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Steven Ash
from: Steven Ash
Category: Drumming

We are the Earth

undefinedRenata and I went to a talk this evening in a hotel on the Worthersee a beautiful lake 20 kilometres from home, the subject was about Lilith, a shadow aspect of the Goddess. Lilith is the untamed feminine part of the original human, she was the original spouse and equal to Adam since both had been created out of lumps of clay. There was a problem with Lilith because she refused to be obedient to Adam, so God took a rib from Adam and created Eve a more compliant woman to kick start the human race, and so the creation story goes. Now I might sound as if I know what I am talking about but that is far from the truth, since I spent the evening sitting in the bar of the Wellness Hotel talking with Harry the barman from southern Brittany. Harry loves running, has an Austrian girlfriend and loves to practice his English when given the chance, and I was the chance!

My understanding of the Austrian language is still very limited and paying 25 euros to sit and listen, not understand and then fall asleep. No, it is better for me to wait in the bar!


I love meeting young men like Harry, bright and intelligent, and willing to communicate. He brought a big jug of mountain fresh water and a dish of peanuts and spicy nibbles to the table, insisting on making conversation. We got through the “where do you come from and what do you do?” routine and somehow quickly entered into sound healing, meditation and the state of Mother Earth; that and a bit of football talk kept the chatter rolling.


He suddenly asked me “Do you think that you are part of the Earth?” At that moment I had the glass of water in my hand on route to my awaiting mouth, I tipped it to the side and the water droplets leapt up almost out of the glass, alive with life. “Harry, if you want to know what God is, it is the water in this glass, this is the tears and blood of Mother Earth, this water is the life, this is the creator; 70% of our body is water, the brain 83%. It is not that I think that I am part of the Earth…I am the Earth, it’s not that I am part of it, I am it, and so are you, and so is everyone else. The crazy thing is that we don’t know it, we have forgotten this fundamental fact. Is the Mother Earth alive? I am the Earth I am alive and she, the Mother is as alive as me, I am her and she is me”


This wonderful statement came out of me like the water flowing and babbling in a stream and jumping around in my glass. It was so fantastic that we both burst into laughter, having become instant friends in the company of truth. There was no agenda from either of us, just a conscious flow of truth, and a good human conversation.


That is now where drum healing comes in. It is estimated that the average adult body contains 11 gallons of water that is 42-44 litres, to me that sounds like a huge amount. Sound waves move more efficiently through water than through air, about 4 and a half times more effectively, so when you hear drumming or music with your ears your body is feeling the sound amplified over four times greater. When the drum is played in rhythm with the heart, it entrains the blood vessels, lymphatic tissues and all the billions of cells through the water connection. 


Water is life. 

Water is tears and blood of our Mother.

Our Mother is the Earth. 

We are the Earth. 

We are the Mother.

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