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John Killeen
Corporate Work
I am currently facilitator for care leavers, exoffenders, and mental health groups in East London.  We run a course that reconnects these groups to main stream society via basic living skills, interview techniques, positive living and thinking, disclosure issues, diet, debth, motivation, anger management, goal setting, body language and diversity.
As well as one to one sessions, I work regularly work with small groups from my boat in Little Venice.  Over the past year I've worked in a care homes in Ealing with dementia groups and occasionally in other care homes with elderly groups who have a variety of different issues.  I've just begun work with elderly in Kensington and Chelsea, and with bereavement and carers groups in Greenwich.  
Over the past eight years I have worked as a support worker in different london boroughs with addiction, dual diagnosis, mental health groups, exoffenders, physically disabled.  
 I completed my training in sound healing in 2008 at Atlantis College with Lesley who received her training from world renowned Sound Healing pioneer and author Jonathan Goldman of Healing Sounds.
I am also a trained energy healer and Reiki Healer, registered with SAGB and Complementary Medical Association.  Once a week I volunteer as a spiritual healer working with the general public at SAGB drop in clinic.
Sound therapy is very flexible, and though sessions do vary a lot, I am happy to be led by what the individual or group wants to happen.  One of my approaches is to incorporate aspects of positive thinking into the sound healing via visualisation/relaxation - and recitation of affirmations, as well as info on how affirmations work.  This work is very dear to me and I feel great joy sharing it. 
Though I do not follow a specific path as such nowadays, over the past 18 years I have adhered to the path of Kriya yoga.  I was initiated in India by the monks of SRF - Yogoda Satsanga in 2007.
I feel blessed to have worked with shamanic healers who have worked with indigenous shamen in the Amazon.  And i have worked with the medicine plant Ayahausca.    
In most cases the obvious results are a deep sense of relaxation, rejuvination, which in turn promotes an improvement in immune systems, lymph and nervous systems, and at a cellular level a kind of reharmonising takes place through the process of cymatics and entrainment as the healing sound realigns the frequency of the dis-eased or inharmonious cells with the stronger (in harmony) resonance of say: a crystal bowl, brass bowl, voice toning.  All bodies being electromagnetic fields of energy according to science. 
When I begin to listen to people after a session, they tell me that a pain they've had for months has disappeared during the session, or they felt their blood pressure has dropped, or they experienced an increased sense of well being, i am happy.  So the results are obvious and subliminal.    
I have gained a BA in English Literature, Birkbeck College UOL and an MA in Creative Writing Goldsmiths College UOL in 2001.
I am currently writing my first novel and enjoying the process immensely.  And I offer tutoring in this area also.  

I use Tibetan singing bowls, rain sticks, rattles, gongs, voice work, some times drums, as there are certain rhythms that promote deep states of relaxation and the singing bowls do this also, as does the voice work.  For example, when an individual enters a state of deep relaxation they can suggest to themselves, positive affirmations, that can ultimately have life changing affects/results on ones outlook, health and well being etc. But we all know that 'ordnary' relaxation is great for the immune system.  So how much better is deeper level relaxation?
During a session for people who may not be used to this kind of work or for whatever reason can't do visualisation, I can give them a guided visualisation. 
Sound healing then, is really an ancient practice or knowledge which has returned to us and that we are now trying to incorporate and utilise in the context of all the other alternative therapies and conventional meds. 
It can be performed in large or small groups settings, and it is a fascinating process and lots of fun.   

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