Martyn Cawthorne

Martyn Cawthorne
Hi, my name is Martyn Cawthorne. I’m a qualified gong practitioner and a qualified teacher. For me, teaching gongs is the perfect union of my life's passions - music, meditation and teaching. Over the last 25 years I have been teaching music, maths and English, meditating almost every day(!) and writing music for/performing with bands.
My conviction is that sound, silence and sharing, when approached with a full and loving heart, make transformation possible for ourselves and for those around us. I live in Manchester, and founded the Northern School of SoundSmiths (http://www.northernschoolofsoundsmiths.co.uk). The school is for anyone and everyone who would like to take part in a course, workshop or retreat related to gongs and their wider family of instruments.
I also run my own gong practitioner business, Gong Spa (www.gongspa.co.uk) giving group gong baths in and around Manchester and individual sessions from my gong room at home. I'm always interested in new projects (and have a few under way at the moment!) and I love working with new people so feel free to get in touch with me on supergongspa@gmail.com if you have something you’d like to try ?
Oh, and if you’d like to listen to a track or two of my gong album for free, check it out here https://gongspa.bandcamp.com/releases

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