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Music-Another Possibility

I was listening to a radio show recently. The guest artist was commenting that the song we were listening to was really good because the songwriter had experienced some strong emotional traumas, and that this is what songwriters need… they really need strong emotional trauma in their life for the best songwriting to come through. The interviewer said jokingly, that he wished upon all song writers tragic and fraught lives so that the finest of their songs could come out.

But how many of us actually wish for angst and tragedy in songs, and why?

Is it possible that we have this totally back-to-front? Is it possible that music does not have to carry trauma and emotion, and that when it does it can have a strong and crippling effect upon the listener. And if this is so, and if this concept became an accepted understanding world-wide – an awareness that there is an alternative for what has been presented to us in music – well it would certainly stir things up, wouldn’t it.  

What this is saying is that music through the ages has been about bringing up emotions, or recollecting past emotions and re-experiencing them, so  that people can swim around in the sticky mess of these old emotions. That is certainly the way it has been (it is certainly what they teach at cinema score writing school), and it is most definitely what many artists feel is the way to success, that is, to really bring the emotional baggage through.

So what would it be like to not have this overwhelm of emotion coming through music. What if music when it was played, simply left you alone, did not come with any emotional trappings, and you were able to feel the deeper energetic quality of the music. Is it possible that the way music is produced, promoted, written and scored, actually reinforces people to stay in the emotional cul-de-sacs of old experiences that inhibit their development to be who they truly could be, if they didn’t have this ongoing weighing down of the old.

Is it possible that the way music can so successfully trigger old feelings, just like a smell does, is not actually the best thing for us and our development, but simply that it has been in place for such a long time that people cannot think outside this framework or paradigm? Let us look into the energetic quality of sound, and the effect that it is actually is having on us, and start to redefine our listening awareness of this new perception, rather than always falling back onto the old.

Of course to do this we must learn how to listen, not just with our ears, but with our whole body, so that every part of us is able to feel the full effect of what has been sung, played and composed. This is when the door truly opens and it is revealed what is actually happening within music

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