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Seed Sounds for Tuning the Chakras - Update

This post is an update of the previous one with the same title. My book Seed Sounds for Tuning the Chakras: Vowels, Consonants and Seed Syllables for Spiritual Transformation published by Destiny Books (Inner Traditions), ISBN 978-1-59477-360-7, will now be appearing in the UK in October 2012, with the publication in the USA in Sepread more
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Publication of New Book

I would like to announce that the publication date for my new book Seed Sounds for Tunig the Chakras: Vowels, Consonants and Seed Syylables for Spiritual Transformation published by Inner Traditions International (under their subsidiary Destiny Books) is the 15th of August of this year. The book comes with a CD which has a demonstration of the difread more
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Using mantras to balance your chakras

To read this article by Simon Heather in Caduceus no 78, in which he outlines the nature of the seven chakras and the five elements and describes the use of special bija mantras to balance them, go to http://www.caduceus.info and follow the instructions to view issue 78 - see page 28 - onlread more
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Book Review for Seed Sounds for Tuning the Chakras

Vowels, Consonants and Syllables for Spiritual Transformation read more

Golden Light Project 11

Breath by breath we can be conscious of this very moment, we can catch our thoughts and feelings and turn them into a point of direct focus aiming sound through ourselves into becoming useful and powerful. Our world is awakening around us; we live in a global village where great distances across the curving horizon mean nothing. How can we become more useful and powerful when the world communications and media make it so apparent that as individual’s mass change is beyond our capability? read more


The network of subtle energy centres aligning themselves along the spine and into the skull, are best known by the Sanskrit term “chakra” meaning “wheel“. Surveying any number of books by those working in the sound therapy field, we see that the chakras often serve as a major focal point for the therapeutic application of vibration whether achieved through the voice, musical instruments or even the electronic Cymatherapy apparatus. read more

The Shruti Box

The Shruti Box is a friend and companion which has helped me to find my voice and develop my musical understanding. Wherever it goes, ears and eyes awaken. read more

Creative DNA

One of the things I have consistently found mind bending over the years as a creative musician is how to hold 'as one' all the different roles I have played professionally as a musician. read more

The Five Levels of Sound Healing

Sound has two aspects, its physical aspect and its subtle aspect. The physical aspect of sound is the sound that we hear. It is created by sound waves vibrating in our ears and our body. Low-pitched sound effects the denser parts of our body, the bones and muscles. Low-pitched sound effects the lower parts of the body. High pitched sound effects the finer parts of the body, the skin and the nerves. High pitched sound also effects the head and upper body. read more


A question that arises from time to time in sound healing workshops is: Are there any definitive correspondences between the chakra energy centres and musical tones/frequencies. In surveying the fie read more

Why Is Chakra Meditation So Important?

Present in the body of every human being, the chakras are the focal points for our energy. We may or may not be aware of them, but our chakras have an effect on our lives, whether for good (as when th read more

Chakra Balancing And Meditation The Essential Tools

Hindu teachings tell us that the chakras are the important energy centers which are present in every human being. Our chakras are the places at which energy flows through our body. The proper flow of read more

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