Karina Schelde

Karina Schelde
Karina Schelde is an internationally recognised pioneer in sound healing and master teacher in voice healing therapy.

A dynamic and passionate facilitator and lecturer, Karina has synthesized 25 years of professional experience in alternative healing into her unique Soul Voice* method. Karina's clear authentic expression and guidance supports and empowers individuals from all walks of life into full realisation of their potential and their life vision.

Karina currently teaches her work in Europe, USA, Canada & Australasia. Karina Schelde is an accomplished author and has produced CDs, videos and appears on radio and television. Her second book Soul Voice is now translated into many languages; and her third book Expression into Freedom is currently available in English.

Originally from Denmark, and now based in Aotearoa, New Zealand, Karina travels frequently throughout the year. During 2013 & 2014 Karina Schelde is introducing the method in the USA & Canada, continuing with Practitioner Training & Supervision in Europe, supporting Authorised and Accredited Teachers in Europe with the introductory Soul Voice* and Advanced courses; and also gently guiding the upcoming Practitioners in Australia & New Zealand that are completing their Training. Soul Voice International (SVI) now has members that are Practitioners in many countries in Europe and throughout the world.

There is growing community connection as Soul Voice Practitioners & Teachers work strongly together and with Karina Schelde to bring transformation. Karina is dedicated to spread her unique Soul Voice* method and vision worldwide in a compassionate and committed service to humanity.

You can read more about Karina Schelde, the Soul Voice* method and the many wonderful Soul Voice* Practitioners & Teachers www.soulvoice.net

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18 Feb 2013

See http://www.soulvoice.net/news.html for testimonials from many of Karina Schelde's workshops ... I recommend this page on Karina's website for complete inspiration ...

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