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Jenni Roditi
Jenni Roditi’s musical compositions and vocal performance style are “unbound by stylistic convention” (Musical Opinion magazine) and include influences from classical, contemporary, popular and world music. Her singing is recognized as unique in pioneering an individual multi dimensional style. She has formed the Roditi Ensemble. She sings at the piano and is joined by violinist Bernard Greenwood, cellist Kate Shortt and clarinetist Neyire Ashworth. Jenni is particularly focused on composing for the voice and exploits its potential to cross genres to great effect. She writes to commission - notably two cross genre operas, both of which have had London premieres. The Descent of Inanna, (her first opera) is currently being championed by English National Opera conductor Alex Ingram and may be going on a tour of the West Coast of America in the near future. Jenni is currently in discussions with The Sage Gateshead who have agreed to support her work as a composer, performer and facilitator. A short choral piece of Jenni’s called LIFE will be performed in 2011 by the Crouch End Festival Chorus. As well as being a practicing musician Jenni also has a private practice in Integral Voice running individual and group sessions around the UK. Jenni hosts a music parlour in her home The Loft, in Crouch End. She welcomes proposals for mini-festivals of three concerts over three months. Jenni will be starting an MMus at Brunel University in September 2010.

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On Jenni Roditis Vocal Tai Chi Master Class

Alistair Smith composer and sound healer, on Jenni Roditi&rsquos; Vocal Tai Chi Master Class 12.02.17 The improvising voice is a mirror of your whole being and through it you can speak of your read more

TIC TOC SING - two new improvising choirs

Composer and vocal experimentalist Jenni Roditi is forming two new improvisation choirs. TIC - The Improvisers Choir and TOC - The Open Choir are calling for vocalists from across genres. Enriched by read more

Winner of This Years Independent Music Awards

I want to say a big Thank you! to all those who supported me. Winning the award encourages me to continue on my vocation as a composer. I am poised on the brink of offering a new bespoke training read more

Jenni nominated for Independent Music Award.

Independent Music Awards - Song Instrumental category. Jenni Roditi - minimalist avant chamber pop composer and Sound Travels featured practitioner has been nominated for this prestigious award read more

What is Vocal Tai Chi?

Moving voice between earth and heaven.... Vocal Tai Chi helps you work towards singing your souls music - in the moment - at the microphone - for all to hear... YES! Sounds scary? Not when you read more

What is Vocal Tai Chi?

What is Vocal Tai Chi? Moving voice between earth and heaven.... Vocal Tai Chi helps you work towards singing your souls music - in the moment - at the microphone - for all to hear... YES! Sou read more

Chopin and Poland: music,folklore and contemporary art, at the Loft.

A mixed series of three events - that draw together classical, folk music and contemporary art - all connected with Poland. Chopin is 200 years young this year. Celebrate before the year is out with y read more

Chopin and Poland, Music, Folklore and Contemporary Art

All Sound Travels members warmly invited to attend. read more

Creative DNA

One of the things I have consistently found mind bending over the years as a creative musician is how to hold as one all the different roles I have played professionally as a musician. The wis read more

The Loft Trust, Music Parlour – Series Two: Music and Sound Events in Crouch End

&ldquoA new seasonal mix of non-mainstream music, sound, cross- art work, sound-energy practice, concerts and workshops curated by a variety of series directors &ndash each with their own unique vis read more

Whole Brain Performance & Composition

? I think it is important to study the relationship between left and right brain integration in the creative process. My interest musically is to compose and also to perform &lsquowhole brain&rsquo m read more


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