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Matthew Heyse-Moore
Matthew Heyse-Moore is a composer, musician and teacher based in Stroud. Whether composing his own music, playing or teaching, Matthew believes passionately in the power of music to touch the heart and move us deeply. He has a one-to-one teaching practice in piano, clarinet and improvisation in Stroud and Bristol, and many students have come seeking support with improvising and finding intuitive ways to engage with music to complement a more classical approach.
As a performer on clarinet and piano, Matthew has accompanied singers and played solo at concerts and festivals in the UK and abroad. Musicians and audiences have commented on the sensitivity and heart- focused quality of Matthew's playing. Matthew has taught highly successful regular classes for adults in Music Appreciation since 2009 with the intention of sharing his knowledge and love of music widely including deepening the listening experience of those who have not necessarily had a formal training in music.
Much of Matthew's own music takes its inspiration from natural landscapes and the timelessness of ancient chant. One current project, Songs of the Forest, seeks to weave a magical and contemplative tapestry of sound using piano, clarinet and voices in a way that evokes the beauty and power of mountains, rivers and forests and the interconnection between forest species.
Matthew believes passionately in music as something to be experienced actively rather than heard passively, and part of his composing work seeks to explore ways in which non-musically-trained people can engage and be a part of a moving musical experience. He believes in the capacity for music to articulate experiences and to heal conflicts in a way that words cannot.
His website is and you can hear some of his music here:

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I am continually asking myself why I do what I do,

I am continually asking myself why I do what I do, why in other words I am devoting time and energy to music amid all the other possible meaningful ways of engaging with life. If I were to ask myself what gives me most hope about life, what makes life most worth living, my answer would include sound and music. I believe music and sound to be among the most potent technologies we have at our disposal to navigate what we are both individually and collectively struggling with on the planet. read more


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