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Dissonance & Consonance

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Circle, Line, Dissonance and Harmony

Confirming and changing are two aspects of life that are equally important. When we are children we are changing fast, Very fast. During this period we need a lot of confirmation, touch, care, love read more

Acutonic Tuning Forks and Acupuncture

(To all readers: I respond to Ellen&rsquos; query both in general terms and also referencing specific Acutonics forks because she mentions them. For more information about the forks, their intervals read more

Dissonance for healing a deep pathology is different to hearing dissonance

If we talk about dissonance in Sound Healing, the whole question is to know if we are talking about our musical comfort in listening to the music, or if we are talking about the use of acoustic sound read more

Dissonance & Drones - A Spiritual Experience?

Perspectives from early 20th Century music and beyond &ldquoMusic is perpetual, and only the hearing is intermittent.&rdquo read more

"Consonance and Dissonance" written by Joanie Solaini (Acutonics Teacher and Practitioner, LLM,LLB, BA Mus)

&ldquoThe last thing a fish knows is water&rdquo What a delicious pool to be diving in is this discussion of consonance and dissonance! Deep and deceptively clear looking, it is impossible to f read more


All music consists of tension and release, the tension of dissonance released into consonance. Without this bipolarity there is no music (thats a bit bald, but Ill stick with it). The Medieval read more

Dissonance, Scales & Keys: Episode 5 of Simons New Book: "The Healing Power of Music"

Dissonance means without sonic alignment or to beat against. Our first reactions to dissonance, whether in music or life, are to label them undesirable and something to be avoided. According to John read more


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