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Deuter - Earth Blue

Product Code: CD1414
Price: £13.27

Track Listing

1. Source  6.20

2. White  8.30

3. Earth Light  6.00

4. Distant Dreams  10.13

5. Savannah Sunrise  6.00

6. Abendschatten  7.20

7. Balance  5.55

8. Pradera  9.00

9. Earth Blue  5.30
Deuter's soulful flute and enchanting, layered melodies invite you to awaken into a wonderful world of inner silence and vital meditation. Earth Blue is composed with a superb sensitivity that allows the listener's spirit to unfold. Earth Blue is the result of a partnership with automaker Volkswagen. It is part of an exclusive collaboration that makes Deuter's music available through the Autostadt Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, Germany. The unique relaxing qualities of Deuter's music envelop the listener with comfort and luxury, making this collaboration a natural choice for Volkswagen.

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