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Jill Mattson
from: Jill Mattson
Category: Sound Healing

Reconnecting with your Mastery _ Using Subtle vibrational Sound Energy

Reconnecting with your Mastery –  

Using subtle  Sound Energy


Our voice changed many times throughout our lives - reflecting physical, mental and emotional metamorphoses. Our voice at two years old was different than the voice we possessed when we were ages 17, 40 or 80. Our voice is also much different when we are depressed, in love or after we land that big contract at work.


When in a meditative or calm state - imagine a time in the past. How did your voice sound then? Say your name aloud, while still pretending that you are in the past. For example, “I am Jill”, and I vividly imagine being at a picnic when I was eight years old. I listen, feel and grasp the emotions in my words. I can rekindle within myself the energy of that free spirited little girl – with all of her enthusiasm and excitement…before life’s trials set in. Now select another memory, recreate the situation in your imagination. Say your name. How does it feel? Does it sound differently than the earlier voice?


There are many advantageous applications of this simple process. Here are some examples:

·      What was the best moment of your life? What did your voice sound like? If you recreate the voice, then you recreate the energy of that moment. If you continue to express this energy in your voice today, you continue to experience the uplifting energy.

·      When have you felt the closest to God? What did your voice sound like then? Recreate that voice and you’ll go to that space - feeling the same,close divine connection!

·      When you remember a scene from childhood and completely submerse yourself into the memory, you can speak and hear your child’s voice. If you go back early enough you will hear innocence and purity in your voice. You can bring back some of those beautiful qualities by speaking as you did then.

·      Recall a painful time, when your voice was full of negative emotions. While you are imagining you are back reliving this event, you can talk in an uplifting and positive voice. This changes your memory and its associated feelings, recreating a more positive memory. This can also facilitate an emotional release of the stored negative energy associated with this situation.


Our various voices contain the energy that we experienced at different times in our lives.  Listen to the sounds of your voice during power spiritual moments, times of great success and experiences of happiness. Recreate these sounds to gather and maintain the “successful” energy.


Jill Mattson has spent the past 20 years researching Vibratory Sound Energy for healing and a wide array of other remarkable uses (available in 3 books). She specializes in Sound Secrets of Ancient Civilizations. Mattson composes and produces her own CD's employing numerous Sound Healing techniques & energies + her original musical score.  

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