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Jenni Roditi
from: Jenni Roditi
Category: Composition

Winner of This Year's Independent Music Awards

I want to say a big 'Thank you!' to all those who supported me.

Winning the award encourages me to continue on my vocation as a composer. I am poised on the brink of offering a new bespoke training in Vocal Tai Chi starting January 2014 -  this award reminds me not to forget about my instrumental composing - as I become more and more absorbed in training in voice work. In fact it calls me to really honour my ultimate vision which is to integrate the level of writing I achieved in the winning piece with my own vocal improvisations. I have to hold some of myself back to continue developing as an artist. In so remembering I hope to offer a truly valuable opportunity for people in January by remaining fresh and alive to my own creative process as central to the training I offer. This way people will get the very best out of me. I will continue to explore the edges where composition and improvisation meet while listening with a matured ear to what works and what rings true for each person in their own integrity and at their own stage of development.


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