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Barry Mason

About Barry Mason titanium gongs and sound sculpture.


After my initial training as a fine artist, I spent decades creating sculpture in many materials. My works are in private and public collections around the world.

I have always had a parallel passion for music, and have been a  drummer and percussionist since my teens.  I discovered the world of the gong, and of sound therapy and healing about fifteen years ago. Since then I have been fortunate to collaborate with several leading gong practitioners, playing hang (handpan) and other percussion instruments alongside the gongs.

I had previously made a few gongs in copper, stainless steel and brass, but an encounter with an extraordinary titanium gong set the path for future projects. I now work with pure elemental titanium.

I was also fortunate to be a student of Keith Critchlow, who introduced me to the world of sacred geometry. Keith wrote many books on the subject and went on to be principal of Prince Charles’s Art School. Many of the images that I now use on my gongs have their genesis in this work. 

I have also been inspired by the work of John Stuart Reid and his scientific work to make sound visible.

My latest gongs will be hand engraved with the unique patterns generated by their fundamental frequencies, by playing their sound files through Johns Cymascope instrument. .


You can read more about my previous sculpture work here:

and my recent gongs at

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