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Sound and the Etheric Body

Thanks to Kirlian photography healers and spirit mediums before that, we have a much better grasp of the etheric body.   To the human eye the etheric body is invisible.   The etheric body is made up of two parts, one - more earth bound and of a possibly lower frequency (as it is described as coarser) while the other half is more ethereal and of a higher frequency.  The latter is the portion that leaves the physical body after death, while the former, the more earth bound, dissolves in a similar fashion to the physical body into the cosmos.  The etheric body works closely with the mind and nervous system.  During our lifetime on earth, the etheric body forms a connection between the individual’s soul and the spirit realm.  Interestingly, a spirit must cross this etheric bridge (from spirit realm to nervous system or mind) to communicate via the mental and vital body of the medium.   The essence of the nervous system of man is stationed in the seven chakras or energy centres from the head to the base of the spine.  Clairvoyants and mediums and healers have been able to perceive the chakras but recently evidence provided by Kirlian photography has been advancement by use of technology.  There is therefore a delicate balance between the chakras/nervous system, the etheric bodies and the mind.  An example of how certain illnesses are caused, is If someone has a loose etheric body, it can cause unwanted uncontrollable clairvoyance, confusion as well as symptoms such as OCD, addictions and other obsessional behaviour issues.  This kind of dis-ease would be greatly alleviated, if not cured by sound healing or hands on healing, which are methods that address  the source of dis-ease and illness in the nervous system and beyond into the subtle etheric bodies.

The etheric body leaves the physical during sleep and during astral travel.  It is said that under psychic surgery the healer is able to partly remove the etheric body from the physical before performing the operation.  Above and around us is the etheric world, with its different levels of vibration, or different planes, which attracts the particular frequency of the soul who is leaving the earth or physical plane at any given time.  There are lower levels that a person who abuses their life on earth enters.  Sometimes this is evident in alcohol and drug addicts who often suffer horrific hallucinations and terrors which are very real to them.  They inadvertently have ‘one foot in the grave’ or in the lower etheric world.    

And it is actually the very same for the living and the people and experiences we attract into our spheres.  Every friend, colleague, family member, partner we attract into our lives reflects some aspect of our own vibrations.  A friend we are struggling with may be a friend we have to let go, or address and reassess our relations ship to him or her.   If they have to go, that leaves room for another to come along.  So be alert to repeating patterns  -as they say nature abhors a void.

But if a person chooses to develop themselves along spiritual principles, the psychic centres in the spine and brain becomes vibrant and luminous - signifying to the spirit/etheric world that this is a fit channel to communicate through.  If such a person dies, he or she will be guided to the higher more refined levels of the etheric worlds.  And this is not about being better or worse, as there are no judgements.  It is only about the law of attraction.   It took me a while to figure out what she was driving at, but as I was growing up in Ireland, my mother used to say: ‘water finds its own level.’    

After death, the essence of the mind travels with one half of the etheric body to the next life.  The other half, remember, is more akin to the body and dissolves into the ether.  The memories are also said to move with the mind and etheric body.  This would coincide with the variety of experiences people have reported during so called after death, or near death experience - because this memory would be stored in the etheric.   

Physical problems can manifest after an individual (for whatever reason, ignorance or carelessness or narrow-mindedness) continuously follows a poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle and unwholesome thought patterns, or on an emotional level, prolonged jealousy, geed, self hate etc.  But in the etheric realms In general, most people get a respite when they enter the etheric world and to a degree, can manifest through mind and will, They live a peaceful existence even with souls who may not be considered compatible during a physical existence on earth.  Obviously, there are no bills, and no problems with cold and hot and other disturbances we experience here on the earth plane.

Though a so-called evil person will have to suffer the consequences of his or her actions on earth until such time as they decide to change their ways through a realisation that what you give out comes back  -and what you believe yourself to be is what you will be  -not to punish, but to teach and wake an individual.  That is why there are many different planes of interconnecting worlds to house souls with corresponding vibrations.  Just like here on earth, we attract like minded people into our lives whose ‘vibes’ we like because they are resonate with ours.    

3/ What affects the etheric body and how can this result in illness?

 It seems obvious then that this highly complex system of mind, nervous system and etheric body needs to be understood and cared for in order for the individual to remain in a healthy state - especially seeing that all these interrelated systems are invisible, and that mainstream education, and science excludes, if not denies any mention of the existence of the etheric body.  Thus it is a case of awareness, and open mindedness is the key, because there are many books and teachers nowadays who discuss the more subtle issues of health.  So why are we still so closed off to these teachings?  Have we gone too far and we have created such blocks that we’d prefer to decay on the couch in form of Coronation Street and East Enders with a half eaten Double-decker burger in our hands.  The etheric body is like a blue print for life here and hereafter.   Hence, a blockage in the flow of life force or a mental or psychic imbalance can have damaging effects which could end up, in the long run, as a disability or even death in the physical plane.  But in most cases, people who are unaware of the dynamic principles, find themselves aging and believe that with age comes physical decay and illness without question.   This is then enough to kill you slowly.  You could safely say that it all begins in the thoughts or the mind - both the cause and the cure.  The mind, though invisible, because of its workings through the brain, is more commonly associated with the physical - Keeping in mind that the etheric has two components, mental and physical.  Thoughts can develop into habits and habits become beliefs and a kind of stubbornness or unwillingness to change via ones unawareness.  A good example of this would be a dietician in a hospital explaining to someone with arthritis, who has lived on unhealthy diets most of their lives, that a change of diet is essential for the dis-ease to be halted in its progress and brought under control.  Of course this is the end result of years of eating the wrong foods and/or thinking the wrong thoughts i.e. a lot of people still believe that if most other or elderly people develop heart trouble and arthritis, stiffness, then it follows that they too ‘should’ contract the illness, or some other, sooner or later.  Many people, even in their forties, say things like: ‘I am getting old.’  These thoughts become memories and imprint themselves on the etheric body and brain like groves in a record.  Hence we see in the kirlian photographs for example, an apparently healthy person who may have an imprint or dark blob above the neck or somewhere else, which may well be the onset of a cancerous tumour.   We could benefit greatly from observing closely our every thought and word on a daily basis until positive empowering thoughts of self love and forgiveness permeate our being down to the cells of our bodies.  Thoughts are frequencies don’t forget -some are high frequency and others are high vibration:  I trust in life and I trust in the universe.  I am a beautiful and glorious being of divine wisdom, all of life loves and supports me, is much higher in frequency to: Same shit different day. And just to get the message across some people wear the T-shirt.  Then they bear the scars!

Alcohol abuse and recreational drugs become the norm in some cases.   Unfortunately our generation’s parents were victims of victims and ended up unwittingly passing on these ‘set in stone’ beliefs and lifestyles, diets etc to us.  They carry the imprint of two world wars in their etheric, mental bodies and nervous systems, and the lack of food, money, shelter, stability that accompanies this.  Then you add the dogmatic religions and you have a good picture of a world that is not functioning as dynamic as it could be.  And in some respects, every generations job, is to clean up the mess made by the one behind, not so much to blame but to heal. 

Today there is less and less excuse for this ignorance.  We see Buddhist centres, retreat centres, meditation centres, healing centres, Positive Affirmations, yoga, Reiki and Spiritual Healing, sound healing are entering the awareness of main stream media and general health centres and gyms etc.  These are the newly discovered subtle technologies of healing for the future.

The etheric body of the earth itself is shifting in some dramatic way under the weight of greed and injustice consciousness, overworked land and overused resources;  the rives are polluted and the forests are destroyed.  And we see fires and flooding in unlikely places on a vast scale owing to warmer seas and stronger winds which end up in countries that never experienced them before.  Personally I feel that it’s a case of getting worse before it gets better.  There are upheavals so that the way is cleared for the planetary healing, and I feel that this is due to a general rising of individual’s vibrations and awareness all over the world.  What happens when you begin to meditate or receive healing for the first time, there is much pain and resistance.  One problem is, at the same time our negative behaviour also causes earth upheavals and disorder on a planetary level.              

On You Tube now, there are so many guided meditations.  Some of them are quite good.  There is information on the aruic field and the etheric body.  There is video footage from the Kirlian Research Association viewed by over 70, 000 people.   Zeitgeist, the documentary, has been the most watched documentary ever, clocking up 200, 000, 0000 viewers.  Part III explores the possibility of a world without money system which looks very realistic and in the realms of possibility. 


2/ The relationship between the mind, the aura and the etheric.  (A brief outline)  

To me the whole mind/body/spirit system is the symphony.  The sound Healer or any healer, is the conductor.  He/she is there to realign or to keep the departments of the symphony in harmony with one another.  The aura is similar to a moment to moment frequency readout of the passing vibrations from the whole symphony.  We are said to be walking symphonies.   The mind is the auditorium and, I guess the conscious mind is the front of house area of the auditorium leading out into the world.  The musicians themselves can be the super conscious mind, the thing itself.  But in order to get the effect, one needs to be in the audience or the auditorium.  Even musicians must go to see another symphony if they want to get that effect.   Some musicians do indeed leave their bodies and stand at the back of the auditorium and watch themselves playing.  I heard Nigel Kennedy say this once in an interview.  Mind and the etheric bodies are said to be of substance, that is, have a subtle frequency of their own.   The etheric bodies can be said to be  ‘within’ or ‘in-cased in’ the physical, working through the mind/brain and energy centres or chakras.  The higher etheric body reaches into the finer vibrations of the celestial body/world which houses the ego and all memories.  Unlike the etheric body, the aura cannot leave during sleep or under anaesthetic or astral travel, nor can it travel to higher and lower etheric destinations or planes.  The auric system is composed of three layers of coloured energy surrounding the physical body, and is very similar in shape or outline to it.  Both the aura and the etheric are affected by the conscious, unconscious and super-conscious mind, but in different ways.

Our everyday thoughts and actions affect the mind which affects the aura and works through the etheric bodies as well as the physical.  The aura being more of an indicator of short term shifting energy patterns, is present in all creatures to some degree even unborn babies, wherein it is visible (to the clairvoyant, healer or kirlian camera) in the mother’s auric field.  It is less prominent in young children and more complex in elderly humans.  Like the etheric body can be perceived or seen, the auric bodies can be read and perceived by trained or gifted healers or psychics and mediums.  Science has now recognised the aura’s existence thanks to the work of Dr Walter J. Kilner at St Thomas’s (pioneer of kirlian photography) in London circa 1920.  Though it is still not considered mainstream scientific practice to work with these energies, there are more and more scientists venturing into these areas and making connections with physics and biology as well as other areas.

Moreover, the healer can therefore monitor the process and progress of the healing or dis-ease by observing the colour changes in the auric field.  It is now clear from the Kirlian photography that blue is the colour which usually manifests as a healing colour emanating from the healing hands , while yellow or red signify the dis-eased portion of the field.   Grey and denser tones have also been recognised as dis-eased portions.  Dr Kilner was able to diagnose illnesses by his observations of the auric field.  Unlike the two etheric bodies, the auric has three layers (around the body)  which can be observed for healing.  The closer one to the body is a signifier of the condition of the physical constitution, after which there is band of energy considered to hold mental, emotional and personal issues and traits.  Beyond this is the third or outer layer, signifying the spiritual, which may indicate problems with fatigue and listlessness, if the etheric bodies are either too far apart or drawn too tightly together.  This manifests as a movement or clashing of the energy field in the outer layer or strata of the surrounding aura.

It is the habitual thoughts of the conscious mind as well as the unconsciously ingrained habits acted out in everyday life i.e. the lifestyle of a person that supports or depreciates the auric and the etheric bodies over time i.e. the frequency of the whole.   Sound therapy would be an ideal way to re-harmonise the auric bodies.  One could sound the eight octave scale wit the human voice or the brass singing bowls to draw the energy into the chakras, and then a crystal bowl healing to reach into he more subtle areas in the etheric.   But I usually ask the client what their preference is.  I have met many who do not find crystal bowls appealing and who will not engage with them.  Again it’s a choice.  And there is no right and no wrong.  I encourage people/patients to spend some quiet time and ask themselves what they should do.  This is an opportunity for them to then have more faith in the healing process.   We have seen that 80% of ALL illness is psychosomatic.  So it follows that the mind is the key to cure and to illness, a kind of gateway where we can, if we are aware of the affects of our thoughts, allow folly or wisdom to enter (we the gatekeepers).  The mind cannot be seen but what it focuses on can be seen and felt for better or worse.  Studies in psychoanalyses have given us clues to the dimensions of the mind and some tools to assist its healing.  We have seen how the spiritually inclined person can contact the upper etheric plane though meditation/trance or astral travel, while the drug addict taps into the lower etheric planes owing to misuse of willpower and choice, imagination and reason.   Our feelings can show up in our aura.  Feelings of love are shown to be blue with white light - and two people in love, whose fingers are near each other, reveals, under Kirlian photography tentacles or tassel-like feelers reaching out to one another, and in the some of the images (available on You Tube) I have seen the vibrant and colourful chakras which clearly signify the etheric body.   I therefore imagine the etheric body possibly connected like cables hung above a suspension bridge reaching into the vast etheric realms so that we can experience, create and feel according to our levels of skill and  ability to do so between the grander heights and the lower ground floors, so to speak of the etheric. 

And yet, the etheric can be said to be like the ocean, and the mind a net.  Everything that exists is in the ocean of the etheric and if you are not discriminative about where you fish, or if you don’t read the warning signs along the way, your either going to be devoured by a monster of the deep, or you are going to land a man eater.  Or you could sail into uncharted waters and be attacked by pirates.  So what exists initially within the mind, if held there long enough, shows up over time in the etheric and auric bodies as a blueprint for disease, and eventually in the physical body or physical world.  It will however, show up in the auric long before the physical so there is a chance for recovery.  A spirit healer or a sound healer possesses the skills to manipulate the etheric bodies and perform a healing before disease manifests in the mind/body system.   Hence the importance of being sensitive to the subtle nuances of dis-ease in the mind/body.   That sensitivity, if not natural, can be developed through sound baths, personal and spiritual development and study and healthy lifestyle.

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