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Roz Crampton
Roz Crampton - founder and director of ‘Earthdance’ She facilitates spiritual/personal awareness and development…. assisting people to realise their innate gifts and true potential. Roz has over 20yrs experience leading a wide range of workshops and retreats, nationally and internationally. She also works extensively with the healing resonance of sound, incorporating the shamanic drum, Native American flute, singing bowls, voice and the gong to facilitate personal change, transformation and as a way of enhancing people’s life energy and their ability to express and communicate. Roz has always had a strong affinity with nature, wildlife and the earth’s natural energies.

From a very early age she has experienced numerous psychic phenomena and through on-going study and practise Roz has enhanced her natural psychic and mediumistic abilities to a high degree. Her professional background in dance and exercise and as a tutor of national teachers training courses in health and fitness means she has developed a sound understanding of the physical body and is well experienced at working with groups to facilitate learning and co-operation using a range of teaching strategies.

Roz has worked and performed with a wide range of international artists and has featured on both local and national radio and television. She has also had articles published in national magazines. Roz has taken her work to schools, colleges and universities as well as being invited to present at Mensa. She finds it both rewarding and stimulating working with such varied groups of people from the very young to the more mature and with differing levels of experience and ability.

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