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Zacciah Blackburn

The Solar Principle: The Divine Masculine

The Solar Principle: The Divine Masculine 
An Article, and Meditative Practice 
                      ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD
Those of us whom have followed this work, know that we have bothspoken a great deal about the Divine Feminine, and, equally called upon thePrinciples of the Divine Feminine to awaken and restore within us, places ofBeauty, Balance, Reverence for all of Creation, and Joy. 

We are in a time of profound re-awakening and re-emergenceof the Principles of the Divine Feminine. In our lifetimes, there have been remarkable growth through the Feministmovement, the movement toward gender equality, the re-emergence of the wisdomof many of our planets’ Goddess cultures, Earth ecology and wisdom, the rise ofindigenous wisdom, and the need for, and restoration of, balance and respect ofthe intuitive and feeling principles of our existence in partnership with thecognitive, rational, science based predominant male culture of the last era.

However, this re-emergence is about discovering balance,Harmony, and our place in the Universe. As part of that balance, there, also needs to be a balance andrestoration of the Principles of the Divine Masculine, within us, and withinour culture.  While we may have grown andpersevered in an era of masculine domination, it has been anything but areverential balance of the Principles of the Divine Male.  It has been more of an abhorrence and misuseof power, an ignorance of, and often intolerance for, intuitive based wisdomand guidance, and a dismissal if not downright oppression of the Love and Coherenceof the Heart, and its wisdom of Compassion. Even though Western culture’s ‘religious’ principles have been based onlove (God is Love, Love your neighbors asyourself, etc.,) as we all know, they have been disseminated with littlelove, compassion, or understanding, in the global pursuit for dominance andpower based on false security through that domination,  whether through misprints of power, wealth,or sexual and racial domination.

As we integrate the wisdom of the Divine Feminine, it isequally time to step into our powers derived through understanding, wisdom, andreverential use of the Principles of the Divine Masculine.

As many of us know, we each have the faculties of the DivineFeminine and Masculine powers of consciousness within us.  These are intended to be an integral Matrixof Creation, in which both forces are understood and used in reverentialbalance and harmony, in pursuit, and manifestation, of our own principles and idealsof life.  While each of us may focus onparticular Ideals which are not the pursuit of others within our family,neighborhood, culture, or society, it is up to each of us to determine, andmanifest those Ideals within our own lives.
We are not able to do this, without understanding and integration of thePrinciples of the Divine Masculine, and Divine Feminine, in perfect balance,harmony, and symmetry.

Indeed, as expressed through the principles of every singlewisdom school on this planet, it is the perfect union of Male and FemalePrinciples, which are the very force and manifestation of Creation.  And, this is true at the highest levels ofCreation, as well as within the template of our own Matrix of Creation, in ourown individual lives.
To understand this, we need focus upon both principles, the Feminine Principleof Magnetism, Attraction, gestation, and Birthing and Manifestation. but, also,the Masculine Principles of Activation, Charging, Dynamic Transformation, Warming,and Illumination.

We each have these, and may discover and utilize them veryeasily, and simply.  It is important tonote, that neither exists without the other, and nothing exists in manifestform without both in perfect harmony and union. Or, I may need to clarify that. What exists in each of our lives which appears out of balance, is due,in large part to these aspects of consciousness which are not in perfectharmony and balance within us.  And, tofind those places of perfect symmetry and balance, are easy to discover, andutilize.  I am going to speak to this,now.  However, I am going to focus onaspects of the Divine Masculine, as it is my perception that this has beenoverlooked in our society, as well as in the modern movement for transformationand Wholeness.  Indeed, it may well bethat it is the Divine Masculine which is most of balance, and needs focus uponthe most healing, within these two principles. Indeed, it is my observation, that this why many rooms devoted tospiritual development have a disproportionate number of attendees of women overmen.  It makes me deeply concerned thatmen, overall, are not doing the work at the quality and level of women, ingeneral, in our society.  Though, also, Ido see that women who do this work, will draw to them the masculine qualitiesof balance, within, as without, as they understand and articulate thesequalities through their lives.  (I do notmean that this is something which need be said out loud.  Rather, it is through one’s inner stance ofwisdom and awareness, and manifestation of these principles through one’s lifechoices and actions, that the Law of Correspondence, (As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without,) and the Law ofAttraction shall take hold.  In moreexplicit elocution, as one example, if I sought a balanced relationship with abalanced male partner, I should think I would more easily draw that to me, byfocusing on those very principles of balance of male and female within me.)

So what are those Principles, of the Divine Masculine?  Above, I quickly stated a few areas ofunderstanding of the male principle: that of activation, warming, illumination, and transformation.  If I want an easy way to view the Principlesof the Divine Masculine embodied before me, I might look to the sun, as wisdomcultures have from Egyptian times to those of Native America.  If I wanted to view the Principles of theDivine Feminine embodied before me, I would look to the nature of the Earth orMoon.  And while both are considered theelocution of those principles, I personally, see the gestative and nurturingqualities of the Divine Feminine more directly in the rich tapestry ofmanifestation upon the Earth, though the Moon definitely holds key elements ofFeminine Wisdom through its cycles and silver illumination of what mightotherwise be dark and fathomless.

The Masculine is the Electric Principle of Activation andInformation/Germination.
The Feminine is the Magnetic Principle of Attraction and Gestation.

Though both principles may have elements of each of these,in general, the Solar is that which warms, magnifies, illumines, informs, andtransforms.  The Lunar is that whichreceives, contains and gestates, nurturing the unseen into form andmanifestation.  Each contains the essenceof the other within it, as graphically symbolized by the swirling arc of theYin and Yang, black and white, one both emerging from, and, merging into theother, with the eye/essence of the other (white and black) within each’s body .  I can look at the seed and egg in the humanfertility cycle to also see these principles. Without both, neither gives life. The seed seeks out and germinates, activates the egg, with itspotential, and imprints of consciousness (templates.)  The Egg rests, until it receives theactivating codes of the seed, then gestates them into life, in complement withits own encodings, holding within it the nutrients (life force) necessary toperform this action, and contain it within a protective and nurturing wombuntil it is ripe for birth and manifestation.

In esoteric terms, the Masculine and Feminine are the natureof Consciousness and Life Force.  InVedic wisdom, for instance, it is Shiva, the fundamental Consciousness of theUniverse, and Shakti, the elemental Life Force of All Creation.  It is the perfect union of Shiva and Shaktiwhich manifests all form.  This is oftendepicted in the tantric/sexual union of these two, which represents all of this.  But, it is, also, seen through thepreponderance of Light as shown in the Sri Yantra, the visual spectrum ofCreation, and Sound, as heard in the sound of Ohm, which embodies the Vedicwisdom of “Nada Brahma,” that “All is Sound.” It is the Movement (Sound of Life force, energy, vibration, Shakti) and Consciousness(Light Template held in thought, the Mind, and intent, Shiva,) when yoked, inperfect union, that manifest into All Life. Without Life Force, Consciousness cannot move,  grow, or manifest through action.  It will dissolve, evaporate.  Without Consciousness, Life Force has nodirection, it does not know where to go, and dissipates or stagnates.   With Consciousness, Life Force has that template,a blueprint, to build upon.  It hassomething to direct its energy toward, to which it can give birth.  With Life Force, Consciousness has the energyit needs to manifest the blueprint it holds. Its vision can become reality.   The birthing creates the Holy Trinity.  The Holy Spirit, lost to modern translation,is the voice of the Divine Spirit, ready to manifest in perfect union with theDivine Consciousness, that which the two, entwined, conceive.  This was known in ancient times, as seen in theDivine Spirit of the Shekinah, the Divine Feminine resting within the HighAltar, the Voice of the Beloved.  TheHoly Son is whatever we hold our distinct intention upon.  To imagine it is based in one gender is a misnomer,and misunderstanding of the Divine Nature of Creation.

In more simplistic human terms, this is the realm of Thought(Male Principle) and Feeling/Emotions (Female Principle,) in which we createand manifest in our lives.  If we do notlike the world around us, change our thoughts and feelings, the template of ourMatrix of Creation, and we shall change the world.
In my last article, I spoke of the realms of Pure Consciousness.  This is what we are evolving backtoward.  Back toward our Source, andEssence.  Yet, while we remain in thisworld of luminous duality, it is beneficial to strive for perfect balance andsymmetry in our Life Principles of Creation, the Male, and Female.  It is in their perfect union that we manifestthe One.  We cannot deny or ignoreeither.  And, my motivation in writingthis article is in reverence of what I perceive, in those seekingenlightenment, a perseveration on restoring balance of the DivineFeminine.  I pray my words and actionshave been clear.  I have the highestreverence, and interaction with Principles of the Divine Feminine.  Indeed, my work has been driven in huge partby major contributors from the subtle worlds who choose to manifest in distinctforms of the Divine Feminine.  Look at mywork just last year regarding the Three Mothers,  the three aspects of the DivineFeminine (seen in Celtic Wisdom, for instance, as the Maiden, Mother, or Crone,or, in Vedic Wisdom, as the Gunas (or, forces,) of Creation, Sustenance, andTransformation.)  In my life, I have hadthe blessings of working directly with many manifestations of these essences ofthe Principles of the Divine Feminine, such as with Hat’or, Isis, and Sekhmet.   My work with the “Dark Mothers” and the “BlackDakinis” also speak to this voice, and reverence, in my work.  This is the power of the Divine Mother toheal and transform.  The Mother who lovesus through all of our encumbrances of shame, guilt, misfortune, grief, rage,self abuse, or whatever holds us back from complete awakening, with such loveand compassion, that she will devour all of our encumbrances.

However, I have come more and more to the realization, ofthe lacking of symmetry of embracing and acknowledging, reverentially, thenature of the Divine Masculine, and the need for its activating principles ofLight, Transformation, Illumination and Wisdom. The power of Fire, and Electricity. That Lightning Bolt of Illumination, seen in wisdom cultures from theliteral Lightning Bolt of Native American medicine societies, to the VajraDiamond Light of Tibetan Buddhism.  Myguides and teachers in the inner realms have more and more distinctly broughtforward teachings about this symmetry.

It is through holding and embracing pure imprints ofconsciousness, thought, intent, and good will toward others that we transform andheal, in relationship to acting from principles of coherent emotion.  The more coherent and pure we can build thisplatform of thought and feeling, the more we shall create this in our lives,and in the world around us.

Utilizing the dynamic Electric Principles of Light willbring us into rapid cleansing, healing, and awakening and ascension, or, selfrealization.

We shall be utilizing these direct Principles, as guided byHigh Wisdom Keepers of the Council of Elders and Holy Beings from whom thiswork is derived, in our next practice, in May, Igniting the Soul.

We hope you can join us.
But, as a gift offering, here is a fundamental technique you can use for selfcleansing and healing, as well as PREPARATION FOR this coming practice.

I offer this with much love and grace, in kind humility and gratitude, for, andfrom, those who bring it forth.

Many blessings,



A Meditative Practice

Recommended allotment: 10-20 minutes, though the benefit of this practice can be derived inshorter and longer durations.

Lightening of the Sun.

 Come to a restful,upright posture.  If you are indoors, itis preferable to be near or in direct sunlight, such as by a window.  If outdoors, also, it is preferable to be inor near direct sunlight.  This is notmandatory to use this practice.  You cando it anywhere, at any time, in daylight, other light, in the dark, or beneatha night sky.  In these latter cases, youwill simply need to use your power of awareness and imagination to create theaffect of the Sun.  But, this is easy todo, as any of us have used our imagination many times, and perceived an affectby so doing.

Come to a restful posture, sitting upright.  It is fine to lean back against a tree, or ina chair or sofa, etc.  Feel, or imaginethe sun above you.  Imagine if you can,that it is directly overhead.

If it were actually at an angle, cascading onto your back orneck, take a few moments, or minutes, first, to feel it as it is in thispresent experience.  Allow yourself torelax into and ‘entrain’ to that feeling experience for a while, feeling thesun as it actually is at this moment in time. If it is dark or cloudy, again, simply use your imagination.  Then slowly, migrate your awareness to thecrown, at the top of the head, and imagine the sun is directly overhead, andthe sunlight is cascading directly down upon your head, through the crowncenter, at the top of your head, and cascading down into your body.
Let your awareness migrate for a little while, up to the sun, back down throughthe crown, and down into your body, following the sunlight down, wherever youfeel, or imagine, its warmth and light wishes to wander.  Allow some part of your body to become aprimary receptacle of that light and warmth. And, over the next few minutes, begin to focus more and more of yourawareness in this region of the body, feeling the accumulation of light andwarmth from the sun.  Some part of yourawareness is always focused upon the sun as the source point for this light andwarmth.

At some point, let some part of your awareness move downinto the Earth below you, through your pelvis, tailbone, root center, and/orbottoms of your feet, directly into the Earth, or through the floor, as if youwere resting directly upon the Earth. Simply, allow, for some time, some part of your awareness to move down,to connect, to some degree, to the Earth below, then bring your awareness backup to this ‘gathering vessel’ in your body. Continue to gather feeling and energy here for some period of time.

Then, slowly, migrate your awareness back up to the sun, anddown again.

As you do so, this time, imagine the sun is cascading out,in arcs around you, as if the sunlight is forming a dome, much like a domedcathedral.  You are sitting in the middleof this dome.   The sun is at its zenith,its highest point, directly over you. And, the light of the sun is cascading out in arches around you,creating the form of the dome, as well as continuing to cascade down directlyinto your body, through the crown, into this region of the body we are callingyour gathering vessel.

Rest here, as long as you wish to, in this arced dome ofPure Light and Warmth.  Focus primarilyupon the Receptacle in your body, simultaneously, with the Sun as the Source ofLight above you, within this Arc.  Allowyourself to experience, through the feeling states, any intuitive awarenesswhich arises.  You might notice, forinstance, the charging, warming, illuminating, or transformative nature andpower of the Sun, and, its Light, or, Fire. What do you perceive?  Does joy orsome other quality arise?  Allow your selfto perceive it, and drink it fully into this gathering region of the body.
Rest in this.

You can end the practice here.

If you wish to continue to a more advanced stage of thepractice, continue reading.

This practice may germinate awareness of intuitive insightwhich arises, including a more ‘indigenous’ understanding of the LivingEnergies and Consciousness of the Sun, Our Body, and The Earth.  In indigenous wisdom, this correlates to the “ThreeWorlds” of Creation, becoming a vessel, an axis between the three is a conduitfor great experiential learning and understanding.
Rest in this arced conduit, or column of Living Light, for some time.

For some of us, this practice may bring up any combinationof intuitive wisdom, vision and insight, direct revelational states from thecelestial realms, or some deeper aspects of our own inner consciousness waitingto be healed.  Either way, the remainderof the practice can be of great benefit, utilizing the Intelligent Wisdom andActivating/Electric Principles of the Sun.

While resting, allow your awareness to, more and more, simultaneouslyfocus upon the Receptacle in your body, with the Sun as the Source of Lightabove you. 

Allow your awareness to germinate a distinct difference, or distance,between your Receptacle and the Sun. What are you perceiving in each focal point?  And, in the distance between them?  Allow your intuitive wisdom, perception, andinsight to notice your subtle impressions of consciousness through the feelingstates of the practice.  Do not get tooengaged in a cognitive or analytical process, just notice what you perceive.

Again, rest in this awhile.

As you do this, at some point, bring up a point of insight,a question in which you wish greater clarity, or something which has arisenduring the process that you would like to heal. Perhaps an unresolved emotional situation has come up, a past or currentrelationship issue, or an insight into self-awareness, or motivations behindyour actions, either that are encouraging or disappointing you in your lifejourney.  Perhaps there is some part ofyour life you have been trying to change, or something you have been wanting tomore fully realize, awaken, or create. 
Allow some point of awareness to arise, such as these, that you can form adirect question from, or inquiry into, for healing, transformation, or greaterwisdom and insight.

Allow this ‘inquiry’ to form in the region of your heart, inyour solar plexus, or in the ‘gathering vessel’ you have been utilizing.   If there is another chakra, or energy center,of your body, in which this ‘inquiry’ wishes to form, simply allow it to focalizeit there.
Focus upon the question, with the ‘distance’ or ‘difference’ between theGathering Vessel and the Sun becoming more and more prominent.

NOW, in the next moment, allow an arc of the Sun to passinto the space in which you are holding this inquiry, and ILLUMINE or TRANSFORMit.

Do this last aspect of the practice several times, until you feel resolutionwithin it.  If you do not ‘experience’the Arc, allow yourself time to try it several more times over the next fewdays or weeks.  Do not be discouraged,there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way of perceiving this.

Once you feel complete in the practice, rest your awareness in that region youwere ‘holding’ this ‘inquiry,’ and allow yourself to continue to bathe in thedynamic illuminative and transformative properties of the Sun.

We pray this practice serves to the highest benefit, and that you may use it inservice to your own evolution, and that of All Life.

We will be using aspects of this practice, with additional tools,and sacred sound meditations, and World Healing Service, to rejuvenate, heal,and Ignite Our Awakened Soul, in our May, 2014 practice.

You may view information on that practice, here.
All of our current, upcoming practices, may be viewed here.  

Many blessings


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