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Annie Jameson
Annie Jameson is a Sound Healer, Crystal Bowl Master, Angel Intuitive and Inspirational Speaker. Sound healing is Annie’s love and passion.
Using Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls™ Annie intuitively weaves threads of divine vibration, blending the exquisite tones to create a space for healing.
Annie works with individuals or groups and also loves to travel with her bowls spreading their healing vibrations into nature.
Annie is also the author of books: ‘The Light of Chilao – Messages from Heaven’ and ‘A Small Book of Universal Wisdom’; Inspirational cards: ‘Insights from Heaven’; and CDs; ‘Enriching the Soul’ , ‘A Divine Embrace with your Guardian Angel’ and ‘Weaving Sacred Sound – Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls’.
Born in England and originally trained in 3-D Design & Ceramics, then as a post graduate in Art and Design, Annie spent nearly 10 years teaching and working in a variety of fields within the Arts.
From 1991 she was guided to totally immerse herself in her spiritual journey. She is a certified Auric/Magnetic Healer (Magnetic Healers Unlimited NZ), and Sound Healer (Healing Sounds U.S.A).
She has lived in New Zealand since 1992 with her husband and two sons.
For more info visit her website

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