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Larissa Roy
Larissa ROY Hatha Yoga and Sound Bath Meditation Teacher Larissa is passionate about sharing the power of yoga and sound vibrations. She teaches both in a group and in individual sessions.
Larissa was born in Russia. She studied music and the piano playing for nine years there. During her university studies, she got a passion to dance and yoga.
Larissa moved to France in 2008. There she joined a contemporary dance group, Compagnie Gé, directed by Mélanie Mesager. She continued to practise yoga along with her practice as a dancer.
For mastering yoga practice, Larissa went to Russia to the Teacher’s course of famous Hatha Yoga masters – a couple of Olga Boulanova and Vladimir Zaytsev – and successfully graduated their course in 2019. Following the course, she continued to master her yoga teaching skills and adapt yoga teaching to people of different ages and bodies.
She finished the course of pre- and postnatal yoga with Doctor Gasquet as well as she passed the sport certification of CQP ALS AGEE, (that is the French certificate of gymnastic techniques for maintaining health and self-expression) at Sport & Health Federation.
During her travels in India, Larissa took practice from Keya Guswami, a vocal teacher, in the village of Lakshman Jhula, Rishikesh, to study mantra singing and art of sound vibrations. Yoga and mantra chanting have brought Larissa back to music again. Then she created and collected a beautiful bunch of ethnic instruments from her travels around the world. With the help of these instruments, Larissa integrates the harmonizing practice of sound bathing into her yoga classes.

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