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Daniela  Righi
I am a holistic energy therapist who is passionate about sound and its therapeutic healing power. With my unique and intuitive approach, I can identify imbalances and potentials using voice analysis and generate frequencies that will help to re-establish mind and body balance. I am also a Reiki practitioner and a Bach Flower Remedies therapist.

My aim, as a therapist, is to help my clients to become more aware of their vibrational patterns, thoughts, and feelings and assist them to make the changes they need to live a healthy and happy life. I run workshops, retreats and sound baths both in person and online. My life experiences taught me that our thoughts & feelings have great impact on us and in our lives, both positive and negative.

Being aware of our vibrational state gives us the power to change by creating a new reality. Every day, I choose love, harmony, abundance, laughter, encouragement, and determination. I create the reality I want to live in, and I can help you to create yours.

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