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Jodi Xo
Jodi is an accomplished Sound Healer, based in Leicester, UK

Before becoming a sound healer, she taught hip hop in Nottingham, then studied music in Los Angeles and studied dance in New York.  On her return from America she became a qualified Aerobics Instructor and Personal Trainer and went on to become a studio co-ordinator at a large health club in London
It was during her busy life in London that she started to suffer with Adrenal Fatigue. This very personal experience lead to a mind, body and spiritual transformation as she was guided to alternative therapies, meditation, crystals and sound 

After a few years of rest and healing, Jodi took the steps to become a qualified sound healer. She started to find the synergy between her previous skills in music & teaching, and her new passion for sound healing complimented each other beautifully. Becoming a Sound Healer not only helped Jodi to heal further, but transformed her everyday life, and has lead her to a very successful career in the wellness industry

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About Jodi

She had just landed her dream job in London, found the perfect flat by Clapham Common and settled where she truly saw her future... But her health had other ideas. Jodi had always loved to travel but visas only lasted so long. From studying music in LA to dance in New York, London was not only somewhere she loved but it was somewhere she knew she could live long term. read more


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