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Alex Gardner
Alex is part of Babacool  and along with Suzanne, his wife, they have been delivering Gong Baths, Training and workshops in Central London, Hertfordshire and beyond for a number of years. Their Training Courses are fully accredited by the CMA and or Yoga Alliance Professionals.
An experienced Gong player and trainer who has trained widely with several highly respected Masters including the World Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux in addition, he has travelled several times to Master Gong Maker Broder Oetkens workshop in Germany where he has learned the art of Gong Making and made his own Gongs from single pieces of metal by hand using only fire and hammers.
Alex is passionate about helping others through the use of Tai Chi Qigong and Sound Therapies he is a Member of the Therapeutic Sound Association where he is listed as a Workshop Facilitator and Presenter and is an advanced Tai Chi Qigong Instructor including trained in Rehabilitation and Seated Qigong he is a full member of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain.
Coming from a successful business background Alex has an MSc in Leadership & Management, a Diploma in Physical Fitness Training, a non-medical Doctorate and Diploma in Psychology. He is a certified Life Coach as well as having several trauma related counselling and other skills, his teaching style is relaxed, inclusive, nurturing and he is passionate about helping others to be their best self. He holds the Ofqual Award in Education & Training.
Babacool, is itself, a CMA registered College, and they also offer Teacher and CPD Training in Kundalini, Yin and Sports Yoga, Reiki, TRE, EFT and other therapies such as Oxygen Advantage training. Away from teaching Alex loves travel, reading, music and cakes!

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