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Jan Wilding
from: Jan Wilding
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The Medium of Sound in Yoga

Our yoga retreats are for those want to let go of the noise and turmoil of life; for those who want the simplicity of silence and within it find happiness, creativity and purpose.

Exploring sound & silence we slip into a place which by-passes thought and offers new space for the sunlight of choice and opportunity.  

We use the medium of sound to explore mindfully whatever comes, to become present and to see more of the reality of each moment. We merge with the lightness, reality and truth of the present. In doing so we are able to explore more of our own truth.  

Our retreats are held at our lovely retreat centre overlooking'Le Lac de Rabodonge' in Normandy. Here we relax and totally clear the mind, immersing our senses in the pool, spa and sauna overlooking our pine wood, as well as venturing down into the rich woodland ravine and stream which meanders down to the lake. 

In Sound and Silence we relax, play and find simplicity.  In 'sound mindfulness' we become the sound moment.  Based upon Yogic practice, Buddhist philosophy and NLP and including use of the voice and the opportunity to make sound with musical instruments, we slip effortlessly into the sublime.  We expect no previous experience of singing or playing an instrument.

Being Sound-Mindful is Simplicity Itself.

Posted: 07 May 2012 By: Dorinne Davis Dorinne Davis

Hello Jan, I love what you are doing. You will find that my upcoming book, The Cycle of Sound: A Missing Energetic Link, fits into your retreats. It should be out before July. My work defines your specific sound that your body wants your voice to feed back to it. You get this sound from the silence and it works best to reintroduce it in silence. Thanks for sharing.
Dorinne Davis

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