Michael Maxwell Steer

Michael Maxwell Steer

Michael Maxwell Steer is a composer whose creative impulses have led him into many different fields – whether as a BBCr3 producer, Head of 20thC Studies at the Junior Royal College of Music or writer, publisher and conference organiser. His engagement with spirituality and inner process in relation to music and sound was triggered by his childhood as a chorister at Canterbury Cathedral, where he acquired an early love of Messiaen. In Maxwell’s middle years his activities included composing /scriptwriting /producing for broadcast, mostly the BBC, as well as directing commercials and producing records. Eventually, realising the restricted discourse of broadcast drama would never allow him authentic expression, he turned to journalism, creating first a green /holistic magazine and subsequently the Music & Psyche Network. For the last decade Maxwell has devoted a lot of time to piano teaching & has invented ColourMuse, a coloured note system to aid beginners, which he published in 2006. He also directs Cherubim Music Trust.

http://msteer.co.uk/ http://colourmuse.com http://www.cherubimtrust.org/

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