe that many people will be greatly helped by your work. Sincerely, Dear Jill, I want to report an extraordinary healing episode I had as a result of listening to the song Agrimony from your Healing Flowers Symphony CD. As I lay listening to this song I felt the music begin to touch a particularly annoying fear that I have held for many years. As a highly analytical person I have been very consciously aware of this fear, yet I had also been keenly aware that it had no logical basis. But I have never sought out its source or attempted to deal with it. I suppose I have treated it like a thorn in the side, which I was destined to carry until, perhaps, it worked itself out. After listening to this song I found that this perennial fear had simply dissipated, as if it had been dissolved by the music. I know it was the music that was responsible (the "self-healing" aspect notwithstanding) because of the extreme resonance that occurred between that fear sensation and specific sections of the song. Immediately after listening to the song, I was left with a sensation of extreme well being that manifested emotionally as a quiet effortless peace that had displaced the fear and seemed to seep into my whole being, and mentally as a picture of Mother Earth coddling me in her arms as if I were a small child being rocked to sleep. It was an extraordinary experience. Thank you for your music! I believe that many people will be greatly helped by your work. Abstract art Music therapy research, beauty music, ancient music Dear Jill, God expresses the perfection, beauty and everything good in some music. It bridges the separation of god in my life when I am not able to connect the bridge by myself. Thank you for such a bridge. Jan Several years ago my brother introduced me to crystals. He was experimenting and believed they possessed certain powers of healing and inner revelation. I didn't know weather or not I believed that but I knew there was something to it because when ever I was around the crystals I could kind of hear this high pitched sound. It was weird because it was sort of in my ears but not in my ears...almost like it was in my head. Recently my brother sent me a link to Jill Mattson's web site. I listened to music and afterward noticed that same high pitched sound in my head I only hear with the crystals, it was kind of in the background and not so discernable...almost like I had to be still to hear it. With this music the sound in my head was clear, pronounced and sustained with an intriguingly soothing effect. There is something else. Almost immediately after listening to the music (which I later found out contained Solfeggio Frequencies), I felt and strange endearment almost affection towards my houseplants. Very strange and calming. I don't know exactly what is going on...but I like it. Kent Henry Original Oil Paintings; Sound Healing and Meditative Music Dear Jill, By the way, last night I discovered a practical application of the Solfeggio tones (which are in Paint Your Soul) which are still strong and ever present. I was going to sleep and I heard two abrupt taps and my heart started racing. I said to myself that they were in my mind and not real, but as I concentrated on the tones my heart beat immediately steadied. It happened again and I repeated the exercise, which worked once again. I am looking forward to watching these gifts develop. Jill Mattson is a gift of love, light and wisdom to the world. Her highly developed talents in writing, healing sound and music, and visionary art truly are contributions of upliftment and transformation. She emanates the creative spirit so needed at this time in our history and teaches us how to shift into the new world age. kennedy hassett braden executive director of The Evolutionary Heart and Future of Health, Licensed HeartMath Provider, and associate of the Institute, Writer, teacher, healer, speaker worldwide Angels into the Light Original Oil Paintings; Flower remedies, energy healing My name is Karthik. I am from India. I am the devotee of Sri Ganapathi Sachidananda Swamiji. I read your article about the ancient techniques of Music combining them with the modern traditions. As the sample music of your esteemed website (Paint your Soul) plays, I can recollect myself in a lonely atmosphere where the serenity itself is music, and, I, the lonely one, is wandering for something which I lost in my previous lives. It is the Music. Thanking You. Karthik Aripirala Jill, What an awesome creation, I can't stop playing it. I feel so peaceful, the sounds are so healing. I use it during my healing sessions with clients. They all ask for it. Thanks~~~Maria This is a short note regarding listen to the music created by Jill Mattson... as a lovely gift that was sent to me I download Jill's CD's into my computer.... when I began to listen to it a personal experience began to take place... my son has recently gone threw an ugly divorce and not ever in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that I had so much resentment, hostility and rage towards an ex daughter-in-law... priding myself (false pride )with being more evolved then that... WOW.... what a shock to my system to have see the darkness in my own shadow material that we all have lurking some where with in us...... I prayed, put myself on prayer list, meditated, went to threw professional counseling and nothing eased the negative feelings that would be recurrent in a instant... I began playing Jill’s music on my daily journey to and fro to work... I noticed that my feeling of inner peace were restored...the key word here is "FEELING." Within my heart center and within the recesses of my mind a healing and calming was taking place from Jill’s music...also my granddaughter has repercussions from the divorce so at night she goes to sleep listen to the music and loves it... she runs to her bed jumps in and eagerly awaits to hear the sounds.... she is five years old and it is having a calming effect on her as well...there are many modalities of healing.... music and sounds seems to be a method that allows my mind to be non resident and the body to accept the gentleness of rhythms of Sounds...Madeline Nickles Angel Light Oil Paintings, prints, landscapes, portraitsc Jill, I loved your unique 5th - 6th alternations, especially early on in Star Dust CD. They create an atmosphere of sweetness. This is important, because it could be useful for diabetes treatment. I just found in the Julian Whiataker book "Reversing Diabetes" where he discusses the importance of Vanadium and Chromium as nutrients. Those seem to have 5th & 6th relationships to either Hydrogen or Carbon. Michael Riversong I listened to Jill’s music last night and this morning and I am getting so many things done that had been sitting on the side lines and cluttering and distracting me. Why is this? Jill’s music has: • a “universal” musical quality – ethereal “space music” yet purposeful and anticipatory of things to come • Angelic vocals, a primitive beat reminiscent of a human heart beating and native American medicine’s rituals by firelight • Resolution of tension sometimes soft and melodically- sometimes humorously such as the oboe and flute duet playing off one another – almost reminiscent of an Irish jig…but rendered gently with a soothing melodic like a “happy ever after” story. • A haunting quality at times of a lonesome voice in a vast wilderness or void, and jarring patterns as if almost comical – or another spirit’s footsteps nearby – sometimes melodramatic in a theatrical way, bringing to mind the phantom of the opera or the Adams Family TV show • Like bathing our beings in healthy vibrations, welling up from her research into sounds and music and how they heal • Her enewsletter stretches and expands our thinking, clearing a neural pathway for us heavenward, like Jacob’s ladder spiraling upward. • For example one, song resolves into a ominous symphony of ups and downs into a chanting like background, bringing to mind monks in a monastery and the pa-rum-pa-pa-pum refrain the haunting Christmas carol. And only Jill could explain the weird unexpected turn, which resolves into angelic vocals and bells - concluding like a choir! Judy Stitt New age Music Oil Paintings; Ancient Music and Meditative Music Jill, I've been listening to your healing Flower Symphonies. I feel the chimes in different areas of my heart and being; the first listen was an adjustment to sound with effects to my being and trying to adjust but, once I did, sound rippled deep and through me. You were right, this is not for the faint of heart because you release negative emotions, but my experience has NOT been unpleasant, in fact, I feel like it is heightening some of the things I was feeling and allowing me to better identify those. I am going through a time of significant change and this is just what the doctor ordered for me to be able to reach my highest good. You baffle me because I know how much thought and feeling is placed in each track and I am releasing my negative emotions and still you make this so palatable. I'm using the Flower Symphonies to release any discomforts I may be holding on to that may keep me from my spiritual development. I've been feeling a bit more confident and at ease with what is taking place. Science and spirituality can combine to heal. You do it lovely-I thank you and praise you and your guides for this gift! Rebecca Gonzalas Angel Light Original Oil Paintings; Healing Music and Meditative Music I know Jill...You have so much beauty inside that painting, singing, composing and even your sharing missives allow some measure of expression for you...I get the feeling there is just so much more, like a well spring that will never and mustn't ever cease. Thanks Jill, Stuart Jill, I was feeling light headed and dizzy from the Expo until I listened to your "Paint Your Soul" CD for just a few seconds, and the dizziness was gone. I could feel beautiful energy just flow through me. It is great. Rhonda B Dear Jill, I fell asleep with your music. When I woke up I was dreaming of God, alot. I mean alot. I am so glad we met, it was not an accident, nothing is. Steve G Dear Jill, I somehow came across your website. I don’t remember what I was looking for but I believe I was divinely guided! I love your music! Vicki D. Angelic flight Portraits, landscapes, flowers, fairies, healing arts Dear Ms. Mattson, I wanted to formally write to say your book, Ancient Sounds Modern Healing, is brilliant and I absolutely loved it. It is such an amazing collection of interviews, funny asides, and deeper truths. Since I got it in the mail I’ve had a hard time putting it down, except when i was doing my own experiments with sounds. I initially bought your book because it was one of the few published works I could find online that referenced the solfeggio frequencies, which I’ve been studying and using for my own music and healing for the past year or so. Reading further and further in, I discovered so much new information that instantly resonated with me. I also learned about binaural beats (with the help of Osborn Ratticus, of course) and created several beats of my own. I took the consciousness expansion a step further when I read your great interview with Dr. Jeff Thompson. The part about fundamental frequency sounded really cool, so I recorded my own voice with some of my favorite affirmations, and lowered the pitch 3 or 4 octaves to see what it would be like to "hear" myself on that deeper level. Whoa! That was fun to do. I never knew about that before. Then, I combined that with my new theta binaural beats (made with solfeggio tones) and... Whoa again! Now I listen to my new creations to relax before bed, and I have to say not only do I sleep better, but my days have been nothing short of magical, inspired, and, well, pretty much divine(triple-whoa). there is nothing better than sound that is in true harmony and I want to say thank you for inspiring me to not only come up with these great sound experiments, but also for all the ideas I got to incorporate these healing sounds into my own music. It’s all very-exciting, and as someone who is also interested in real history/alternative history (I mean it, I’ve researched a lot), I totally loved the approach of looking at sound from the accounts from antiquity and secret societies. It's amazing--I’m sure a lot of this information has been kept very secret for a long time, and it's all such a revelation for those of us who are looking for ways to heal the energy of the planet in the now. So...basically I just want to say I feel lucky I got to check out your book, it was exactly what I needed to read right now. Thank you universe, thank you internet! And thank you for putting together such a wonderful work. I had way more fun reading it than I did Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse. Haha! best, Chris V Ancient Solfeggio and Fibonacci tones Oil Paintings; Healing Music and Meditative Music Dear Jill, Your music has a peaceful timeless energy and your melodies are very cosmic and radiant. Faded Roses is a great journey and it's cool to hear music created with solfeggio sounds. You have a cool voice and are very gifted at creating out of this world atmosphere with great feeling with your music. It definitely has a powerful healing quality! I am a 5th dimensional fan. I think Jill is obviously a genius regarding sound and creating music--her book Sacred Sounds Modern Healing is great and her music is divine. thank you! Chris V Jill, I woke this morning and put in your Star Dust CD and loved listening to its ethereal sounds. But in addition, as I read over the words, I got to David's song and began sobbing! It took me into personal and global loss and transmutation. I was aware first of my grief when helping a mother let go of her teenage son, despite her guilt that he had died of a drug overdose. I didn't realize I was still carrying grief for her loss, since I was so happy to have been able to help her heal and facilitate her allowing him to pass into the light. Then I thought of my dad's recent passing. Emotions of grief and loss are present even when we are mentally ok with the situation. And then my feelings moved into the global…of the pain of so much restriction and dominance of human spirit and great misunderstanding that holds humanity as a group in such limitation. So I cried mightily and allowed the part I hold of these combined grief’s to pass through me like waves of joy would be allowed to flow without restriction. So thank you for that sound healing that flowed from your combined gifts of channeling words, voice, music and vibrational healing substructures. I plan to work my way through your other CDs a bit at a time so as not to put myself into too much healing release all at one sitting. Laura P. Art, Music therapy, Healing Music and Meditative Music My first conversation with Jill about her research into the powers of sound and music was so awe-inspiring that I found myself practically floating on air -- in the rarefied orbit of some unaccustomed altered state -- when I hung up the phone that night. She had also offered what certainly sounded to me to be pragmatic, highly relevant interpretations of a few Bible verses that had seemed rather enigmatic (e.g., in the parable of the Ten Talents, Jill pointed out that the servant who buried his single talent -- because he knew his master to be a hard man -- could be characterized as a "negative thinker"!). Judy S. Dear Jill, "I love your StarDust album! It is like the angels are singing to me. I start every work day with the song “Always!” Jennifer H. Jill, Wanted to mention to you that your music was playing on our CD player in the hospital when my wife Becky and I brought our baby daughter Alexandra into the world on May 23rd of last year. Thank you for the soothing sounds...Becky really needed it. Bill Konkolesky State Director Michigan MUFON I hear you music playing throughout our home every day and enjoy it. Thank you so much, you have brought a greater sense of balance into both my wife and my lives. James Taylor Angel Presence Original Oil Paintings; Healing Music and Meditative Music Jill, I have listened to music from different people and they were beautiful. I have been looking for what you have been doing for a long time. The effect of it is incredible I don't know if you understand. Not many can do what you are doing they are missing pieces of the information so let me spell it out. You have the knowledge along with frequency, tone, octaves and spiritual guidance to get the spirals of energy for the music. Joan H Jill, your books are a beautiful gift and they really help create a fabric/background to comprehend the importance of frequencies in the makeup of our world. I've been studying & using Sharry Edward's material for about a year & 1/2. Your book gave me a perspective & wider range to connect to the metaphysical truths in specific [scientific] ways to strengthen my understanding. This is an important motivation boost in continuing along my journey. Jill, your book also explained to me scientifically & authentically thru other expert works the healing experiences I was experiencing by using specific notes to tone into my chakra centers. I use this information to eradicate Radiation Readings in my Voice Print, to heal hip pain, to restore ligament & tendon strength & flexibility to my physical system. No one that I have heard in the Guardian Network, including Sharry has highlighted the essential nature of the work you are sharing with us in this book; even though you have appeared several times on the radio with her. I wanted to 'shout out' this fact that is so important [to me]!!! to you at least. All the best, Aria Glenn, Lover of Sound Oil Paintings; Healing Music, Meditative Music When I opened the downloaded free mp3's your site offered and listened to one I found myself rising so high I had to turn it off to be able to attend to paypal and purchase your products. Margaret P. You music uplifts, making the heart happy. Just before bedtime I clicked on your music and immediately felt the energies dancing in both crown and third eye areas, and so I thank you deeply for your work, and for providing those free mp3's. Margarette P Dear Jill, I am truly appreciating your newsletter! (www.jillshealingmusic.com) Each time it is received, it has me seriously thinking and more so because I share it with my family and friends with my thoughts. Everything now is all about “waking up” to reality earth, the matrix. Though I don’t know about other healing methods, I do want to share my raw thoughts generated from your letter. Now that I get everything is a frequency, All is falling into place, even the ants that march in line onto my kitchen counter... What is that infamous line, “Music heals the soul” - Though beware music does the opposite too. Words can and do hurt. It’s all about frequency – intonation. cjennifer I fell asleep with your music on my ears and woke up around 4am to turn it off. The only thing I noted was dreaming of God, a lot. I mean a lot more than normal. I am so glad we met, it was not an accident, and nothing is. Hi Jill, I loved reading your new book. It was packed with so much information in that one volume that it seemed to be bursting at the seams. I couldn't get enough. Thank you so much for impacting my life through your words, your art and especially your music. I really appreciate you. Donna Luhrs My favorite book to date is witten by YOU! … for real! thanks Jill! Wayne York Chakra balancing, beauty music, ancient music, music therapy Thank you, Jill, for working for so long on and sharing such gorgeous musical compositions. Your innovative techniques and integrative healing methods are an inspiration to practitioners and musicians alike! It is because of the dedicated work of healers like you that the understanding and research of Flower Essence Therapy continues to thrive across the globe. Your comment on the inaudible sounds of a rose petal is especially insightful; what else is beyond our threshold for sound yet affects us every day? Thank you for such extraordinary compositions! Alli Sievers, On behalf of the Flower Essence Society This is such an amazing book-- it is bound to be a classic and I hope you publisher gets it world-wide-- it is too valuable a tool for only the New age crowd. Adam Geronimo Cosmic Streams is outstanding! I wanted to report my experiences after listening to the meditation: 1) My whole body felt lighter and more relaxed 2) I experienced a new and stronger sense of purpose 3) A spirit guide (or whatever) named Malcolm, with whom I have had conversations in the past but almost 20 years ago, and not since then, suddenly "appeared" again. I couldn't see him physically, but with my mind's eye. He was standing silently seemingly pleased that I'd used the CD. He's an older gray gentleman with a fantastic sense of humor, and he was wearing a long flowing white tunic made of fairly heavy material. Keith David Henry Sound healing, Healing Sounds, new age music, new age Hello Jill! I came home from work just last Saturday and my wife said I have bad news - Jasper our old pet bird is dying, he has been laying in the back right corner of his cage; hasn’t moved all day long. It is very sad for me to see. I put in your Star Dust CD and my wife gets MAD and says, “Take that opera stuff down stairs if you want to listen to it.” I speak up, “Its healing music, let the poor bird dye in peace!” She says, “I WILL GIVE YOU FIFTEEN MIN, THAT’S IT!” I go to the kitchen for a bite of food and after about 15 minutes I’m heading back to the living room and my wife meets me near the doorway – “I will give you a half hour!” I look across the room and Jasper is standing on his open door, saying his name, and popping around to his seed and water dish. We looked at each other and she says that animals get better just before death, but Jasper is still eating, drinking, talking, acting normal and its Tuesday night. I think something great may have happened! thanks Jill Wayne York Jill, the book, your research, and music -what a wonderful gift for humanity, moving into the new paradigm. I am glad you are the one that finally came through for Sharry Edwards at last - her story of struggles of the past and still today, are heart breaking. Your sweet musical sounds - so very calm, pure love. Cjfenner Oil Paintings; Healing Music and Meditative Music Hi Jill, I think you are one of God’s many angels and you have chosen to embody to assist mankind. Pamela Mongrandi You've been highlighting the good, bringing healthy things to the radio so much more of late... I've got an idea for a guest that would fit that bill. Jill Mattson (residing in Pennsylvania) is multitalented so you'd have to decide what you'd want to talk about. Jill has researched the ancient secret sounds, (amazing stuff!) frequencies that affect every fiber of our being. She discovered some music was taken out of our lives, at times the church didn't allow anyone their own music, of all things – in the dark ages. The rabbit hole is vast. Her work has had a great influence upon me. Her music CDs contain the energy - oxygen (and other elements), what we need more off. Jill had tuning forks made for various healthy frequencies (what the populace is lacking) that she plays along with her singing, her violin and so much more. She is a one woman band as well as creating the artwork for the CDs and more. You'll see at her website the books she has written, paintings and more about her. Her music is peaceful, heavenly, you can feel a healing, wanting to cry, releasing pain – and if stress sums up ill health, one should be getting rid of this baggage on a daily basic or it builds up aka poor health. Raelon at Rumor Mill News radio Angels and Fairies Flower remedies, Bach Flower remedies, music of the flowers I knew someone that could not listen to jazz music because it messed up what she knew as order. I have to laugh because this individual was messy, in that she was always in a dream, spaced out, yet an artist you can’t imagine, able to capture the spirit essence of animals. And, this gal felt she was born to paint but the order of the world was stopping her, all of the way down to her mother. I gave this gal her life, took her into my home for a year so she could take any art class she desired here in Minnesota, rather than have to attend the communist school of choice the Finland school structure chose for her – this gal, Leena, reminds me of Jill... Jill is making sense of the chaos. She is providing a means to keep our power, and utilize it. Jill is an example of doing what she loves, all the while bringing love to humanity, teaching yet setting an example of what love is all about, a free spirit. Cj Fenner I attended the Light Expo in Columbus on Saturday and was so glad that I attended your presentation. It was marvelous and inspirational; you are a gifted presenter. Wade Werner Being a musician (trumpet player and a singer) I've always been fascinated by the transformative effects of sound and when I found your site and heard some of the demos I was blown away! Al Cambrola Angel and Fairy Gallery Original Oil Paintings; Healing Music and Meditative Music Did you create specific songs for cleansing? Knowing your creations are with oxygen and whatnot, at times I play them through to do their job while I think, typing away. Some songs bring buckets of tears. This morning “cloud dances” was playing and the rain came with memories... Yours in sweet song, cj :”) I am so inspired by your book, Jill. Something in me is shifting and I don't know what or where it is going but you have changed my life! Danthas Harris In Ancient Sounds Modern Healing I learned a lot. ! When I first thought of the idea of the alignment of the planets at the time of birth etc... I had no idea that it was already being done! I could not put your book down after I started reading it. I had researched most of the people that you had interviewed for your book, but you got to the important parts nicely! It was very informational and just what I was looking for! Lyn Fitgerald Dear Jill, I can't overemphasize the profound healing experience listening to your Chakra Healing CD, Cosmic Streams, has been for me! Some of the results are practically instantaneous. Meditation and Angels Solfeggio frequencies, beauty music, astrology music, Upon my first listening I had no particular expectations in mind. As a worker of subtle energy myself for many years I am aware that many energy shifts in our personal lives are unnoticeable in the short term. But with your Chakra Healing CD I noticed immediate energy shifts in my body and the removal of blockages that resulted in extreme feelings of well-being, and manifested within days as extremely lucid insights into myself and into the events that were occurring around me. The healing reinforced and facilitated an acceptance of self and circumstances as one, resulting in personal positive experiences that reinforced self-love and produced extremely pleasant and productive outer circumstances that had been previously blocked. The result has been an enigmatic sense of peace, confidence, and assurance that is saturating my life as we speak. Thank you for your work! Keith David Henry Theoretical Metaphysicist, Author & Teacher Jill Mattson is an amazingly talented musician. The Flower Symphonies are a powerful collection of musical arrangements that have obviously come from divine intuition and very artfully manifested. I have been aware of Bach Flower remedies for many years and have used them for myself and my animals with great success. Our reactions to life and actions we take come directly from our emotional subconscious cues and beliefs that get stuck in our cellular memory. Using things like flower remedies to help erase and clear these negative attachments and memories has powerful effects in the body and nervous system. Having experienced great results with the remedies themselves and knowing how important and beneficial sound experience is to our psyche, I was very excited to become aware of these CD's that incorporated the frequency of the flower remedies within the musical content. I found that idea very intriguing! However, what I was about to experience while listening was totally unknown to me at the time! Wow, is a first response! I was awestruck and incredibly impressed with the impact that the musical symphonies had on my whole body at times. Some of the musical scores were actually what I would call disturbing at first at a very core level. I found this interesting as I knew intuitively that there was something very important going on within my personal psyche that was much needed at the time. As I continued to listen on and move through the "disturbance" and the "discomfort" brought about by it, the entire feeling of discomfort left me and what I experienced after that was profound feelings of "rightness" for lack of a better word. Meditation and Relaxing Music Original Oil Paintings; Healing Music and Meditative Music The Bach Flower Symphonies come highly recommended by me after this experience. I have already told others about these inspired recordings. The positive impact that they are capable of having on every person that listens to them is much needed in this world of ours. Musical notes, sounds, and frequencies have profound healing effects and having the ability to tap into them with this CD set whenever we need "adjusted" emotionally is priceless! Thank you Jill for your talents and the love expressed through your inspired music! I plan on playing these for my animals too. Animals need our help as they are absorbing all the toxic energy that humans produce. Can't wait to see the effects with them and use these along with the individual essences. Valerie D My friend went to sleep to sleep with Paint Your Soul, and she had her first dream in five years, since her accident. Pretty amazing, huh? Katie Richardson Dear Jill, Your books and CDs are extremely interesting. I have inner need to release feelings, emotions, or more negative cellular vibrations. You have seemed to touch upon my body's subconscious knowledge or condition. It is a bit grainy and unpleasant in a relief giving way. It sticks with me too or will widen my horizons a time period away from the music. Nature’s meditative Music Music to sleep by, Beauty music, flower essences When I heard your lecture in Cincinnati and then spoke with you I mentioned my quest in the area of vibrational study in relation to individual and group energy. This week the PBS TV station in Columbus aired The Singing Revolution in Estonia and the 2 hours of Nova quantum physics and the vibrational string theories with parallel universes. It has been an intense sequence of synchronicity. I want to express my deep appreciation for your life work in music and in energy vibrational healing work. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and promoting your study of these topics. John. W OOOOOOOOOh, I have finished your book about Sharry Edwards. That is one book that I am going to read through many, many times. There is so much information there that is potentially mind blowing and helpful! You are an astoundingly gifted presence in this world. Valerie Dearth Dear Jill, Thank you for your music. I can't live a normal life without it. Katie Richardson Bach Flower Remedies Original Oil Paintings; Healing Music and Meditative Music I always play your music. I really do love the way it sounds and makes me feel. DT Luhrs Thank You Jill! I love the fact that you bring us such beautiful music to help us improve ourselves on so many different levels. Thank you sooo much! Its almost as if I have heaven at my door. I am working with all your CD's but the Wave Beauty I listen to in the car as I'm driving presently. Keep up the fabulous work and may you be blessed continually with love and Light.xxx Nuha L I normally crash at night, ready for sleep at day’s end. I sleep heavily and don’t dream, but those nights I want to unwind, I play Jill’s sweet musical creations. It could be those mornings I wake up early with various “downloads” for the day that the previous night was filled with heavenly notes. :) CJ Hi! i am just discovering your work on Youtube... thank you so much! It feels like an invitation to play in a whole new dimension! love, and gratitude Marcus F Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed listening to your healing symphonies cd while walking at the gym yesterday morning. It was so uplifting and, as I was walking, I heard "shoom", so was able to use the higher vibrations in the music to help lift out some entities. I felt they were more like thought forms than intrusive, but I felt so much lighter when cleared! Laura Pierett Bach Flower Remedies Sound healing, ancient music, music to heal Hi Jill, I'm just getting into your book--It is amazing. Thank You! Thank you for all your amazing creations and putting together of healing sounds that are all around us --to uplift, to enlighten, to open wider the pathway to JOY. Much Love and Light, Laura B your painting is really beautiful, jill! i love the way the colors of the sun split into smaller rays.... once i was looking at the edge of my water glass and the lights from the sun were reflecting on it, orbs were there, round beauties, but in the middle, they split into fine strips, a lot like this! The light in your painting reminds me of that...your diva is beautiful, too! Namaste, Darlene “The Music of the Spheres”... Was lovely and could only be noticed by a conscious being, those artists paying attention. Jill, your newsletters and sharing inspire my consciousness. Darlene P You are so wise Jill...thank you for doing your part in uplifting and raising the vibrations and frequency of the planet in these exciting times.... I send you my deepest gratitude, Sandra M Jill, It was a fantastic radio show! I hope you can open the attachment to see a screenshot of the show rating during your time on air. You know there are no coinkydinks... I loved your stories of how books etc came into your life. It was an exciting show. One of Raye's best of late... Cj :"0 Secret Sounds Ultimate Healing, it’s an extraordinary work, Adam. After that first day of using the Chakra Streams, I actually felt a whole lot better. I walk or hike almost every day and the hike I took yesterday was unlike any other. I felt lighter, healthier, and stronger so I'm thinking I must have cleared out a whole lot of stuff:) I just love your CDs. (I was the one who mentioned to you at the expo that the birds outside my home start chirping when I play Stardust. I truly appreciate your work. Cindy Angels and Fairies Oil Paintings, Healing Music and Meditative Music I've been listening to Jill’s music for over a month now... and my new photo seems to show that her music is working. Deep Wave Beauty Results! Honestly... not one nanobit of photoshopping! I had recently had a life threatening illness and am over 60 years. This offers proof of Deep Wave Beauty working. Raelon I have attended many seminars around the country....I would say that the upcoming event with Jill Mattson is one that YOU SHOULD NOT MISS!!!!! Jill’s vivacious energy and DEEP KNOWLEDGE of music, sound and light and how these elements affect our TOTAL BEING....coupled with Jill’s sensitive psychic nature; is presented in a lively , very informative, fun way.....she takes and includes ALL questions into her class never breaking stride.........by far ...THE BEST .. class I have been to EVER!!!!!!!!!........CHUCK WHICKER......PHILA. Angels Healing with sound and music, healing arts I'm writing to tell you how phenomenal your music is. I listen to it every night while falling asleep (forget Yoyo), and amazing things are happening in my dreams. Things are coming out that are very deep, and buried for a long time. Your Chakra healing is the best I have ever experienced. Katie RICHARDSON WOW!!! Awesome info! You are extraordinary at explaining complex subjects in understandable layman's terms. I hope you know what a rare gift it is to be able to do that. There are so many experts in many fields who simply cannot translate their knowledge into terms the public can understand. Laura P Your info helped me put the solfeggio tones into even greater context then sound form and I feel it is a big part of the unifying principle as it manifests in multiple forms. You tying it into mathematics, molecular structure, etc helps me make sense of it in a much more integrated way. Thanks for that bigger perspective. It is a foundation allowing my mind to accept the remarkable potentials of what I am doing that frees me to stop questioning the MAGIC! I feel ok calling the work I do alchemy, since it enables extraordinary and fast transformation, but I'm not ready to call myself an alchemist because I don't know how I do it or what principles it operates on. Maybe now my mind will quiet down and just be happy to play in the magic, knowing it is grounded in such a unifying divine principle as you have so amazingly brought coherence to in my mind. BRAVO! Laura Pierett Dear Jill; I received your lovely Healing Flower Symphonies Vol. 1 & 2 and have been listening to them every day since! I do LOVE them!! They really keep me uplifted and refreshed with a super "can-do" attitude.Thank you for all those lovely sounds! Love, Carol A Jill, you were great as always .....thank you so much for everything AND ........JUST BEING YOU!!!!!!!......... next year i'll be 60 years here............i don't know about you but I start examining life ; how fast it has gone by........one thing , I KNOW , i have always been blessed with the best teachers and people in general around me.....whatever i have been into.......i value my crossing of paths with you at the top of the list love and peace.....chuck............. Angel and Elemental Spirits Oil Paintings, heal music, music for sleep Uplifting and serene author: Maria What an awesome creation, I can't stop playing it. I feel so peaceful, the sounds are so healing. I use it during my healing sessions with clients. They all ask for it. Thanks~~~ Beautiful music that lifts me up - mind, body, and soul. author: Marty Stride This is beautiful uplifting music. When I listen, I feel at peace and the stress of the day melts away as the energy flows through me with a magical healing power. Jill's angelic voice takes it all one step higher. A wonderful CD. Deep peace, for hours author: JudyS "Paint Your Soul" represents one of my most intriguing encounters with music yet: It brought tears to my eyes at first, and weeks later, still leaves me in a state of contemplative quietude hours after listening. Now it seems to be part of my psyche, having helped me come to feel "at home" with peace (not only fast-paced productivity and efficiency) ... some of its melodious phrases well up in my mind at unexpected moments now, reassuringly, like old friends to remind that peace awaits at the end of the day. This wistful, soulful, haunting "water"/"space" music including the mysterious Fibonacci Numbers & Solfeggio Frequencies + Jill's lovely ethereal, echoing voice + wise lyrics + sweet nature sounds -- all combine to provide one powerful, very satisfying total experience from the entire CD (a cumulative effect which cannot be extrapolated from partial song clips) that I might sum up as: Love (Paints Your Soul) => Peace.... Judy Stitt Paintings, heal music, music for sleep, healing arts Lends a Calming Mood author: B.L. Moody As a teacher, I've made it a point of listening to Jill's "Paint Your Soul" CD while I grade papers or review lesson plans. The music lends a calming mood to quiet my thoughts as I plan out learning activities and exercises for my students to prepare for state exams. THE NEXT STEP UP author: Geraldine S We on the spiritual path are looking for answers, for as much as a plateau is reached in spiritual developement, there is always more to learn and to feel. Jill's CD-PAINT YOUR SOUL-is just the vehicle to carry us highter and higher. Resonating with the chakras, the body's energy centers, this music frees from worldly concerns and takes the Spirit to the Next Step Up!! I play it often and for long periods of time. Thank you for your artistry and skill. The next one soon? WoW! A stretch of Tonality. Yet not too esoteric to enjoy! author: www.rolandbowman.com Meditation and Relaxing Music Original Oil Paintings, music for sleep, music therapy Pure entertainment with a B for Benefit. Hell yeah, those notes heal! Reminds me of a Schoenberg piece I played in Senior recital .Ramble on Girl Friend! hell yeah! Resonates the Sacred Geometry within your Body & Soul bringing deep inner Peace. author: Anne Christine Tooley www.luminanti.com While listening to Paint Your Soul, I felt a deep healing happening. I was sitting at my computer writing when I first listened to it, and when the CD ended, I felt such profound peace and lightness. Even though I was in "thinking" mode while listening to it, the music resonated right into my being. It truly is healing music for your Spirit and Soul. Since I am a practitioner of Energy Medicine and use Sacred Geometry in my practice, I now more deeply understand the extraordinary power of our own Sacred Geometry, because that is who we truly are. Using music to resonate Sacred Geometry is utterly sublime! Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!!! author: Keith David Henry Excellent, excellent, excellent!!! Effortless enlightenment. LOL. It really works! Original Oil Paintings; Healing Music and Meditative Music I had a deep, lingering sadness that lasted for almost six years. After trying many energy healing modalities and not feeling successful, I found Jill’s work by coincidence. I listened to Jill’s Healing Flower Symphonies for three months, and felt a shift from sadness and helplessness to joy and empowerment. This is huge! I love the symphonies and continue to listen because I know healing can be a process. Finally, my ship came in with the name ‘Jill’ on it. Thank you.” Kris Mitlas Meditative and Relaxing Music Oil Paintings, landscapes, portraits, flowers, angels, fairies Hi Jill, Thank you so much such an abundant weekend workshop....but more about that soon. Your teachings are clear, bountiful & mind bending....hope you'll be able to return....I have several people who are most interested too! Hugs to you, Margot For some reason I feel quite connected with you and your work...it resonates within my heart...and I know, because I FEEL it, that your own service in this field is going to tremendously expand...it will become much more main-stream to assist the many...in these times of great change and transition. God Bless you for all you do in the name of MUSIC and all its many GIFTS that it brings to the people and to the Planet. Ladis Y It was great meeting you. I found all your information transforming and inspiring. I started tuning 15 minutes a day and I already feel the shifting in my energy. You are a jewel and it has been an honor meeting you. God Bless! Marilyn I purchased the two Flower Symphonies, and use one every day. I have a stressful job and these just help so tremendously. Mary Kay C Jill...Thank you so much for so much... your teachings are inspiritual....so exciting.. new in much greater depth& understanding than before...i've been using Jeff Thompson, Dr B. Lipton& Marjorie de Muynck for several years& now you Margot I listened to the first Chakra Healing Guided Meditation on the Cosmic Streams CD. I had a fibromyalgia attack and the meditation really helped. Geri S. Meditation Music of Angels New age music, music for sleep, music for beauty Hi Jill, My head never stopped buzzing long after I stopped listening to it. I love all the subtle and differing sounds in the background and of your hauntingly beautiful voice as well. When I listened to Stardust again today, it was like my head was vibrating inside, kind of hard to articulate. Your music will certainly have a positive effect on me. Love and Light, Karen I received your beautiful cd's and listening to Paint your Soul now. An interesting tidbit, my son gave me a bouquet of flowers for Mother's day, a couple of the tulips were drooping and after playing the Paint your Soul cd a couple of times I noticed that the tulips were upright and they still are. Sounds are amazing! Blessings, Karen R. Healing and Meditative Music original Oil paintings Dear Jill, I heard part of your lecture in Allentown Expo and I purchased your 6 CDs. I have listened to four of them over & over & over. They are really from a higher place. They are transformative. Sometimes they make me feel like I am in a different place – that seems familiar and yet I am at home in this higher plane. I listened to your presentation at the York Expo. You made the metaphysical seem “normal.” Even though I know in my head that it is and physical reality is the illusion, you made it so real that my heart also knows this. Thank you very much, David Zimmerman 148 Cherry St. Ephrata, PA 17522 Hi Jill, I wanted to tell you how much I "love" the new Deep Wave Beauty CD!!!! It transports me to places I've never been before and stirs my soul!! Thank you! Blessings, Arlene Johnson A Sprite approached me; her energy was bright, radiating with peace and grace. She had the body of a pixie; an engaging smile, combined with an instant aura of optimism. Her voice was enthusiastic but I quickly realized that this vital being who had just introduced herself as a writer and musician was much more than she seemed to the naked human eye. She was sharing information that she may have learned but it was obvious that the knowledge she held was from lifetimes of layered wisdom. As I got to know her, I think I now realize that the insights and talent she possesses were uniquely supported by the music and art that seems to effortlessly spring forth from her at every turn. I think her violin must have whispered to her in some ancient language that only innate musicians understand; some primordial stream of consciousness that provides information well beyond what is known to us common folks. And so it is with The Lost Waves of Time. It is filled with secret knowledge unassumingly shared by someone who thinks we common mortals need to know these ancient secrets. She’s convinced we just forgot those musical math lessons from eons past. In our busy world, I don’t think it occurred to most of us that we should even look for the information that she has put to paper from the very depths of her every cell. She represents the wisdom from our past and makes in vibrant using today nomenclature; not an easy task. The Lost Waves of Time will take you back to the beginning and ahead to the potential that we have forgotten. Prepare for a ride through history in a way that will move you to your very core. You will recognize information from a deep inner place that you likely didn’t know even existed within you. I cried more than once with a deep appreciate and recognition of what we somehow left behind; an incredibly important part of our heritage that will propel us into an enlightened reality that is patiently waiting for us to accept that math-based frequency combinations, that we call music, hold the keys to understanding the depths of our potential to see beyond what we have been allowed to claim as our own. Jill Mattson puts it all together from her heart and soul. This book is sure to become a classic in many fields of study: music, math, healing, human potential, frequency, ancient knowledge, sound, light architecture… Sharry Edwards Founder, BioAcoustics Dear Jill, I had an unbelievably tough day. So, I listened to your Cosmic Streams, lit a candle, and soaked in my tub. What a difference. Thank you for making that CD. Katie Richardson Hi Jill: I have been listening to your star dust CD a lot! It is my favorite... When it first arrived, I put it into the CD player at home, took it to work, and in between hummed the songs! :) My favorite songs are I love You Always, It's Time to Go, David's Song and You're in the Air! One day when I was singing I't's Time to Go/I Love You Always in the car to myself, I had no red lights!! This was funny, as this never happens. I just zoned out into a place of pure relaxation, so I never even noticed until near the end of my commute, where there are a lot of red lights, that I was almost there. Since I have started to listen to the CD, many good things have happened. I have been offered the chance to write a chapter in a legal textbook, and one of my articles was chosen to be published in an online magazine. Both of these were firsts. This is a month where many things are set to happen that are good, many things coming to fruition, and your music is so healing and wonderful for me to listen to! I cannot thank you enough. Sometimes the songs (I love you always & It's Time to Go) make me cry, but I know they are healing tears and I am always thankful. Thank you for making this beautiful, soul soothing music!! I am also enjoying the Flower Symphonies! The music complements my liquid Bach flower remedies. I will write more on these later... I have just begun them. :-) Best wishes and lots of love to you, dear *sister*in the light, Darlene "Jill was wonderful. I liked the way she linked the information together and backed her teaching with scientific data." Joan Brownell Another wrote, "excellent material & delivery; lovely person - attended last year and desired more....and got it" Life Spectrums 2012 Hi Jill, I just wanted to e-mail you to express my gratitude to you for presenting an A+ excellent conference class program. I read what Lynne e-mailed you and I wanted you to know I wrote that evaluation the morning of the second day. I learned so much and was so impressed with your presentation style. You may not have consciously realized it because you were so actively focused on us, but you kept linking the new information to what was previously taught and even tying it back to what you taught last year. I so enjoyed being with you again. Love, light, joy and all the blessings your heart can hold! Your friend, Joan Brownell Hi Jill, I saw you at the last two expos. Thank you for all your hard work in supporting our Evolution, so to speak. I believe your hard work in producing the CDs can benefit many in clearing and supporting our bodies and minds. I don't need to understand how it is helping me, but I know it is helping me just by listening to your CDs while I am awake or asleep. I played the Healing Flower Symphonies for my Guinea Pigs because they were being not so nice to one another. It really seemed to help them. They were less irritating to each other right away. They laid down and listened to it, which I found to be very interesting. Thanks, Sharon Kachel Dear Jill, Everyone was raving about how much they enjoyed your workshop. They really loved the activities! I am so sorry a prior commitment kept me from attending. I hope to see you at future conferences. Sending you blessing of joy and light! Ginger Sewel Danny G. I had a most profound experience listening to the various Back Flower frequencies. My emotional responses ranged from giddiness to strong feelings of hunger to erotic impulses! My body also responded in other ways! I was utterly amazed by the range of thoughts, feelings and physical sensations that were triggered by different Bach Flower frequencies. I insistently respected the power of these unique frequencies to heal in a rather dramatic fashion. I highly recommend Healing Flower Remedies Volume 1 & 2 to both laymen and healing practitioners alike! Jill, One of the ladies who was in your class was in mine this afternoon… she kept raving about you to the point that I think she sold some of your Cds. I use your Cds in my meditation. Rayelan Allen

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Spying on Subconscious Feelings! We spend our formative years in school, developing our rational minds, but our emotions receive no formal attention. High divorce rates, job loss, employment stress, accidents, deaths, personal struggles, changing hormones, financial problems and health issues challenge everyone’s emotional healthread more
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The magic of Phi has everything to do with our Life’s Mastery!

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Emotional Healing from Flower Sounds

Plants have always been the primary source of healing substances for mankind. The ancient day Shaman inherited a wealth of knowledge about plants and their medicinal uses from his fore fathers. Plants growing in the wild offered abundant variety and powerful tonics for early man’s use in healing. Modern Pharmaceutical Companies systematically study and test plants for new drug development programs. To this day, plants are responsible for more far more beneficial drugs than manmade synthetic read more

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