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Eeshi-Ra Hart
Ashera Hart is a sound healing practitioner, international keynote speaker and workshop facilitator who has been working with the frequencies of the Zobet (the solfeggio) since 2001.  These are important keys to help humanity get more in tune with the shift currently happening on the planet in the lead up to 2012 and beyond.  
The frequencies are based on the mathematical blueprint of the Universe, nature (Phi ratio) & human body (bones/DNA) and can be given to the body via tuning forks.  It’s a great way of helping your body rebalance on every level and help it de-stress and remember that it’s part of nature.  They also help balance both sides of the brain, taking you into a Theta brainwave state great for deep relaxation/meditation, in-tuition, immunity, personal transformation, memory etc.   
One of the main sonic intervals (111Hz) is already used in therapies today for conditions like insomnia, depression, self-esteem and even drug addiction e.g. in 1983 Pete Townshend of the band The Who recovered from heroin addiction (N.E.T.) using 111Hz.
For more info on Ashera’s sound healing audio, DVD’s, sonic essences, FREE mobile phone ringtone etc, please go to and click on About/Session/Tuning Forks for special biofield scans showing the impressive changes in the body’s energy field after just 1 hour. 
Eeshi-Ra Hart

is associated with the following Groups (e.g. institutions, schools, bands, societies etc.)

Sound4Healing , The Sound Therapy Association , Transformational Sound Therapy Summit , Yoga on Sound Forum

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