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Ravi Ji
Ravi is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, one of the longest established Western players of the kora (West African harp) and a pioneer of Overtone Singing in UK
His music is the result of a lifetime exploring the edge, through world music, tribal cultures, and a journey that has taken him from India to the Amazon, Africa and beyond  
As well as over 20 CDs, international performances and workshops and the invention of the electric/stereo kora, Ravi has also worked with artists such as Nigel Kennedy, Jon Lord, Phil Manzanera, Baaba Maal, Dr John, Ronu Majumdar and Marlui Miranda.  The most recent albums are “Songs for the Golden Age” and “Two Rivers” with master flautist Adrian Freedman. “Spirals” by The Overtone Choir, which Ravi produced, has been used in many award winning feature films  

Ravi has led workshops and lectured at various Universities, schools and centres such as Colorado State University; Northfield College, Minneapolis and Garter Lane Arts Centre, Ireland, plus Brazil, Italy, Greece, Australia, UK and elsewhere around the world. During Voice Retreats and Workshops, Ravi also shares some of the 

stories and history behind different vocal styles, instruments and cultures, all from direct experience. A Sound Journey is also offered which includes a gong/sound bath. In the Voice Workshops, Ravi creates a safe space for beginners and those who have explored their voice already, to immerse themselves into the world of the voice and leave them with various practical solutions, exercises and techniques to take away with them as they continue to explore their voices.


“Ravi is a rare talent – a musical shaman who knows no fear. He has been an inspiration to us over the years as he continues to cross borders and boundaries in his quest for musical expression and freedom” DEVA PREMAL & MITEN  

“I have seen many musicians and performers in the last 20 years or more. Ravi is not a performer or musician, he is greater than that. It is evident that he is deeply connected to something far greater than himself. Through this connection, he creates a sacred space where he, and those that participate with him, access deep meditative states, through heartfelt song, accompanied by Ravi’s delightful playing of musical instruments.”  Bhakti Rasa (film maker)

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