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Jain Wells
For the last five years I have been working full time with gong sound healing and discovering first-hand it’s immense power to support healing when used consciously.
As a transpersonal psychologist and therapist of twenty years, the gong fit in naturally with my work teaching transformational practices.
I teach others how to engage in a range of daily practices to enhance healing and consciousness – for emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual well-being.
These practices include Mindfulness, Meditation, Working with Chakras, Emotional Techniques for shifting difficult energy, and consuming Whole Natural Foods.
The Gong, as an energy tool, enhances this type of work because it involves using the gong consciously and with intention.

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My Journey

My journey within the gong industry helped me to see a clear linebetween Gong Mastery and learning to play the gong artfully withdifferent strokes and mallets, and Gong Sound Healing and howconsciousness effects the healing process.The distinction is very much the difference between a masculineapproach with gong mastery and a feminine approach with gonghealing. read more


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