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Sacred Drumming Course

From ancient times drum has been used in society for uniting opposites, for bringing people together. Whether it is for working as a team, marching to war, dancing to wild music, pulling ships ashore, singing around the blazing fire or for healing, drum has been the vessel that calls “without” words, demands attention by clearing and cutting througread more
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Asking for Help

Do pepole know what they are getting? read more

Sound your Visions

Personal medicine is anchored by song read more

Healing Ancestral and Family Wounds

Autumn is the time to address ancestral healing in our lives read more

Making Space for Healing to Occur

we need to be empty for healing to occur read more

Tiny Tick what are you good for?

What use has this blood sucking creature got in the great plan of creation. read more

Middle World Journeys with a drum or rattle

Explore your world with a drum read more

The story of White Buffalo Calf Woman

This is the most beautiful First Nation story from the Lakota read more

The story of White Buffalo Calf Woman

This is the most beautiful First Nation story from the Lakota read more

Drum Healing at a Distance

If you have a drum you can send healing to those in need read more

Sacred Drumming Practitioner Training and One day courses for CPD

SACRED DRUMMING Continued Professional Education Workshops 2017 Spiritual Hygiene for Sound Healers 19 May 2017 This one day CPD training will give you the foundational daily practices that ensure you and your clients are safe beyond question. read more

The Cross quarters of the Medicine Wheel

Filling out the Sacred Circle read more

Rattle Medicine

Rattle as a sound healing tool read more

We are the Earth

Renata and I went to a talk this evening in a hotel on the Worthersee a beautiful lake 20 kilometres from home, the subject was about Lilith, a shadow aspect of the Goddess. Lilith is the untamed femi read more

Winter Walk

walking is like a drum beat read more

Sacred Drumming into the Ancestors

Using the four limbs to identify and rectify illness using sacred drumming read more

The Rain Dance

Why Intention is essential read more

Humming Drum

Every medicine drum has a hum, this the pathway upon which the drum beat runs. When you beat drum on its sweet spot, this you find by exploring the drum sound,.. read more

We are very useful

Sound healing at a distance can be very powerful read more

Sound Healing for Nepal

We can be useful at a distance with sound healing. read more

NO MANS LAND 14-04-15

In the middle of Germany to the east is a corner where not long past East Germany met West Germany, and where now Germany borders onto the Czech Republic, which until recently was part of the Eastern Block. read more

Journeying to Your Ancestors

At the College of Sound Healing conference we began to explore our connection to our personal ancestors through a Sacred Drum journey. This is truly important work because we all hold in our behaviour strong and conditioned reactions that are very connected to our genetic heritage and we can look with a steady rattle or drum beat into very distinct body areas that correspond to our forebears, especially our four grandparents. read more



Sabai Blessings

Sabai Blessings come from Siam now Thailand, this is a lost spiritual tradition. Long shrouds of silken cloth called Sabais which are hand sewn with prayer and song, are draped around the shoulders of people in meditation and then live sacred music is played, this brings in the dieties associated with the Sabai. read more

Tapping into past lives

How the drum can draw out the underlying cause... read more


Since the very beginning of creation, every one of us has been searching for the first primordial beat of life, the pulse that runs through our entire body connecting us back to the heart beat of Moth read more

Distance Drum Healing

Distance is no limitation read more

Staying safe whilst medicine drumming

Being in safe space when you do medicine drumming is essential for both you the drummer and the person receiving the drumming session. Sacred Drumming is medicine drumming - I regard it as not entertainment but intertainment. The drumming and rattle methods are there to let sound waves carry in a message, the message and intent going in is: “return to your natural state, listen and feel your heart, you flow with the energy of nature, let go and listen to your blood flow, let me remind you with t read more

The Rhythm of Life

How the drum can be used for self healing read more

Sacred Drumming Part 3

Part 3 - In drums the healing read more

Sacred Drumming Ancient Sound Healing - Part 2: The Essential Foundations of Sacred Drumming

Medicine drumming is very different to entertainment or social drumming because the intent of the drummer using the drum beat as a healing tool is both investigating a cause and bringing a change. A protocol has been developed in many cultures that both protects and enhances the overall experience and this protocol I am calling the essentials of sacred drumming. read more


The perfect marriage, sound and light, utilising the age old power of the drumbeat with the beautiful high frequency energy of Reiki - as a therapy, Reiki Drumming combines the strengths of lots of different healing modalities; sound healing, Reiki energy, shamanic journeying techniques, meditations, chakra balancing, affirmation work and NLP. read more

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