Dissonance & Consonance

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The Rub

Dissonance results from friction and in turn creates friction. Without friction there is no life and life is movement. The easier we can allow ourselves to move freely with friction, the easier we can move with life.read more
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Some thoughts on dissonance.

In my earlier years as a musician I found that I had a preference for harmony and sweet chords, despite the attempts of my fantastically avante garde composer piano teacher to educate my ear to strange and wonderful chords and structures. I remember learning a very wierd and wonderful dissonant chordal arrangement on piano for Twinkle Twinkle Liread more
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Dissonant Discussion

Tama Do Academy uses Dissonance as one of our key techniques. When the body has manifested crystallizations that become lumps, bumps, rigidity read more
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The gong produces dissonance and consonance together and it is called functional harmony or holistic resonance. The result of bathing in this oceanic tone alchemy is the sensing of a dynamic peace. This electrified state is called Gong Nidra. The brain is both awake in its awareness of its awareness and simultaneously it is asleep suspended in its read more
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On Dissonance

Dissonance is such an important part of our work at BAST. If you were to liken consonance to the wonderful sweeping effleurage movements that a massage therapist makes then dissonance is the chopping motion they use to help break down the knots. Ones relationship with dissonance is the most important thing. When working with clients or in a groread more
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Circle, Line, Dissonance and Harmony

Confirming and changing are two aspects of life that are equally important. When we are children we are changing fast, Very fast. During this period we need a lot of confirmation, touch, care, love of all sorts. Without this we do not grow physically, emotionally or intellectually as well as we do without it. read more

Acutonic Tuning Forks and Acupuncture

(To all readers: I respond to Ellen’s query both in general terms and also referencing specific Acutonics forks because she mentions them. For more information about the forks, their intervals, their properties etc please feel free to go to www.Acutonics.com where you will find a wealth of further information.) read more

Dissonance for healing a deep pathology is different to hearing dissonance

If we talk about dissonance in Sound Healing, the whole question is to know if we are talking about our musical comfort in listening to the music, or if we are talking about the use of acoustic sound for real healing purpose. read more

Dissonance & Drones - A Spiritual Experience?

A formal essay discussing the purpose and effect of dissonance and drones, drawing from perspectives of early 20th Century music and beyond. read more

"Consonance and Dissonance" written by Joanie Solaini (Acutonics Teacher and Practitioner, LLM,LLB, BA Mus)

What a delicious pool to be diving in is this discussion of consonance and dissonance! Deep and deceptively clear looking, it is impossible to fully describe. We can map its edges and talk about where the pool meets the land. We can measure its various depths and make a topographical model of the bottom. read more


about musical intervals read more

Dissonance, Scales & Keys: Episode 5 of Simons New Book: "The Healing Power of Music"

Dissonance means without sonic alignment or to "beat against". Our first reactions to dissonance, whether in music or life, are to label them undesirable and something to be avoided. read more

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