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How does Consciousness in Your Lovemaking Grow You?

The energetic exchange that happens in lovemaking is a gateway to profound transformation. At this time, it is perhaps appropriate for spiritual values to be lived in ordinary life, to be celebrated i read more

Sex is Life, Life is sex - How does this help you have a rich and ever-fresh love life?

Sex is Life, Life is sex. All creative expression in life, allbeingness, has sexual energy at its root. Life is simply the interplay ofmasculine and feminine energy. Life is a dance of masculine consc read more

Holding and Surrender

Tom stood behind Allie, a young woman he had met 2 hours earlier at a Taste of Bliss Tantra workshop. She leaned gently back into his strong form as he swayed to the music, and she allowed herself to read more

Pleasure Within Safe Boundaries

Your partner wants sex. You are not in the mood. What do you do? You are on a first date with a lovely new prospective partner. They lean forward to kiss you. You like them, but it feels far too read more


Sexual energy is life-force energy. In its clear form, it is enlivening and rejuvenating. It can be used to potentise the true desires of your heart and your spirit. Annabel and Dom are a youn read more

The History of Tantra

Tantra is not a religion, although Tantric symbology and practices have emerged throughout history in all religions and cultures. Representations of the sacred union of the masculine and feminine prin read more


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