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Chiron Institute

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The Chiron Institute `The Chiron` was the vision of John and June Shapter, then, in December 2015 it became a reality. 
They had been seeking a permanent home for their collection of gongs and for their practice for Healing Sounds and Peace Studies. After six months of disappointment, the old library in Stoke on Trent became available and a long lease was negotiated. This is an iconic building with gong-shaped windows built in 1875 and the main hall of over 1000 sq ft is now the Sound Chamber in which over forty gongs create an amazing acoustic and vibratory experience.
To add to the magic of the place, two ley lines have been independently dowsed, crossing in the centre of the main space. The original vision was to bring sound and vibratory healing to a local community many of whom would not even have heard of this strange and weird modality. There are now sound events at least five days a week accessible to local people and with a growing attendance.
In addition, the vision was to make this a centre of excellence for sound healing and sound journeying. There is now an annual cycle of workshops and masterclasses with international experts. John was a main-stream clinician who also has an understanding and experience of Holistic Care and Shamanic journeying.
Over many years June has trained in Tuning Fork Therapy, Reiki, EFT, Theta Healing and relaxation techniques. She has used her skills with individuals, in a children`s hospice and drug treatment and recovery settings. She is also a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist and trained counsellor, which is invaluable in working with people in the practise of Healing Sounds.
John and June`s training in `sound` includes time with Don Conreaux, Aidan McIntyre, Mitch Nur and Jens Zygar. Over the last fifteen months the Institute has hosted over 600 gong baths. There are regular sessions of Yoga, Kirtan, drumming and meditation taking place in a second space which is also available to hire.

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The Chiron Institute

The Chiron Institute, `The Chiron`, was the vision of John and June Shapter. As many people find, collecting and playing gongs had become an obsession and they had been seeking a permanent home for read more

Jens Zygar

Jens is the inventor of the planetary tuned gongs and founder of Klanghaus, a musical research institute that studies the effects of sounds and rhythms. Jens met Hans Cousto in 1982 and became read more


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