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Color Tones

The Colors of Life read more


Smudging wakes you up read more

Coming of the Light

Rest before the winter solstice read more

Tuning Fork Healing

Research shows how tuning forks promote healing read more

Join Us in Celebration of Light

Tama-Do Academy is proud to present our new movie on Spiritual Sound Master and Visionary Fabien Maman. Click on the Fabien in the Arch of Sound and you will go to our website. Click again on his p read more

Chattering teeth in rhythm with my heart

The drum beat of the heart can be heard in the teeth read more


We have arrived at Lammas a special time in the years turning. The meadows have been harvested for sweet smelling silage and hay; golden green, yellow and brown are the colours creeping into the landscape between us and the huge Karawanke mountains due south. read more

Shamanism of the Light

A new paradigm of healing read more

One body of Love

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Sounds of Spring and Summer

Hawkwood near Stroud is the perfect context for exploring sound, music, healing and singing. read more

Our Exponential Power

Our Exponential Power Take a moment and feel a negative emotion. You can sense the vibrations within it –the slow cycles per second - its pounding and draining energy. It seems below zero point fo read more

The End of Suffering

Finding compassion in the world, and pure consciousness read more

The Solar Principle: The Divine Masculine

An Article and meditative practice read more

Speaking Truth

Speaking Truth - May Blog There is that old saying ‘truth will out’ - in these days of multiple interpretations, communications, connections, confusions, discombobulations and distractions, how do we read more

Forgiveness, Hooponopono & how they relate to your awakening and freedom

Hawaiian Huna, Chants & meditation read more

The Art of Seeing

Awakening our subtle perception, and these Times We Are In. read more

The Art of Communication, Self Care and Active Listening: A course for GPs and Practice staff in today’s workplace.

We recently completed our first professional development course for doctors and medical practice staff, which has recently been accredited by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. read more

Defining Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy - facilitating transformative process By Lyz Cooper Is there a difference between sound healing and sound therapy? I dont feel comfortable answering the sound healing read more

The Nature of Sound at Hawkwood College

A free unhindered voice expresses human energy, health and being. It intimately connects us with our musicality and creativity. In this unique one-day workshop at Hawkwood College, Tim will invite participants to explore two ideas - that of the sound-world of our natural environment - birdsong, wind, traffic, the natural sounds of human expression - and a feeling for sound's own nature, sound's own soul. read more

The future of music – and commercial soundscapes

For the music industry, there is an alternative survival strategy to veneering the world with mindless piped music read more


On Ascension Day in one sense we can say that there are nine 11s or 18 ones. (11)Nov 11, 2011 11am 11min 11sec - 11pm 11 min 11sec read more

Joyful Loving and Your keys to Awakened Intimacy

Intimacy with being, with life, with another read more


We as living organic people gongs are organized into 9 Dimensions and stabilized by the 1st Dimension. Stability is not to be found in any one thing; not in any situation, not in personalities, or in any conditions. read more

Why the Gong makes us high

In the 60&rsquos; it was the thing to do. The flower children would ingest natural drugs to get high as a kite,and then go do some Kundalini Yoga. At that time it was thehippiest thing going. It soo read more

What are the Benefits of LomiLomi

Waves of Aloha - Touching Presence Sacred Hawaiian LomiLomi Massage read more

Conducting Mozart

read more

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