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Pamela Alexander
Pamela L. Alexander, BA, HHP Voice Coach, Group Song Facilitator, Performer Compassionate Community VOICE Vancouver, CANADA I enjoy a life-long participation in music and vocal play through improvised sound, original songs, spoken word and world music. Singing, playing instruments, storytelling, and listening well have been a wonder-filled part of my life since I was an infant.
Today, I delight in incorporating the music of the heart into the inherent creativity of daily living, and in witnessing those I serve to do the same. My offerings focus on—or perhaps circle around—the medium of the human speaking and singing voice.
I offer community singing circles, one-to-one voice coaching, group workshops, singing parties and performances in Western Canada. The hearthstone of my work is community gatherings in which everyone participates in creating music, and there are no “wrong” notes. My influences and teachers in this work are many. They include a three-year facilitator training with The Naked Voice (UK) and its founder, Chloë Goodchild (, and ongoing “Sonica” practice—improvised, intentional group sound for well-being—with Gary Diggins (
I have also studied acting work with David Smukler and Canada’s National Voice Intensive ( and spoken word with Kim Rosen ( Perhaps the most important teacher is the wisdom and enthusiasm of voice clients and event participants, who delight and challenge me on an ongoing basis.
My body-based approach to voice is no doubt heavily influenced by my background as a Holistic Health Practitioner and college-level educator, who has worked in a number of body- and plant-based modalities.
Way, way back in the foggy annals of memory, I recall receiving a BA in Literature from the University of Alberta (with some bits of French thrown in), an early indicator of my fascination with the human heart’s capacity for eloquent communication.

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