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Eeshi-Ra Hart
Category: Sound Healing

Why sound? What sound? Why now?

Since 2001, I have been researching and teaching the amazing importance of the solfeggio and wow what a journey it’s been! It’s been an inspiration to see the changes that it’s created in my life and also the lives of others and I’d like to welcome you into my world of self-discovery and awakening.

I started my journey into music back in 1986 as a jazz singer singing in the clubs and restaurants in London and then moved into writing my own songs then moving into pop, recording with various artists and finally leaving that world behind because I found it so superficial and ultimately unsatisfying.  I then sang/recorded with different independent bands/artists writing either my own material or collaborating with them.  I finally got to a point where I didn’t want to be singing lyrics at all because it felt I was always singing from the past and so wasn’t really in the present moment because I’d have to be singing and remembering lyrics and melodies with my voice being directed from the mind. 

At that time, I really understood that music and the power of the voice are such powerful healers that can bring people together in celebration, to dance, to uplift, to inspire and essentially help the audience feel like one big family so that you might feel afterwards somehow more whole and healed in some way.

I looked around at humanity and really saw that the main issue that most of us seemed to be having was some kind of disconnection from our natural state which is causing so many problems for us on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  For example, we live in houses with electricity; technology all around us (e.g. wifi mobiles); going to bed way past sunset; living under artificial lights; wearing shoes that insulate us from the natural earth energies thus stopping us being grounded; spending less time in nature; wearing unnatural fabrics with the result that we are more in our heads and less in tune with our bodies; with stress and cancer at an all time high; breathing more shallowly; eating less healthily; not sleeping so well; not listening to natural signals like pain in the body; less in touch with how we really feel and our capacity to love ourselves and others and on a spiritual level so many people living a “religious” life but not a spiritually-fulfilling one. 

The irony is that this very lifestyle that is supposed to benefit our lives, which it does in many ways, is also taking us further away from ourselves and in essence making the whole situation of imbalance even worse.  Who was it that said “The darkest before the dawn”??

What sound?

So I asked a question to the Universe not even expecting an answer:- “Is there a sound or series of sounds that help can bring balance/harmony back to humanity on every level?” and I continued to ask that question and the answer started to be revealed in ever more amazing ways.  This is how my journey into sound healing began.

What I love about sound is that it can speak directly to the body bypassing the doubting skeptical mind, so when the body starts to feel the profound rebalancing benefits of healing frequencies, then the mind starts to let go and say “ok, well this is actually feeling pretty good, so maybe I’ll just get into it”.  What excites me, is that it can be such a potent catalyst for personal and planetary transformation and given that humanity is at an important crossroads, it can be a very useful tool we can use to literally get more in tune with ourselves, our bodies, the planet, the cosmos and ultimately the divine!

In 2000, I attended the Lost Chord Conference in Boulder, Colorado with Jonathan Goldman and I was really wanting to make a difference in the world with music and my voice (as I had already started channelling by this point bringing a spiritual energy into my body and allowing that to direct my singing) and at the conference, I found a book by Fabien Maman called “The Role of Music in the 21st Century” and I was fascinated by it because it looked at the use of sound healing but from a scientific perspective.  It inspired me to harness that research and go to Australia and record a CD (called “In our Mother’s Tongue”) with the intention of creating music that would help harmonise the different elements/organs in the human body so it might be useful in helping anyone who listened to it to feel more connected and in balance with themselves.    However, about 2/3’s of the way into recording the CD, I had a profound dream and at 4 am I was guided to wake up and write it down.  In the dream, I felt I saw the impending planetary shift and the key to making that transition was using the voice tuned to certain mathematics and even though I was on the right track I knew I needed to take my sound healing work to the next level but how?  All would become clear!

This was such a powerful and symbolic dream to me but at that time undefinedI had no idea of the full importance of what had been given to me.  I left Australia and went to San Francisco and was finishing up the album there.  At that time, I met my mentor Randy Masters ( who introduced me to the amazing sound healing frequencies of the solfeggio that my colleague Judy Lynne Cole in the US now more accurately refers to as the Zobet.

During the photo shoot for my debut sound healing CD “In our Mother’s Tongue”), certain lights turned up in the photos, what people are now calling “orbs” and one of those was of me sitting on a rock a little like the bronze statue of “the mermaid” in Copenhagen harbour and to the right of my feet appeared a circle with a line through it.  At the time the only thing it reminded me of was the planet Saturn with its rings so we called it the ‘Saturn shot’ but when I studied later on with Randy, it suddenly all became clear.  There I was in one of his classes in San Francisco learning about Pi and you may remember what Pi looks like from your maths class at school (Õ), but I didn’t know what Phi looked like!  When he drew it on the whiteboard as a circle with a line through it (Æ),  I almost fell off my chair for this was a mirror version of the same symbol that had appeared on the rock!  To see the other photos in question simply go to:–  


It wasn’t until 5 years later that I truly understood why Phi had such importance to me and my path and indeed the language of the solfeggio sound healing frequencies and why they are so vital for humanity at this time.

At that time, I had just split with my ex Jason O’Hara and he had a fascination for the number 24 and had found an image on the internet that was based on the language of 24 (Dr Peter Plichta’s “God’s Secret Sonic Formula”) and he wanted to show it to me.  Long story short, we were talking about reducing the numbers around the circle to a single digit (numerical reduction) and I suddenly felt very strongly whilst gazing at this picture on his computer that the numbers of the Zobet (solfeggio) were embedded within the pattern and a few minutes later, I saw them!  (“The Blueprint of Creation”).  This exciting discovery, combined with the research of Vedic/galactic maths and sacred geometry expert Jain (of, revealed the relationship of Phi to the Zobet. 

The Phi ratio for those who aren’t familiar with it, is the divine blueprint of all life in nature and the Universe.  The numbers of the Fibonacci sequence are found in the bones/DNA of the human body and indeed all the ancient sculptors and artists knew that the key to creating a work of art was to ensure that it was perfectly in proportion with itself.  A classic example would be the Mona Lisa or the Parthenon in Greece.  Since then further Phi codes have been found embedded within this mathematical series.

So why now? 

Well if our bodies are out of balance and our bodies’ construction is based on the Phi ratio, it started to dawn on me that giving back to the body in sound what its design already is, that that would send a harmonising message to help us get more in tune.  As the journey unfolded further, it became apparent that these sacred numbers not only exist in nature, but also were venerated by the ancients and can also be found in places like Stonehenge, Glastonbury Abbey and even the measurements of the Earth.

If we look at one of the main frequency intervals in the Zobet scale, there are studies showing that this frequency interval was also harnessed in ancient times in sound chambers like New Grange in Ireland, the Hypogeum in Malta and Wayland’s Smithy in the UK.  Studies by UCLA and Princeton University also reveal the many beneficial effects of this frequency.  One that stands in the crowd is the temporary shifting from left brain dominance to right so thereby helping the brain rebalance so that one may be able to access deeper levels of in-tuition, creativity, empathy, etc.

Another potential benefit of this frequency is the release of beta endorphins into the body and this has already been used by the Russians in therapies for insomnia since the 1940’s (“electrosleep”), and subsequently for depression/self-esteem (CES) and more recently Dr. Meg Patterson pioneered a drug withdrawal programme for recovering from heroin addiction.  For example, in 1983, Pete Townshend of the band The Who cured his addiction to heroin using this frequency.

Since these frequencies are based on the mathematical blueprint of the Universe, they can equally be used to heal nature. Indeed, my colleague Judy Lynne Cole is pioneering a treatment to return water to its original pristine singing state with the use of sound. Judy and the water research team members of The Ringing of the Rivers Project are being guided by water scientist, author and naturalist Dr. West Marrin.  

It’s my passion to share these amazing healing codes for the good of humanity at this time.  My intention is to reach as many people as possible across the planet. In addition to producing my own sound healing audio CD’s/audio downloads of Zobet tuning forks with nature sounds (The Unity Codes), I have also teamed up with other hypnotherapists/energetic NLP/breathing experts in helping people to de-stress, and to get more in tune with themselves.  This intended to assist on both on a personal and professional level through combining guided relaxation audio with sound healing audio to create a selection of different audio programme e.g. Stress Relief, Breathing, Energetic Massage, Fertility, Pregnancy and more!

The Zobet (solfeggio) can help us fully remember our way back to a more natural life in harmony with ourselves, each other, nature and the cosmos so we can awaken to our fully loving potential and it doesn’t have to be a long journey to get there either!

So come join me on this path of self-discovery and let’s make the shift currently occurring in this solar system an ecstatic one!

I’m so excited to share it with you.

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From the forthcoming book “One of the biggest secrets?” by Ashera Hart 

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