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Fabien Maman
from: Fabien Maman
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Dissonance for healing a deep pathology is different to hearing dissonance

If we talk about dissonance in Sound Healing, the whole question is to know if we are talking about our musical comfort in listening to the music, or if we are talking about the use of acoustic sound for real healing purpose.           


It is clear that when I shave in the morning I will not listen to dissonant music such as Shoenberg, Xenakis or Stockhausen, as I will risk cutting my moustache in a rough way. I prefer Antonio Carlos Jobim or Debussy !


But when it comes to healing a deep pathology, it's another question, and so another approach is required.


In my sound/cellular experiment conducted in 1981, which documented the impacts of acoustic sound on human cells, ( I found that by using a series of dissonant notes (the chromatic scale), cancer cells (in vitro) exploded.   At first the dissonant second intervals diminished the adherence of the diseased cells and then the destruction of the nuclear membrane, and finally, the destruction of the cythoplasmic membrane of the cells, leading to the explosion of the cells.   The results varied according to the choice of instruments or human voice being used. The variation was observed in time duration: between 9 and 14 minutes.    


In my conclusion, (spelled out with color photos in my new book, The Tao of Sound) I noted that dissonant

            * "acoustic sound progressively destabilized the structure of the cells, ultimately leading to their explosion. 

````````````*Cancer cells appeared inflexible and stuck in their structure.... Unlike healthy cells, they seemed incapable of breathing, and could only resist the power of sound like a brick wall, eventually cracking and then exploding when the accumulation of [dissonant] sounds became too much to absorb..."


Since my sound/cellular experiment,  I have spent 30 years continuing my sound research.  I continue to use dissonant notes on the physical body to explode crystallizations of negative energy. The most effective and efficient tool I have found are my Classical Steel Tuning Forks, tuned to the chromatic scale.  According to my research, each organ, meridian and zone of the body has a specific pitch.  When applying a Second Minor or Major to the fundamental pitch, I create a dissonance when the two notes are played together.   (for more information, contact one of my UK Tama-Do Practitioners and experience a session with my tuning forks!).  

In my research and experience, I have determined the energetic value of each interval in music and I have assimilated  this as a technique for use with tuning forks, and sometimes sounding tubes within  the Tama-Do Sound Therapy techniques and the results are quite remarkable.


Each interval has it's own value and function, and it is useful to really sit next to a piano, relax and experience it.  Feel what is the difference between a Second Major (very dissonant !) and an interval of Fifth (the most stimulating and harmonious interval !).


While you are sitting at your acoustic piano, you might conduct a funny research for yourself.


Start with middle C on the piano, and play the Ionian Mode (one note after another):  C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C.  Feel where the notes land in your body.  Many "sound healers" use this scale as the corresponding notes of the chakras: (C = Root; D + Tantien; etc...)


Now go back and play C-D together, then D-E together, up the full Ionian scale.  What do the notes feel like when you play them together?  I can imagine that you will agree with me that they feel somewhat disturbing.  That is because these notes, when played together, are dissonant second major intervals, the same notes I used to explode cancer cells.


Now find the second lowest F on the piano (way to the left of middle C).  Follow with fifth intervals up the piano:  F-C-G-D-A-E-B-F# and tell me where you feel each note... 


This is called the Cycle of Fifths, which I have applied to the chakras.  (F=Root; C=Tantien; G=Plexus; D=heart; A=Throat; E=3rd Eye; B=Crown; F#=Bindu). 

The fifth interval is the most expansive and empowering of all the intervals.


It takes 5 octaves to play the Cycle of Fifths, which corresponds beautifully to our subtle energy fields (aura) and chakras.  The Cycle of Fifths feels so much more agreeable and smooth and empowering when you play it than the Ionian mode, which takes only one octave. 


No wonder Debussey used the fifth intervals to expand the consciousness of his audience....  !     [If you would like to listen to the Cycle of 5ths think you can listen by clicking on this link]


with Light and Sound,

Fabien Maman

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