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Jain Wells
from: Jain Wells
Category: Gong Work

My Journey

My journey within the gong industry helped me to see a clear line between Gong Mastery and learning to play the gong artfully with different strokes and mallets, and Gong Sound Healing and how consciousness effects the healing process.The distinction is very much the difference between a masculine approach with gong mastery and a feminine approach with gonghealing.

It was exciting for me to witness a wide range ailments be effected sopositively with focused gong healing sessions including:

ovarian cysts and tumours
blood infection
fibro-fatty nodules
carpal tunnel
opioid withdrawal
pain relief
injury recovery
and much more…

I realized that any willing individual could obtain a gong for the home and learn to use it consciously and get results. The gong helps psychological development because it induces a meditative state… Slowing down brainwave frequencies and opening the body-mind into an ideal state of healing. Similarly, if an individual gongs himself while experiencing difficult emotional states, these energies can be shifted if that person holds an inner stance of forgiveness and gentleness. Suffice to say, the implications for healing at a collective level are tremendous.
I recommend a healing gong of at least 28” in diameter, though ideally32” or more in size offers a more expansive experience in terms of its frequency range for healing, ease of playing, and for its power. A typical gong treatment session is 45 minutes to an hour, though regular 20 minute sessions also have a noticeable impact.
The main idea for self-gonging at home is that you gong immediately when issues present themselves…

This includes difficult emotional states including:

It also includes:
physical aches and pain
inflammation from injury
enhanced recovery of colds, the flu and more serious chronic health issues.

Two years of focused gong sound healing research is included in my book Gong Consciousness: Self-Healing Through the Power of Sound. It can help any individual buy and use a gong for home use, for guiding gongbaths for others, and for healing practitioners who may want to combine gong healing with their existing modalities.
Dr. Jain Wells and Gong Maestro Aidan McIntyre will be offering two 3-day workshops at Hawkwood College, Stroud, England May 4-7 and 12-15 called Gong Consciousness – Gong Healing and Training. To learn more about the workshops and how you can attend visit Hawkwood College’s website here:
Jain’s books are also available on Amazon.
You can learn more abouther work by visiting her website:

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