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Pete Bengry
At the age of five years Pete knew he was born for a reason. With a connection to the rhythm in his blood he travelled to South Africa at the age of ten. Here he witnessed the Zulus power as they sang and played their drums. Being so inspired by their presence, a drum was sent from Africa to England.
When received he knew he had found his reason for birth. During his teenage years he began to refine his connection with the drum, often playing alone in the dark as he explored every millimetre of the skin.
It was this devotion that has enabled him to work with such accuracy in both playing and healing. His path into shamanism began as a teenager when he learned about the use of drums within healing. Having already mastered the drum as an instrument, it was natural to transfer this skill into healing.
Pete has now been playing the drum and experimenting with percussion for over forty years and been practicing shamanism for over thirty. In 1996, he achieved number one status with the song ‘Brimful of Asha’ with the band ‘Cornershop.’ He remains an active member of the band and continues to pursue his solo career.
He is considered adept in his field as both a shamanic practitioner and musician. His understanding towards the sensitivity of sound enables him to play with absolute precision as he welcomes the merging with his sacred spirits. It is this connection that he shares internationally throughout the world as both a teacher and a performer.

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Being In Beauty

Pete Bengry has been playing percussion for over 40 years. His passion for rhythm began at the age of five years and has remained with him his entire life. Being an explorer of rhythmic sounds from such a young age has enabled him to read more


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