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Philosophy of Sound


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Is our music out of tune?

The ups and downs of tuning our musical instruments with equal temperament read more

Second Thoughts, A Look at the Beliefs in Sound Therapy: Applying the View of Aristoxenos

Within the confines of the sound healing community, we find a wide variance of protocols in how sound is conducted in a therapeutic manner and sometimes there is no protocol followed whatsoever. Howev read more

Music-Another Possibility

I was listening to a radio show recently. The guest artist was commenting that the song we were listening to was really good because the songwriter had experienced some strong emotional traumas, and t read more

The Vedic Conception of Sound

According to Vedic Philosophy when we have the urge to speak, our life force in the form of Vaayu (the element of air/wind) is activated at the root chakra. Vaayu brings Paraa (subtle sound) up to the read more

Resonance & Analogy – the Alchemy of Sound

Every musical expression can be seen as an act of analogy with the &ldquoMusic of the Spheres&rdquo and with the energy of creation. This makes analogical thinking a key aspect as it can be understood read more

Sound Ecology p. 1 – Music for a special time

Exploring the concepts of “sustainability” and “ethics” from a musical perspective. From Wikipedia: The word sustainability is derived from the Latin “sustinere” (tenere, to hold sus,up)[...] read more

What is Sacred Sound?

Sacred sound refers to a variety of practices in which music and sound are used to increase health, well-being, and a balanced sense of harmony, for individuals and for communities. It facilitates an read more

Projects, Octaves & Colour

Recently, my partner and I have been engrossed in a journey. A big project, in fact. Today I am reflecting on how sound and colour can assist me in understanding the many challenges the journey is read more

The Sound Of All Silences

Like most of the talk on sound healing these days i will start with the fact that we are living in a world of frequencies that everything around us vibrates and makes sound. The sounds we are aware read more


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