Rachael Kane

Rachael Kane
Rachael Kane works as a holistic singing teacher/vocal coach in Melbourne Australia.
She runs Connected Voice – a singing tuition studio where she works with people on developing deeper levels of self-awareness to assist in connecting to their true voice.
She has worked in the performing arts as a singer/songwriter, dancer and actor for 25 years, beginning in musicals and TV commercials when she was 18 years old and continuing on into her 20’s and 30’s in various bands and a solo project which had her signed to Roadshow Music in Australia. During this time she released various singles and an album.
Her current focus is on working at Connected Voice and also as a vocal coach in TV commercials and film. She is interested in sound as a true healing modality and in the development of true self-expression as a way of preventing illness and disease, she continues to research and write on these subjects.


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09 Jul 2015

FROM RICHARD MILLS: Learning to express myself has been an amazing journey in my life and singing has certainly supported me in dealing with low self-confidence and depression. More so though singing from the heart has added a whole new dimension to this experience and to my expression - much more than I imagined possible once upon a time. Thanks Rachael.

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What I Do

I run a holistic singing tuition practice called Connected Voice in Melbourne Australia. Connected Voice came about when it was felt there was a need to offer singing tuition that was holistic and worked with the whole person and not just their voice. I work with individuals and groups on bringing more awareness to the body and allowing a gread more
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