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Ida Kelarova
Ida Kelarova was inspired to make music by her father, the renowned Roma musician Koloman Bitto. He was a great personality, a famous musician in his time, and he told her to “open your throat, open your heart, do not fear anything and sing”. Ida started to learn piano and violoncello at the age of 6, and went on to join Divadlo na Provázku (The Theatre on the String), one of the most famous theatres of that time. When her father died Ida wanted to continue his legacy, to share his love of music, and keep the connection with her Roma roots. Together with her husband Desiderius Duzda she founded the gypsy band Romano Rat (Gypsy Blood) in 1998, and they still perform successfully all over the world. In 1999, she also founded a chorus of Roma female singers CHAJA, which joined their concerts at international festivals. Ida’s longstanding connection with the UK began in 1982. Her first concert here was in Cardiff with the Magdalena Project (an international network of women in theatre). She particularly enjoys visiting Cornwall, the location of her upcoming workshop. Ida has also lived in Denmark and Norway. Ida has worked with professional singers and complete beginners, as her philosophy is to focus on supporting people to find their true voice, by accessing the emotions, and the passion that is hidden in everyone. She believes that expressing this passion is not a weakness, as it gives us power, and our voice is the strongest tool we have to express ourselves. She teaches from the perspective that although technical expertise has its place, everyone has the capacity to sing from their truth, from their hearts. She truly believes that ‘if we sing, we stay open. If we open our hearts, that is the way to change the world.’ For more information about Ida, see

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Open your heart and sing

A workshop with Ida Kelarova Cornwall will soon see the return of Ida Kelarova, the renowned Roma singer. In a collaboration with Shakti Tantra, Ida will facilitate a singing workshop in St Just, read more


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