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Born Georg Deuter in 1945 in post war Germany in the town of Falkenhagen, he taught himself the guitar, the flute, harmonica and "just about every instrument I could get my hands on," though it wasn’t until after a near-fatal car crash in his early twenties that he decided to pursue a career in music.

His first release in 1970, entitled “D,” is widely acknowledged as a Krautrock classic. “D” marked the beginning of Deuter’s spiritual and musical journey, ostensibly paving the way for a new genre of music known as “New Age,” which combined acoustic and electronic elements with ethnic instrumentation and nature sounds, such as whale and bird song, the open sea, wind in the trees, et cetera.

During the Seventies and Eighties, Deuter traveled extensively in Asia in search of spiritual and creative inspiration, settling for long periods of time in Pune, India, where he took on the spiritual name Chaitanya Hari and became a sannyasin or student of the controversial spiritual teacher Bhagwan, who later changed his name into Osho.


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