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Annie Jameson
Category: Sound Healing

An Experience of Sacred Sound

I heard my first crystal singing bowl about 25 years ago whilst in a meditation group.  Little did I know what a profound effect it would have on me and how it would become my passion all these years later!
I was beside myself with excitement when my first crystal singing bowl arrived. As my family gathered around to see me unwrapping it with great ceremony, there were exclamations of ‘Well that doesn’t look very exciting just a white bowl’. I wish had taken a photo to capture the expressions on their faces as they first heard it sing!!

After a few weeks of playing my white frosted bowl I was hooked and I remember telling my husband, ‘I think there will be more bowls coming to live here’! Oh, so true and the rest is history as they say! I decided to start importing Alchemy bowls because they are much lighter and easier to travel with, which was my intention as I knew the vibrations needed to be shared and not just used for self.
With their crystalline structure, the bowls are extraordinary tools for amplifying, storing and transmitting intentions of healing, love, peace and wellbeing. The Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls™ are made from pure quartz that have been infused or overlaid with precious gem stones, metals or minerals. Each bowl emits a frequency that aligns with specific chakras and the gem, metal, mineral and colour of each Alchemy bowl works on the subtle bodies.
I particularly love taking the bowls out into nature and sending out prayers to the Universe on their pure vibrations. Living in New Zealand offers many opportunities to visit the native bush, the ocean and many sacred places on the land – all of which have benefitted from the magical sounds. I recently had the privilege of visiting Hawaii and was able to share my passion of creating sacred sound with the wild dolphins when I played my crystal bowl to them in the ocean.
As I began to introduce the Crystal Singing Bowls into my healing practice I realised how much faster energy could be shifted with the use of sound. The powerful combination of sound and crystals creates a deeply relaxing space for meditation and inner healing. This vibrational healing balances the energies and chakras and can positively shift consciousness. The pure resonant tones of the bowls expand awareness of self and enhance the innate ability of the body to heal.
I believe that immersion into the exquisite pure tones of the Crystal Singing Bowls allows access and alignment to the Divine within. The crystal vibrations bring deep relaxation, a softening of the mind and the ability to connect more fully with the heart where personal guidance and healing can be accessed.
I have found my passion in creating sacred sound and feel blessed and eternally grateful to be on this incredible journey of discovery and able to share this Divine sound with others.

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