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Online Scaravelli Yoga and Yoga for Healthy Backs

Vanda Scaravelli’s main philosophy was the importance of learning from nature and 'awakening the spine'; that yoga is a part of our everyday life and we need to take the time to connect with and appreciate that. read more

A Truly Magical Journey

So I&rsquom all set up ready to share a lovely Gong Bath &hellip&hellip instruments have been blessed (I always liketo do that), the fairy lights are twinkling, everyone is snuggled up in their blanke read more

Dru Yoga for a healthy spine

Dru Yoga fora healthy spine A healthy spine wants to move. We are built to flex forwardsand backwards, tilt to the left and the right, and to twist freely in bothdirections, all without pain or tensi read more

Vaar Asa – Wisdom of Life

The world has waited 500 years for this unique musical recording For the first time in history, musicians have come together to record a powerfully healing piece of music in the way specified by it read more


There are many ways to find one&rsquos; true nature, and for me the path of Bhakti Yoga is what accesses that truth most easily. Bhakti Yoga is finding union (of our mind with body, spirit, other peo read more

Gong Nidra

GONG NIDRA *Nidra is Sanskrit for sleep. *Yoga Nidra is when you are awake while you sleep. *Gong Nidra is when you remain in a neutral s read more

Mind The Gap

Do you feel as if youre permanently on the brink of what feels a bit like a precipice? Do you sometimes feel as if youre teetering on edge of something almost unimaginably terrible? And its all read more

Yoga and Music Festival

Coming soon, 31 May to 3 June, a family friendly festival celebrating Yoga and Music. The IYN Summer Yoga Festival is being held at the wonderful Gaunts House in Dorset Theres a wide range of Yo read more

The Medium of Sound in Yoga

Our yoga retreats are for those want to let go of the noise and turmoil of life for those who want the simplicity of silence and within it find happiness, creativity and purpose. Exploring sound &amp read more


I have been an amateur musician long before I became a yoga practitioner and a teacher. So it would only be natural to assume that I would be in favour of using music in yoga classes. It turned out n read more


Mantra Yoga - Transformation by Conscious Sound The mysteries of mantra and its capacity for mental, physical and spiritual healing are little known in the Western world. Although we are all famil read more

Video: The Maasai, Sound & Yoga

read more


I have been Sounding now for 12 years. Sounding is a way of singing without words and without preformed musical structures, improvisational, in the now. I developed this way of singing as a therapeu read more

Atma Vichari – A Journey of Inquiry To The Self.

Vichara &lsquoto inquire&rsquo, Atma &lsquoSelf&rsquo Patanjali says: &ldquoYoga&rsquos; purpose is ultimately to strip away mind&rsquos; fluctuations to allow us to become One &ndash to be unified.&r read more

Music, Yoga and Experiencing Quality Improvement

As a professional violinist and teacher, and having spent a number of years practising yoga, I am becoming intrigued by my growing awareness of the connection between the practice of yoga and the qual read more


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