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Jeanne Hampshire
The creative threads of art, music and movement have always given me nourishment, meaning and awareness and these different strands inter- connect, overlap and coalesce both in my creative work and what I facilitate for others.
I share practices which encourage a deep connection with the body, nature and the living universe for a sense of meaning, purpose and fulfilment. This involves being aware of inner processes and our place in the ‘bigger picture’ yet still having our feet firmly rooted in the everyday world. I trained as an artist at Sheffield Art College and Reading University incorporating photography to explore ideas of change and time in natural environments.
Inspired by powerful Nature, I started to visit Cornwall in all seasons excited by the wild, ancient landscape and the constantly changing atmosphere of the sea. On moving to Cornwall in 1979, I had a strong urge to play a musical instrument but none I tried ‘felt right’. I spotted a ‘zither for sale with interesting peacock design’ ad in a local paper and this 49 stringed wonder was the instrument I had been searching for!
I experimented, taught myself to play it and started to write instrumental compositions and songs. Later, the nature of the voice itself became my focus, exploring the Indian vocal scales with Chloe Goodchild in 1995 combined with the study of various ancient traditions that used chant and vocal sound vibrations for healing and ceremony. In addition, I offer the resonance of Tuning Fork Therapy on a one to one basis.
In many experimental soundscapes, the harmonium became the supportive sea of drone holding the changing waves of the voice. In 1996, I wrote and recorded the ‘Ancient Voices’ album. Movement is a key to letting go of ‘stuck’ energy to open the body’s energy pathways and enhance the healing meditative aspects of sound. Since the 1990’s Meditation, Tai-chi, Qigong and Taoist training and practice have revitalized the core essence of my life and I share these practices with all age groups.
The landscape and sacred sites are the setting for ‘Sacred Journeys’ courses which explore Qigong movement, sound, toning and resonance to release free flowing energy, revitalise the body and celebrate our unique soul mission and innate connection to Nature. The courses culminate in a Resonant Soundbath Experience in which the live sounds of Solfeggio chimes, singing bowls, tingshas, harmonium and voice provide a strong healing resonance in the body: this is deeply relaxing and nourishing, unique and pleasurable.
Details of courses, artwork and sound at www.jeannehampshire.co.uk

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