Philosophy of Sound

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Second Thoughts, A Look at the Beliefs in Sound Therapy: Applying the View of Aristoxenos

A comparrison of Pythagorean and Aristxenos sound theories. The Elements of Harmony versus the Music of the Spheres. How this can shape one's belief in the power of working with Sound. read more

Music-Another Possibility

So what would it be like to not have this overwhelm of emotion coming through music. What if music when it was played, simply left you alone, did not come with any emotional trappings, and you were able to feel the deeper energetic quality of the music. read more

The Vedic Conception of Sound

The Four Levels of Sound read more

Resonance & Analogy – the Alchemy of Sound

Every musical expression can be seen as an act of analogy with the “Music of the Spheres” and with the energy of creation. read more

Sound Ecology p. 1 – Music for a special time

Exploring the concepts of “sustainability” and “ethics” from a musical perspective. read more

What is Sacred Sound?

Sacred sound refers to a variety of practices in which music and sound are used to increase health, well-being, and a balanced sense of harmony, for individuals and for communities. It facilitates an awareness of integration and wholeness. read more

Projects, Octaves & Colour

Some thoughts about the steps along a journey through the eyes of sound and colour. read more

The Sound Of All Silences

Like most of the talk on sound healing these days i will start with the fact that we are living in a world of frequencies; that everything around us vibrates and makes sound. The sounds we are aware of, and unaware of. The Sounds we can hear consciously make up the reality we know so far, based on the architectural range of our hearing, we "sound the world to life, literarily. A new range of sound awareness is being felt, and the unheard sounds are becoming a major part of sound healing... read more

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