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Frquently Asked Questions

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General Discussion

  • Disclaimer - Who's views are they?

    Sound Forum is not responsible for the content provided by Sound Forum Authors. The views expressed in postings on Sound Forum remain those of the Author. They do not necessarily represent the views of Sound Forum.


  • Is the forum free?

    Of Course. All of the forum is free to use for everyone. You can view the entire forum without registering too. We only need you to register to review or comment on other people's work or submit an Event (which is also FREE). Registering takes 2 minutes which is also free.

  • How do i become an author?

    To become an author all you need to do is contact us and we can set you up a login.

  • I have an article published on the site but I'd like to submit Posts and have my YouTube material present on the site - what do I do?

    To become a contributing author just email We'll get in touch with you to set up a space for you on the Sound Forum to submit posts etc.

  • What is Summary Text?

    These are usually the first few words of an article or post. It is used when we create short introductory sections.

  • How do I become a Featured Author?

    Featured Authors appear in the carousel of images at the top of the Sound Forum home page. Their write posts, articles regularly and commit to being active on the site. Because of this Sound Travels guarantees that they are featured in the monthly Sound Forum newsletters which are published to our 8000+ Forum membership and to other associated lists and organisations. Due to site/page space considerations these places are limited - if you are interested please get in touch with


  • I'd like to submit an article to the Sound Forum - what do I do?

    Email and send the article in Word or similar and we'll do the rest.

  • The formatting of my article has gone wrong - is it me or ... what have I done wrong?

    Word & PDF documents have some 'hidden' code. The 'hidden' code manages the formatting for each document type.

    When you copy your document into the web editor 'box' on Sound Forum it is confronted with code it didn't know what to do with and firstly displays it when it should have been invisible or reads it wrongly and leaves out spaces.

    It's difficult to avoid problems when copy/pasting but I would suggest you follow a few simple rules.

    1. Try to use the space itself and write directly into it.
    2. If this isn't possible then by all means copy from Word into the Sound Forum Article 'box' because the editor can cope with it (up to a point)
    3. Keep your article formatting simple - some images will go in but if they don't send them to me to add after you've finished.
    4. Avoid copying from a PDF - the editor cannot cope - send a PDF to me and I'll deal with it differently.
    5. Avoid copying a conversion of a conversion (from PDF to Word for example) - they're even worse.
    6. If all else fails - don't waste time editing it - send the whole thing to me and I'll find a way.


  • Can I post an Event?

    Anyone can post an event. Just go to the Events section, click on the 'Post an Event' link and follow the instructions. You will either need to register on the site or, if you are already a Sound Forum member, you will need to login. The Events section is moderated so your event will appear when it has been approved.

  • I am an Author but I can't find my Events in my Author's Space.

    As an Author please ensure that you log in as an Author.  If you log in as Member to submit your events you will not be able to see your Events in your space.  Login again as an Author and resubmit your event.


    Login to your AUTHOR SPACE ( - Click on the event in the list. Make your changes e.g. date, description, location etc. At the bottom click 'Submit'


  • What are Posts?

    Posts are written by Sound Forum authors. They are shorter than articles and can be used to raise a point, offer an idea, pose a question or provide a short introduction to an event, a workshop or concert. A Post might be contraversial or challenging or an invitation to others to offer their thoughts.


  • I am a Member of the Forum: How do I submit an Article review?

    Click on the POst Review link either at the top or the bottom of the article in question. If you are already logged in, the editing window will open. If you're not logged in you will be asked to do this before submitting your review. Please note that for site security reasons it will stay open for 15 mins only. It is therefore a good idea to write your review separately in Word or another programme and then copy it into the window.

  • I am a Sound Forum Author: How do I submit an Article review?

    See the member's information above but note that the 15 minute rule does not apply to Contributing or Featured Authors. Please note however that it still a good idea to write a Review separately and then Copy/Paste into the editing window.


  • I am a Forum Member: How do I comment on a Post?

    First find the Post Comment button either at the top or the bottom of the Post. Click on it - if logged in it will open straightaway - if not you'll go to a login page next. Please note the security 15 minute rule - if you think you need more time then it's better to create you Comment in another programme like Word and then Copy/Paste it into the window.

  • Can a Group post a Comment?

    Yes - a group can post a comment providing you are logged in as Group.

Logging In

  • How do I Login?

    Click on Community Tab. The Login links are above the moving picture carousel on the right. There are tabs her for Authors and Group owners. If you are member you can submit an event, post a comment, or submit a review.  Clicking on any link to do perform these actions will take you to a logon page. If you are not yet a member then you will be able to create your membership at this point.

  • I am already logged in but I can't find my Authors/Group home page. What do I do?

    Make sure you click the Community Tab and in Community click on the 'Author' link and so long as you are already logged in you will go directly to your Author's or Group Home page.

  • I am Logged In as an Author and I want to log in as a Group owner. What do I do?

    You cannot be logged in as both a Group owner and as an Author. Log out first by clicking Log Out (top right) then log back in as a Group owner.

  • I am Logged In as a Group owner and I want to log in as an Author. What do I do?

    You cannot be logged in as both a Group owner and as an Author. Log out first by clicking Log Out (top right) then log back in as an Author.

  • How do I log out?

    Look for the log out link at the very TOP RIGHT HAND corner and click on it.   By the way, if it's not there it means that you are not actually logged in.


  • How do I log in to Groups?

    Click on this link.

  • What is a Group?

    Groups are any organisation, school, faculty, band, chat group, in fact any entity that is more than one person.

  • How do I ensure my event appears in the Group "Yoga on Sound Forum"?

    If you have a member account with Sound Forum you can submit events for free (visit this link and click on 'Advertise Your Event - FREE').  Our new 'Yoga on Sound Forum' section is set up so that if you want to submit a YOGA EVENT, so long as you have selected the category 'Yoga' as part of the submission process, it will appear in the Yoga on Sound Forum section.  


    A special message message to Authors: If you want an article, a post or an event to appear in 'Yoga on Sound Forum' then just select 'Yoga' as your category when you submit your Post, Article or Event.  Please note: Only Authors can submit articles and posts as well as events.  Users with Member Accounts are only allowed to submit events.  If you know of someone who ought to be an Author on Sound Forum then please let us know by clicking this link


  • I am already logged in as an Author but I can't find my Events/Articles/Posts area. What do I do?

    Either click on Community and the 'Authors' Link - as you're logged in already you will be taken straight to your space - OR - click on this link.

  • With all the facilities provided by the Sound Forum, how can I, as an Author, make best use of the Sound Forum?

    The Sound Forum's primary purpose to help increase awareness of the Power of Sound across the world.  As with any awareness programme, the key factors are long-term commitment, persistency and openness to possibility.   The Sound Forum is structured in a way to support the continuous expression of the possibilities of Sound and its Applications. Authors are encouraged to submit with regularity when they can but they are not obliged to.  When they submit our newsletter, tweets and Facebook statuses are used to promote their submissions.  This ongoing commitment has created a Forum with richness and depth.   For more information follow this link - 

  • Will my article always be published?

    Your article is subject to our editorial process. Please remember the copyright of your article remains yours however we reserve the right to change/edit articles should the need arise. Please be mindful to give full citations where appropriate. If you need permission to quote other material please ensure that you have received that permission before publication. Sensationalised headlines which are only loosely related to the main content may be subject to editing. Inflammatory remarks will be deleted by our moderators and complete articles may also for this reason be removed. 

  • If I publish who owns my data?

    Anything a contributor publishes is fully owned by the person publishing. Sound Forum does and will not own your data.


  • I want to submit a Testimonial. How do I do this?

    FIRST select the person about whom you'd like to submit a testimonial.  You can do this by clicking on the picture in the moving carousel or, clicking the Community button (top right), selecting their name from the 'drop-down' list entitled 'Select Author' or, clicking Community button (top right) then navigating to the list bottom left and clicking their name.  THEN click the button 'SUBMIT TESTIMONIALS'.

General Data Protection Regulations

  • I am Author - where is my data?

    Your data is stored in your account to which you have always had access. By logging in in the usual way you can edit/add/delete your data. If you should ever wish to delete your account completely then please email with a simple request and your account will be deleted within a few days.

  • As a member I have submitted an event - can I alter/edit/delete it.

    Members cannot edit events they have submitted. Deletion can be done by a simple email request to with the date and title of the event. If you want to edit your events then email the same address to request an upgrade to your account which will mean that you will have editing capabilities.

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