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Helen Campbell
Helen Campbell is a teacher of Sound Therapy to practitioner level and is based in the Rutland, (East Midlands). 
Helen trained with Dee Banton of the International School of Vibrational Healing and Sheila Whittaker of the College of Sound Healing and started her own academy, the Academy of Sound Therapy in Apr 2021.
She first awoke to sound therapy when a meditation teacher came behind her with a singing bowl and she felt more than heard the sound vibrations up and down her spine – knowing in that instance that sound therapy was going to be a big part of her future.
The aim of her academy is to teach individual students, on a one to one basis, who also have a felt sense of service to humanity through sound vibrations. Helen aims to teach students to work in tune with their spirit guides and the personality of the sound instruments that they use in an intuitive way - to feel into each sacred sound instrument and the client during a therapy session so that there is a nature flow.

Helen Campbell 
Academy of Sound Therapy


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Sound Therapy Begins Within

Whilst sound therapy/sound healing with gongs, singing bowls and the like do have positive impacts on a person and can help to re-balance/re-harmonise, another aspect that can get overlooked is what sounds/words are we speaking to ourselves every day? read more


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