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The Holy Trinity of Tantra

I've been a disciple of the Bihar School of Yoga for years but it was only in 2009 that I got a hint that the holy trinity of mantra, yantra and mandala that I was exposed to are the three essential tools of Tantra. The experience of gaining awareness of my tantric roots coincided with the spontaneity of my own art practice that blossomed into the creation of Sea Mandala for the design and facilitation of sensory yoga art experiences. read more


"This Sacred Love" is a new gramophone recording from Tim Wheater, Andy Blissett and singer Sudha Bonne combining their enormous talents to become a band named "Hummingbird". This album has been written by Tim and Andy to bring the healing modalities of sound to a popular mass audience. read more

Chopin and Poland, Music, Folklore and Contemporary Art

Chopin & Poland, Music, Folklore and Contemporary Art read more

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